post haste sound

thought-ripples  asked:

Hi! I'm fascinated by what you do! When you need to create a sound like glass or ice breaking, how do you do it? Also, do you have a favorite sound that you really enjoy making? Thanks!

Some foley stages have special areas designated for breaking stuff, like glass or pottery, called “break pits.” Post Haste’s foley stage has one under the metal floor.

Foley artists might break anything from glass bottles and lightbulbs to big plates of glass or ceramic pots, depending on the needs and budget of the project.

Many stages also have “break boxes” full of broken glass, which they use to do big breaking glass impacts for car crashes, or for debris sounds.

Shards of glass are often also used for ice debris sounds. Dropping little glass pieces on a cement floor gives that ringing, crystalline sound that can really sell as ice. Check out the upcoming video for a demo of glass/ice debris sounds.

We do ice crackling sounds by putting a small amount of sand under a piece of glass, and then applying pressure to the glass piece. I’ll post an audio file of what this sounds like. Breaking ice cubes out of an ice tray can also sound great.

Some of our favorite sounds to do are things that let us stretch a bit, creatively; sounds that typically wouldn’t be considered foley, like: mechanisms and levers, vehicles, crashes and destruction, and vocal effects.