post injury running


Guys. This weekend was an absolute blast.

Yellowstone was closed Saturday morning because there were a bunch of crashes because o the snow, so we had to change our plans completely.

#1: We went above Red Lodge to this little pond (they called it a lake but it was much, much smaller than that). My friend Harleigh and I hiked past it and I saw how beautiful it was, so I took a picture with my phone for you guys.

#2: We went to Clark’s Canyon! I almost fell into the Clark Fork of the Yellowstone River (which would’ve sucked) but I hiked and rock climbed like a fricken champ. This is when my hip started popping with every step. Not painful, just popping.

Not pictured: the girls in my cabin and I stayed up until midnight telling crazy ex stories and just hanging out. It was so much fun!

#3: We had to wake up and be at breakfast by 5:30 to be leaving camp at 6 to catch the sunrise at 7. Except the sunrise was disturbingly underwhelming and everyone was pissed off that we had to be awake and freeze our butts off for nothing.

Not pictured: I could barely walk because of pain in my hip (it was so bad) so I just hobbled around and did my best for the rest of the trip.

#4: Beartooth Lake. So fricken gorgeous, so fricken cold. A group of people were hiking down to the falls, and due to the afformentioned pain in my hip, I couldn’t go. It broke my heart, but at the same time, I got to spend quality time with some bomb people. I loved it.

#5: The afformentioned bomb people. They’re fantastic.

#6 & 7: A bull and cow elk in Mammoth Springs, Yellowstone. Not much more to say, but yep. That’s a thing I saw.

#8: Mammoth Hot Springs! When I was little and visited, the whole area was like that, but the springs are dying out as the ground shifts. It’s really sad, but the water will break through the surface again one day and it’ll be beautiful like I remember it.

#9 & 10: My Fitbit stuff from both days! Except the active minutes are lying. I hiked for four hours on Saturday and had AT LEAST an hour and a half of active time yesterday.

But yeah! My weekend was fantastic. I had so much fun, and hopefully I’ll get to go this weekend again!

And as for my hip, I’m not too sure what’s wrong with it. It feels like I’m being stabbed with a dull machete everytime I take a step or lift my leg from the hip at all. If the pain persists through today, I’m going to the nurse who will then refer me to the doctor if I need it. So I’m taking it easy and doing my best to not die until then.


Tar Heel 10 Miler Race Recap

Woke up at 6:15 naturally and got ready. The race didn’t start until 7:45 and the starting line was a 5 minute walk from my dorm so there wasn’t any rush. Ate half a clif bar, drank some water, out the door. Ran into a friend from my floor on my way out of my building who was also running it. We talked for a few and then split up so I could meet up with my marathon club people. It was nice to see everyone but also kinda weird since I haven’t been to practice basically this entire semester due to injury/I have class at night 3 days a week aka the same time as practice.

Miles 1&2:
Started out way too fast and ran sub-8s which wouldn’t have been a big deal a few months ago but was definitely a bad idea today. It’s much harder to slow it down when everyone around you is moving fast. Also tried to start listening to S-Town but wasn’t getting into it, probably because too much was happening for me to really devote attention to it.

Mile 3:
Realized I was fucked. Decided I definitely needed to try to slow it down or the next 7 miles were going to be looooooong. Also switched to the Runner’s World podcast which was a much better idea.

Miles 4-8:
Not much to say here. Just kept pushing on.

Mile 8.5:
About a mile before this I started to feel like I had to go to the bathroom and given my previous history with races and this feeling (re: shitting my pants during my first half marathon) I decided to look for a porta potty. I wasn’t running this race to break records, just to run 10 miles so I was okay with pausing for a few seconds even if that would mess up my “official” time.

Mile 8.5-9.5:
Laurel. Hill. If you are someone familiar to chapel hill (hi @musingsoflulu) you know this hill suuuucks. Again, in the fall I could run it no problem and was killing it, hills are actually one of my strengths, but today it was just not happening. I did something I never do (and never need to do) in a race and I walked. It was really brief, probably 15 seconds total, but I was okay with it. I went out there with the goal of doing the best I could and I knew in that brief moment walking was the best that I could do. That’s okay. Also- just to give you guys an idea of how impressive this hill is they literally set up a separate split for the mile that the hill encompasses and give out awards for just that portion of the race because getting up it fast is so impressive.

Mile 9.5-10
Finished it out. Felt strong. Glad it was over.

All in all it was tough. My pace was forty seconds slower than what I ran my (second) half at in the fall and at the time that felt easy whereas in this race I was feeling it. I kept thinking of what laura (you’re getting a lot of shoutouts in this post) said in response to a question yesterday about getting back into running post injury “be easy on yourself and bask in the wonder of running again for the first time in awhile.”

I was out there and I was running. That is good enough.

I started running this week, first time in 5 weeks, post ankle destruction.

2 miles on Monday.
2 miles today.
And two miles on Friday (is the plan).

And speaking of plans… I have to come up with a new plan if I still want Dallas Marathon to happen. My original plan says I would be running 12 miles on Saturday… yeah, no.

The runs have felt decent. Not awful, not great… just decent. I’ll take decent for now.

Work has been crazy lately. And I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. Life is also starting to speed up and at times I’m struggling to keep up. But I’ve got the right company, the right vibes, the support… now I just have to utilize it.

I missed the pavement.

A little bit of sunshine to lighten up your day

As you may know, I’m currently injured. Which means that every morning I go see my trainer for some physical therapy and at the start of every practice I see him again for more physical therapy what I’m doing for today.

He’s a pretty busy guy which naturally happens when your school only has a handful of trainers to take care of hundreds of athletes. Not to mention it makes it even harder when he is in charge of lacrosse and track. Track practice starts at 3 and lacrosse practice ends at 3:30. So by the time he is finished with lacrosse practice, he walks into the trainers’ room to find a bunch of trackies lying around in pieces, some of which require more of a mental checkup than others. And while he sees this, he has a bunch of lacrosse guys who were hurting during practice following right behind him. This is all after an entire morning of working with other sports he is charged with, paperwork, calls, and other PT duties which currently include training someone else.

Yesterday was a particularly busy, and stressful, day for him, especially when 3:30 hit and it was filled with more than 10 people standing around, waiting to talk to him or get treated or both. Once he got to me, I knew the drill so I helped him out by handing him the supplies he usually works on me with. After he worked on my knee, he released me to bike as always. Although, he had cleared me to run nearly two weeks ago. Though it had always hurt to much. Well, on this day I decided that I would try running. Everyone else had a workout so the track would be lively. The sun was out. The temperature was finally up. My day had already been a pretty enjoyable one so far. Why not give it a go? I warmed up on the bike before making my way to the turf infield. I stood there, contemplating what might happen. Whether or not if I took these next few leaps of faith I would crash and burn or if I could actually maybe sorta run.

Then suddenly, I just did it. I ran. It was surprising and amazing and glorious. You could see it too. It hurt a bit but it felt normal which is all I could ask for having been forced to deal with bike training for the past two weeks. I don’t think I have ever smiled for so long. I also don’t think I realized that I was going sub-7 pace. After 20 minutes, I ran straight into the assistant coach, giving him a hug. I was so happy I didn’t even care how stupid I looked. Then I decided who was next. I quickly walked into the trainers’ room. My trainer was sitting down with his trainee, teaching her about x-rays. As I neared him, he said, “Should I be worried? You seem to have a sense of urgency.” Then I just gave him a big hug. He was surprised. “I’m assuming the running went well?” Still smiling, I gave him a thumbs up. “Hey, that’s good! And here I thought you were just hugging me because you know I’m having a stressful day.” I gave him another hug saying, “There you go!” “I’m glad it went well.”

The next morning, I was back in the trainers’ room for the early morning physical therapy routine. When I got there, the room was mostly empty, surprisingly. I went to my trainer’s room and said hello, letting him know I was there. “What’s up?” he asked. “Nothing much,” I replied. “How are you?” Then what he said next was a shock to me:

“Good. Actually, there’s something I want you to know. Yesterday once I got back home, I sat on my couch and was watching the game. And as I sat there, I read this article and it talked about six wealthy businessmen. It said that every morning once they got back home from school they would complain about their day. Then their mother would say, ‘Well, what are six good things that happened?’ I thought long and hard about that and tried to think of six good things that happened to me. And I could only think of two good things. The first thing I thought of was that I’m sitting on my couch watching the game, relaxing. The second was you hugging me and how happy you were. After that I could not think of anything else good that happened. So thank you for that.”

I told him that it’s a pleasure.

So remember, anything you do no matter how small it may be can have the biggest effect on someone else. Be kind as much and as often as you can. Because you never know what someone else’s life is like. What they are going through. Having the potential to do something uplifting in someone else’s life is a beautiful thing both for you and that someone else. Don’t waste it. Don’t be mean. Don’t forget to be awesome.