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Why all the hate for hugh hefner?

the man made a fortune off the sexualization and exploitation of women and somehow managed to brainwash the world into thinking he was a “feminist” honestly i hope his death was painful and that his memory is forgotten, make this day a national holiday


Hugh Hefner was a terrible person. Not only did he see women as objects but he manipulated them and frequently hurt them for no reason. He was emotionally abusive and sexually coercive. He pressured women to take drugs and have sex with him.
People think feminists are ridiculous to be glad he’s gone. I think it’s only human to be glad women don’t have to deal with him anymore.

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You know you can hate people all you want but it just makes you also look ugly. The things he did sucked and were awful but you all look disgusting for this hate. To wish death upon someone is terrible. Disgusting. Despicable.

Anyway thank God Hugh Hefner’s dead, may Woody Allen and Roman Polanski and Bill Cosby and Bill Murray follow in his footsteps, may they die and be forgotten and let us forge the world anew and create a society where we prioritize the health and safety and recovery of the victims rather than the meaningless memory of their abuser.

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Hef Wrote about female sexuality and how women should enjoy themselves in the 60’s and 70’s• Hired female photographers when magazines like Vogue still didn’t• Openly accepted gay sexuality even when he was young• Helped Betty Page get the rights to her image in the 90’s when she was poor and elderly and people were making money off of her without her knowledge.

  • i’m tired of explaining this: anything he wrote about female sexuality in the 60s and 70s was a publicity stunt. the man was a businessman and his business was under attack by feminists who protested the exploitation of women, and his “revolutionary” articles were his way of brainwashing the public into thinking he was a feminist when irl he was making millions off the bodies of women who never saw a cent of that kind of money
  • again, publicity stunt: hiring women to help him exploit other women
  • “openly accepted gay sexuality” so fucking what? you don’t get a cookie for not being an asshole that one time, and there’s no way in hell it cancels out his 91 years of misogyny
  • “Helped Betty Page” a! publicity! stunt! the man was invested in making himself seem like a saint, and the public lapped that shit up because it’s easier than considering, “hey maybe we should do something about this man who’s raping/abusing/assaulting/exploiting women left and right”

use your fucking brain, don’t believe whatever bullshit the media tells you, there is so much money tied up in pornography and the sex exploitation industry that there’s no way in hell they would tell you anything about how slimy Hugh Hefner really was

if u think im gonna read twenty seven news articles tomorrow mourning the memory of hugh hefner you’ve got another fucking thing coming lmao im gonna print those articles out and set them alight in the town square as i curse his name, may he rot

I don’t think all glamour models or sex workers are poor little victims if they choose to take their clothes off to make money. I respect women’s rights to make choices that fit their lifestyle and I hope you respect mine too. We live in a capitalistic society and need money to live, if that’s how you choose to work than I’m gonna support you without shame. If you love it than even better, I know not everyone loves their job.

I wrote my Hugh Hefner post on my phone in like 3 minutes and listed all of the things I knew about him off the top of my head. I’m getting shit for it, but literally every bad thing I’ve heard has come from people on tumblr raging and being really rude so I don’t know what to think. Our world would be really different if it wasn’t for him, as sexually repressed as we are, it would be so much worse. I can’t believe some people think that’s a good thing.

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Literally nothing anyone says will change your mind about Hefner, and you can argue over objectification, but he was WAY AHEAD of his time on sexual issues, women’s rights, and racial issues in entertainment. He did a lot of good for free speech in the US as well. You can have your random gif party but the fact is he led the way on many roads that got us where we are today as a society, including things you may personally take for granted as a woman here. That’s all. G’night.

i’m sure the women he raped and abused and exploited were really grateful

Consider mayhaps watching your whorephobic shit when you’re posting about Hefner

You can criticize that slimy man without shitting on sex workers and using it to fuel whatever anti porn agenda you have

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Hugh Hefner, unlike other men, donated a LARGE amount of his money to the women he worked with. Rape crisis centres, hiring FEMALE photographers when others wouldn't, accepted women and their sexuality when people tried to push them down, and he abhorred what the modern porn industry was doing and said as much every chance he got.

if he was such a feminist, why would he have arranged for seven or more very young women at a time to be completely financially dependent on him and coerce them to have sex with him and each other against their will, coupled with immense emotional trauma? any asshole can give money, especially a man worth $43 million dollars

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He also Had his ex wife and kids live next door so he could still see them a help raise them• All playboy playmates were allowed to use the facilities at the Playboy Mansion for the rest of their lives, it wasn’t just a place for the newest young girls• Didn’t use his fame and image to force girls to be with him or assault them. He would formally ask girls to live with him and be his girlfriend, and they were all over 18.If you don’t like him that’s fine, but he wasn’t a sexual predator

  • just because he didn’t want his kids too far from him doesn’t make him a good person, it makes him someone who desires a modicum of control over the women and children in his life
  • “oh no, he didn’t kick women out after he was done with them, he gave them perks to compensate for their abuse and exploitation”
  • um Holly Madison wrote an entire book on Hugh Hefner’s abusive and rapist tendencies, not to mention that economic coercion is a legitimate form of rape, in which a woman must choose between being raped or dying of starvation. that’s not a free choice
  • um, waiting down to the last couple hours for a girl to turn 18 because it would be illegal to exploit her otherwise is still pedophilic and predatory

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1 - Sex isn't abuse, 2 - Hugh didn't rape anyone, 3 - Sexualization in entertainment doesn't cause rape anymore then video games like Grand Theft Auto cause people to join murderous gangs.

1 - sex isn’t abuse, abuse is abuse and it happened in the playboy mansion and in hugh hefner’s industry

2 - um the definition of an ancient old man keeping multiple very young women, who are economically dependent on him, in a harem and coercing them into sex with him and each other is rape, as well as sexual and emotional abuse

3 - um the normalization of violence in the media is a significant contribution to, or at least indicator of, the normalization of violence in wider society, where do yall think we learn it from and why do yall think we consume it

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He started a whole foundation to donate money to rape crisis centers and the ACLU Women’s Rights Project, that will do more for women in need then you will do your entire freaking life.

lol that doesn’t count if you rape women yourself you massive douchebag, you don’t get to cancel out your bullshit by throwing pennies into the air