post eclipse


I stared at him wordlessly.
“What?” he whispered.
I shook my head in awe. “Nothing,” I mouthed.


BlackSun Week : Day 3 - Protection

Blake couldn’t sense the pole she was about to crash into bc she’s too distracted to read while noticing Sun following her.

I’m too late for this day but I can’t let this go.

2 years ago today I finished reading The Twilight Saga :’)


I’ll give you passionate. Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.”

Things I need to talk about at length but I don’t have time to talk about this morning
  • The significance of touch in Berserk
  • The idea that post-eclipse Casca cannot “express” herself (I disagree)
  • The kindness of women towards other women in Berserk
  • Guts and children
  • How Miura encourages patience in his readers (no, it’s not about hiatuses)
  • Really weird details that Miura gets right that are just…he didn’t need to get them right, but he sure did.