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also hey real quick please don’t make fun of idols’ english (that includes stuff like their pronounciation or grammar) it doesn’t matter whether it’s a Good Meme, it’s just rude especially since a lot of them are still learning and frankly have no obligation to be speaking english in the first place


i’ve got models, actors, the hottest personal trainer alive, said trainer’s tendency to open unlocked doors, one (1) 20 year old adrien agreste never being able to enjoy his vacation at the bahamas, one (1) 20 year old chloe bourgeois on spiritual journey to figuring out her sexuality (and squats) and the consistent usage of bribery regarding the entire industry knowing who adrien had a crush on.

People be like …yeah Yoongi is cute but he can be so smug sometimes, I bet nobody can stop him, he is a real boss

       _______________________when in reality________________

Seokjin is talking but Yoongi interrupts him.

Seokjin: Was I talking or not?

Yoongi: *shuts up immediately and eats his food instead of answering*

- - - - – - - - - - - - - -

Seokjin doesn’t do well in the computer game

Yoongi: This person is too bad, the game can’t go on. Let me try

Seokjin: Go play at home, I’m filming V app.

Yoongi leaves 

- - - - -  - - - - - -  – -

Seokjin explains his idea about the group game

Yoongi: I don’t like it

Seokjin: Who are you?

Yoongi gets flustered: I’m only the MC

- - - - - - - - - - – - - - - - - - 

Yoongi teases Seokjin but Seokjin has enough

___________ WHO IS THE BOSS HERE?! lmao_____

heheheh :D I love Yoonjin’s bond, they are full of tease and they are hilarious ^^ best roommates ever  <3  

commenting is hard and scary: general trends in the reasoning of fic readers

an incredibly academic review of answers, asks, and replies by me, 2017, tumblrdotcom


This post concerns the super scientific survey from yesterday.  A couple of you asked, so: the reason I wanted to know why folks don’t regularly comment is a combination of things.  The first is writing for spones, which is a rather new experience, and the comparatively tiny number of comments on what I think is a pretty darn good story, compared with the overwhelming enthusiasm for the s/u piece I posted the other week- it got me thinking, needless to say.  Second is the ever present discrepancy between number of comments and read-counts on new chapters when I post them.  Third is receiving comments that start ‘I never comment, but’ and finally giving into the curiosity of what that’s like, to read all this fic and not comment on it.  Fourth is the always circling posts of ‘comment on the fics you read!’ with explanations of why and how - it seems like those don’t totally get through to people?  I don’t know, maybe they do, but it’s not like I reblog one and wake up the next morning to a bevy of comments.


Participants included the metric butt-ton of anon commenters, plus those who replied to the original post which you can read here.  Too many to respond to without clogging everyone’s dashes, so we’re doing this instead.  


There were five main categories that responses fell into: not having much to say (and the temptation of the kudos button), RL issues, finding commenting stressful, perceptions of the author, and other.

The Profundity of Comments

The most reoccurring reason for not commenting (or not commenting regularly) was a feeling of not having much to say other than ‘I liked it.  As one anon wrote, “i just honestly never know what to say and other comments are so well-constructed that i feel like my random “aww theyre so cute” would be inadequate.”  This pressure to feel profound was reiterated by others, such as another anon who suggested “I think not all readers are former lit majors who may get intimidated to leave a “thoughtful” comment and are reading to de-stress or something.”

Beyond this lack of profound and interesting statements on fics, there was a general feeling that leaving a kudos, favoriting a fic, or creating a bookmark was akin to leaving a short comment saying ‘that was great’.  One anon put it this way: “if I’m just saying ‘great fic’, it feels interchangeable with giving them a kudos”.

RL Issues

There was a reoccurring sentiment related to feeling like one has to be profound: not having enough time to sit down and leave the type of comment the reader wanted to.  Also included in this was not having the energy to do so, either because readers were enjoying fic as a way to relax and de-stress, or because they were reading in bed and were tired.  Another issue raised was the fact that mobile reading doesn’t lend itself to commenting, and it’s awkward to have to switch to a desktop to comment.  Finally, there was the simple problem of forgetting, despite all best intentions.  Life, as we all know, gets entirely too busy sometimes.  @samttuummaa ties this all together nicely and puts words to what a number of other folks said in their own replies: “Here’s the recipe: start with I read on my cell, where typing is a moth#£$&#@! of an experience. Combine that with the fact that I always had a million things to say so the reviews were rarely short. Toss that with a toddler wanting my attention. Let it all simmer in the fact that I only got to read in spurts of just a few minutes at a time… modify this recipe by adding a 2nd baby”.

Commenting as a stressful activity

This section of results fell into two main categories.  First was readers who struggle with social anxiety.  Second was readers for whom English is a non-native language, and either the difficulty of writing in english was prohibitive, or they were too self-conscious of their writing to enjoy the process of leaving a comment.

Author as a roadblock

Interestingly, many folks wrote about ways in which authors themselves were an impediment.  There was a general sense among respondents that if authors don’t respond to comments, it’s not worth leaving them a comment on their story.  One anon raises an interesting question, writing: “if the author then doesn’t engage with the comments… why is a comment better than a kudos?” Additionally, readers felt that writers who don’t respond to comments might ignore the comments they leave, or commenting might be bothersome or irritating to these authors.

Some readers had negative interactions with authors which turned them off from commenting.  One anon wrote: “Actually I left a good comment to a fic arthor and she didn’t reply back to my comment but replied back to everyone’s else and felt so horrible.”  Another recounted a story of an ongoing correspondence with an author that went south for no discernible reason, which made them wary of engaging with writers in the future.

Another aspect of the way in which readers’ perspective of the author interfered with commenting was a perception that fic authors don’t like short comments.  A second was that authors - myself included - are annoyed by pleas for updates, but that is what the reader really wants to write. (footnote 1: there is a difference between ‘update please!’ and ‘can’t wait to find out what happens next!!’  For me at least, the latter is more than welcome, while the former does tend to feel quite rude)

Finally, @what-if-im-a-mermaid and @mizjesbelle offered insight into the feeling that authors have their friends in fandom and that fics have an ‘insider/outsider’ culture, which the reader can be very much on the outside of, or that as an unknown reader, that feedback wasn’t pertinent compared to the author’s friends comments.  As @what-if-im-a-mermaid wrote “I also remember having this vague impression of fandoms as these groups of people who all know each other and comment on each other’s work and are friends and feeling, idk, ‘excluded’ is not the right term because i wasn’t sad about it, but like it was something I wasn’t part of? Like it didn’t concern me?”  @mizjesbelle follows up this comment by writing, “@what-if-im-a-mermaid I know what you mean about a comment section sometimes feeling like a club you’re not part of. I follow a lot of webcomics, and there are some I don’t comment on because everyone clearly knows each other. I know they don’t mean to be unwelcoming, but it can feel awkward.”  (footnote 2: I have made all of my fandom friends through discussions started in comments on stories and trust me, if you comment on a story of mine, I remember you and I love you)


There were a number of reasons that fell outside the above mentioned themes.  These are that a fic is bad and the reader doesn’t want to leave criticism, being overwhelmed with feels after finishing reading a fic, the story is old, as a writer themselves they don’t care to receive comments and therefore don’t leave them as readers, and not realizing how it feels to put yourself out there and publish creative work.  @what-if-im-a-mermaid writes, “I think part of it is that if you’re a casual fic reader and you’ve never put yourself out there by posting stuff you created to The Interweb it can be hard understand how incredibly rewarding receiving any feedback at all is. For the longest time I thought of fic writers as a bunch of people who find writing so easy and intrinsically rewarding that they post billions of words on line for free, because it makes them happy.  They’re obviously Real Writers, very good at what they do, so why should feedback from a random girl who knows nothing about lit and writing affect them in any way? ‘ (footnote 3: it does make me happy, it’s so asldkfjasldkjf not easy, and if you enjoyed my story, you’re not random, see footnote 2 about how much I love you)


Overall, a number of reasons stated here have made the rounds in fandom before: old stories tend to get few comments, folks don’t want to be rude and leave criticism, English is a ridiculous language, talking to authors can be scary, commenting is just plain hard when we all have work/school/kids/whatever, and the kudos button is right there for the clicking.

One aspect of these responses that surprised me was the variability.  A lot of people have very different reasons for not commenting, which I hadn’t ever really considered before.  As a writer, I interpret a lack of comments to mean that my writing is bad or boring, and even if folks are reading it, it’s more so out of not being able to find better fic than any true enjoyment.

Another thing I hadn’t thought about was the fact that for readers, the kudos button can feel the same as leaving a short comment - I don’t know about other writers, but those two feel entirely and hugely different to me.  However, having read through all your responses I think I can change a bit and take kudos more to heart and hear what you’re all saying: you enjoyed the story and had you commented, that’s likely exactly what the comment would read.  At the same time, I’d encourage all of you to consider how it feels to see a list of names of folks who have left kudos and know full well that only a handful of them stopped to tell you that they liked your story.

I was also surprised by the way in which a writer responding to comments made such an impact.  I had no idea anyone responded until one day I left a comment and got a response back and then I started doing it myself.  I mcfreaking love talking to readers through comments, especially on chaptered fic as I get to see their reactions as the story develops.  It’s like getting to read my own story through someone else’s eyes and experience it as if I’m the reader who doesn’t know what’s coming up in the next chapter, with all of that thrill and fun.  The same goes for one shots, though I don’t get to build that rapport over the course of the story.

Further Research

One question I’m left with is: for those of you who do comment, what is the draw for you?  And for those of you who don’t, is there a way for authors to engage you so that you would comment?  An anon wrote, ““FFN has this culture of the idea of asking for reviews being tacky, probably from the occasional 'I’ll post the next chapter after 100 reviews’ fics” which I’m not suggesting or anything of the sort.  I don’t think that begging for comments is exactly the way through this.  I’m more curious as to whether there is anything that might change your commenting behavior - because trust me, I’ll do it.


Fandom is the best and continues to be one of the great joys of my life, and I imagine many of yours.  I wish I could convince everyone to comment, but I also respect all the reasons all y’all have furnished as to why that’s not realistic to ask.

@ravendaydream asked- ’ Happy birthday and have a wonderfull day <3 So for the headcanon thing ^^ how about what each dragon slayer thinks of each other cause somehow I feel that Gajeel though he’s grumpy all the time really appreciates Natsu. And how they got attracted to their womans. Like a moment when they saw their strength and it didn’t have anything to do with them 🙈 sorry if this was too much to ask for^^’

Hey my dude no worries! Just some good ol’ dragon slayer headcanons? I am more than happy to oblige.

  • Even though Gajeel is so grouchy he cares, he acts like he doesn’t sometimes but everyone knows he does. Sometimes when a guild member’s low on cash he’ll drag them on a mission with him or if they need a meal he’ll pay for their lunch at the bar. He’s the mom and dad friend.
  • Out of the the dragon slayers that were raised by dragons, Gajeel actually spent the most time with his respective parent and has the most knowledge on dragon lore. Though Natsu won’t admit it, he and the rest of them do look to Gajeel for support on and off the battlefield.
  • Wendy, having spent the least amount of time with her dragon parent, developed and based her current fighting style from watching the others. Most of her moves are based on Natsu’s but she has a few moves based off Sting and Laxus’ moves.
  • Wendy bounces between 3 guilds constantly, Fairy Tail, Lamia Scale to hang out with Chelia and Sabertooth because Sting and Rogue insist that Fairy Tail isn’t a good environment for her like they’re any better role models.
  • As far as Sting is concerned, Rogue isn’t taking full advantage of his powers for pranking and lets him know he’s disappointed in him constantly.
  • Natsu likes to sleep in high places, the rafters at the guild, trees when they’re on missions. That’s why he’s got a hammock at home, hes got nothing against regular beds but being high up reminds him of when he used to sleep on Igneel’s back.
  • Laxus and Cobra? Hate each other, every time they see each other the fists are flying and no one understands it. But the fights aren’t serious though they look it. They fight like how 2 friends get together for lunch. It’s a consensual ass kicking.
  • Natsu is the only dragon slayer who hasn’t done a photo shoot for Sorcerer’s weekly and he intends to keep it that way.
  • Cobra might love snakes but ironically is afraid of lizards.
  • Surprisingly, Natsu gets along really well with Rogue. Rogue says it’s because he’s already used to Sting’s craziness but they just work really well together, even if they barely have anything in common.
  • Gajeel feels kinda salty that he’s the only one who hasn’t gotten dragon force. Like yeah he’s happy that everyone else got it but :/, when’s his turn.
  • The irony that Laxus’ scar is shaped like lightning bolt is not lost on him.
  • Sometimes if you listen closely in battle, you can hear Sting making laser noises when he fires an attack.
  • Most of the time Wendy’s hanging out with Gajeel, she’s just kinda glued to his side during their off time. And she has fallen asleep on him, yes, in case you were wondering.
  • Gajeel has made it a point of duty to teach Natsu to cook. He can’t let the guy keep living like that.
  • Of course fiore has memes, and you know who has knowledge on them? Sting, he knows the dankest memes and has done everyone the favour of sharing his knowledge with Natsu. It goes just as how you imagine it would.

Now for the little bit of shippy stuff you asked for because Natsu and Gajeel are the only dragon slayers I ship with people.

  • It’d be kinda hard to pinpoint the exact moment where either of them fell in love with their respective partners because it was a gradual thing. But I do some idea as to when they started looking at them differently.
  • For Natsu it was during the Phantom Lord invasion when Lucy jumped out of the tower. That sheer trust she had in him to be there for her really made him think differently about her. I mean in the first 2 arcs before Phantom Lord, he didn’t mind her but found her slightly annoying. Like on the Macao rescue mission. I doubt it was love at that point but he did start to stick closer to her and watched out for her in battles, though he realized that half the time he didn’t have to. And it just went from there. He still hasn’t fully come to term with it (hence the iconic hug from the final chapter) buy he does know he feels differently about her.
  • Gajeel didn’t even goddamn realized he liked Levy ‘til so damn late. Since the whole incident with Laxus he’s been working to make it up to Levy (and Jet and Droy! ) that he’s not the same as he was before. That’s why he went with her on the S trials at that’s he developed that habit of jumping in front of her to shield her from attacks. In his head he was convinced that he just wanted to prove that he wasn’t the same person from before, but it was sometime during Tartarus that he hit the point and was just like 'I’m in love with her’. He was obviously in denial, and during that year they spent at the council I am firmly of the belief that after like half a year of pining and pushing down the mushy feelings he got together with Levy (who was basically doing the same thing).
You’re Goin’ Surfin’ on the Internet: Toriel’s First Computer

The goat monster sat in the chair, staring firmly – with determination, some might say – at the screen in front of her. This was called… a monitor, Alphys had said. It was not the actual computer itself. That fact was made very clear to her when they had first set it up.

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If you’re an artist and I follow you I just want you to personally know that I would 100% run a mile for your art style - in this hypothetical scenario where somehow your art/art style was threatened into nonexistance and that was a way to save it.

[ i wrote 6 drabbles today, so i’m pretty proud of myself ! i shall get to the rest tmr. then back to drafts & replies to starters written for me ! thank you everyone for being so patient w/ me ! the pupper shall head to bed now, so hope you have a wonderful day/evening/night wherever you are ! ]


@raythecomputerart - from the run around ( idk if i should link the fic or not covers face )

ok so like forgive how horribly this is edited b/c i suck lmfao. but! i definitely have things i can say about this scene particularly and lmfao it’s kind of silly but!! 

this particular scene is entirely inspired by something nick and i actually did lmfao. we chase each other around the house all the time, and like i actually locked the bathroom door once and forgot it was locked and couldn’t figure out why i couldn’t……. open it again……. lmfao. 

but seriously in the case of kravitz and taako like?? taako loves fucking with kravitz so much. especially when he can get kravitz into fuckin’ like… smarmy bastard mode b/c he like super thinks its actually really cute?? lmfao like bet on he wouldn’t admit that but kravitz knows.

after a while kravitz just kinda….. knows him. taako thinks he’s impervious to scrutiny but like everyone around him just sorta knows how he works so like……. who you really foolin’ boy?

i really actually like this silly fic a lot ashdhasfh. one of my favorite compliments came from this fic and i think about it all the time?? they said i had very bouncy, crystal kingdom tone to my kravitz which is EXACTLY what i want when i write him b/c let me be honest here i wish griffin had kept that fuckin’ smarmy accent because it was SO GOOD?? like?????? when he’s just….. talking it just sounds like griffo to me and tbh i am not the biggest fan? //unpopular opinion

anyway back to taako and kravitz like they love fuckin’ with each other like this. like taako lives for the attention and kravitz is VERY GOOD at giving him what he wants so it all kinda works out. 

anyway um i could prattle on and on but i guess this is getting kinda lengthy. basically when you asked for something domestic ((thank you again for sending me that! it’s honestly one of my favorite things!!)) i just thought… hm, what’s something me and nick do, lemme see if i can translate that into them??