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There you have it, anon! And since I ended up finishing it anyway, you can also find it on my redbubble as a sticker/shirt/mug/a lot of other stuff!!!

Hello again lovies!! (≧ω≦) Upon popular request here are the July printables (almost) a month in advance! Like the June printables they come in my standard palette of 8 colors! If you have any ideas or want a custom calendar feel free to message me! (✿◠‿◠) ~ xx


A little psa/analysis of the high standards Hillary is held to

Tldr if you need people to be honest at all times you are shaming people who aren’t in the position to disclose their whole lives (like LGBT people who stay closeted some of which are in this fandom). Hillary has faced a high amount of scrutiny over small lies she’s told and it’s not cool.

Ok so people seem to dislike certain things that imply Hillary is a liar. This is because her honestly has been a hot button issue and she’s even been called crooked Hillary. First of all we all know Hillary has had to lie in many situations because of her roles. And as a group we understand that telling the truth and being upfront isn’t always the right thing.

Also I think people mistake honestly for goodness and lying for evil. But there are many people including myself who have lied either by will or by omission.

One such case is regarding sexuality as that has been the longest running controversy for Hillary. If you are straight please know you come from a place of privilege when you assume everyone has to know everything about someone’s dating life and to lie about it is wrong. It might seem like defending her to yell that she’s telling the truth but it’s ok if she’s not, even if it’s just about people she dated before bill. Because what if she were actually closeted even just about being bi? You are saying anyone who lies about being straight to hide they aren’t is doing something wrong. And that sends a bad message to people who have to stay closeted. So if you notice you’re talking this way be mindful that not everyone has the privilege to be forthcoming and they might see your stuff and feel bad when they shouldn’t.

Sexuality isn’t the only case it’s just the easiest to describe. People were so mad when she made a statements that weren’t the entire truth, didn’t say she had pneumonia, wasn’t vocal about her server while she was sec of state, her bank speeches anything really. People demand such a large amount of disclosure from politicians and it’s not fair to her. It doesn’t leave her space to make the haRd choices. It’s ok if Hillary lies because we know whatever she does it’s for our best interest.

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CHB Fluff AU : ils se retrouvent voisins dans la même cité U et BH entend AM pleurer de l'autre côté de son mur (c'est le premier jour et AM en a un peu gros sur la patate d'être seul dans sa chambre), du coup, il lui amène un chocolat chaud pour le consoler et lui dire qu'il est à côté si besoin avant de repartir (parce qu'il est un peu intimidé), ça console AM qui l'invite à dîner le soir et BH reste avec lui jusqu'à ce qu'il s'endorme. Plus tard, évidemment, se passe ce qu'on sait tous.tes

Oooh, Anon’, ça me rappelle beaucoup l’AU Erasmus qu’on avait imaginé avec @maralpais-litique et @iwannashelteryou, et qu’on avait pas détaillé énormément ici, so if I may ? (c’est, euh, plutôt long, donc sous le cut)

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my favorite thing about the spanish harry potter translation is that instead of calling voldemort “the dark lord,” they call him señor tenebroso, which basically means “mr. spooky”

Things I think about at 2:35am apparently -

The original High School Musical is the most consistent in terms of plot, characters, and story structure.

High School Musical 2 is the most fun to watch with the best overall soundtrack (even if its existence adds nothing to the overall trilogy).

High School Musical 3 is the most polished with the best production design and the best choreography of the trilogy thanks to a better budget.

All 3 films have their strengths and weaknesses, and honestly??? What an iconic trilogy???? Also, all 3 films pass the Bechdel test and have a diverse cast. Lord of the Rings who?????