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Space Vocabulary in Japanese | 3.20.2017

星 (ほし)- star

星座 (せいざ)- constellation

彗星 (すいせい)- comet

日食 (にっしょく)- solar eclipse

銀河 (ぎんが)- galaxy

流星 (りゅうせい)- meteor / falling star

月 (つき)- moon 

宇宙 (うちゅう)- space / universe 

星雲 (せいうん)- nebula



Hello everyone! 

In celebration of EXID’s comeback with their 3rd mini album ECLIPSE, and as a thank you for supporting EXID and this blog, I will be doing an album giveaway! Two lucky LEGGOs will have the chance to win one (1) copy of ECLIPSE each! Woo-hoo!

Prize - What’s Included: The winners will receive…

  • A copy of EXID’s new CD ECLIPSE 
  • An 80 page visual booklet
  • 1 photo card
  • 1 special photo card (only available during preorders)
  • 1 poster of EXID

How to Enter: To enter this giveaway…

  • Please be following this blog (New followers welcome!)
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That’s all you need to do!

How Long is this Giveaway Open? This giveaway will be open until the end of April (April 30th to be exact). So reblog this post before then to enter! If i change the close date (because i get the albums before the 30th) I will update everyone.


  • If you have any questions, if something isn’t clear, etc, please message me through asks or pm 
  • If you want to reblog this post to your (active) sideblog make sure there is a link on said blog to your main or add your main blogs url in the tags 
  • You won’t get the album quickly! Sorry! I will get the album in 3-5 weeks and then I need to ship it to you, which, depending on where you live may take a while! Keep this in mind before entering, be patient, but mostly don’t Forget you entered! It will be a while
  • You will have to disclose personal info to me (address)
  • If you want to reblog to boost or tag someone, but not enter, thats fine! Please specify in the tags your intention! (I will probably go through the tags on this post jsyk)
  • Finally, this is my first giveaway ever! I’m trying to cover my bases, bare with me. I may make amendments along the way however I will be clear on any changes to dates or rules etc. on this blog. 

And thats all! Thank you! Good luck to all who enter!


“Don’t be afraid”, I murmured. “We belong together.” I was abruptly overwhelmed by th truth of my own words. This moment was so perfect, there was no way to boubt it. His arms wrapped around me, holding me against him… It felt like every nerve ending in my body was a live wire. “Forever,” he agreed.

…it just occurred to me that the dream arc of crystal will be occuring the year that a total solar eclipse will be crossing the united states, at around the same time of year that dream arc occurred in the manga. 

WATCH YOUR BACKS, PRECIOUS U.S.A. CHILDRENS, THIS YEAR IS ALREADY FULL OF TRAUMA, WE DON’T NEED TO FIND OUT THAT … wait i think i’d rather have nehelenia in the white house hmm


Bellward + New Moon.

🌟Celestial Trifecta🌠

As some of you may know, this weekend hosts the occurrence of a few different celestial events: the New Year Comet, the Full Moon in Leo, and the annual lunar eclipse! These three events occurring at the same time is a magickal celestial phenomena, and will harbor a mass amount of energy for spell casters. 

New Year Comet: this comet will be visible on February 11th, around 2am CST, passing through the constellation Hercules, so bust out your SkyMaps app, and be sure to keep an eye out! Comets are associated with balance, transformation, stillness, isolation, and control

Full Moon in Leo: the full moon takes place on Friday, February 10th, and will rise again the following day (February 11th). The full moon in Leo is associated with power over others, courage, childbirth, authority, and fertility.

Annual Lunar Eclipse: this will be a penumbral lunar eclipse, meaning that the outer shadow of Earth will fall on the moon’s face - this type of lunar eclipse is much harder to observe and only casts a subtle shadow on the moon instead of taking a visible chunk out of it. Lunar eclipses are associated with healing, protection, finishing projects, illuminating the unknown, balance, manifestation, and peace, although I also associate them with destruction. (click here to read @phaesphore‘s post on eclipse magick)