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Irisco: Couple’s Costumes

“But baaabe,” Iris said pouting at Cisco.

“Absolutely not,” Cisco repeated as he crossed his arms.

“But if you don’t dress up too I’ll look stupid,” Iris pleaded.

“I’ll dress up with you, I have no problem with matching for Halloween. It’s actually a dope idea,” Cisco told her dropping his arms to push himself up off the couch. “But you’re crazy if you think I’m gonna cover this beautiful, healthy, hair that I’ve worked years to attain with some fugly wig.” With that Cisco strode out of the living room.

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Here’s some separated gifs taken from my last animated video :) A little crossover between pokémon and The Skeleton Dance from the Silly Symphonies <3 I had so much fun making it! I hope you like them and please, take a look at the full video on youtube! (click here) Thank you!!


Shiro: (softly, but with a lot of feeling) what the fuck? 

inspired by this post

alternatively titled: Keith just wants to watch conspiracy theory videos on Shiros laptop 

When your friends guilt you into going to an event you didn’t want to go to and you gotta wait out the night because you’re not trying to be a buzzkill: