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“The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it’s not reality, but who cares? There’s too much reality these days.” -Shirley Jones


Well, I just killed off Daisuga in this AU…

Atlantis - Haikyuu AU SCENE 1

defenders of the universe

Amren and the King of Hybern

I may have become a little obsessed today with one character. While doing some research for my Easter Egg posts, I kept getting pulled back into a line from ACOMAF.

Amren said, “The King of Hybern is old Rhys – very old. Do not linger.” –pg 580

If 500 year old Illyrians are boys, how old must the King be to be classified as very old?  She was also speaking as if she knew the king, not of him, but interacted with him in her past adventures. Remember she was estimated to be older than Prythian, older than Velaris.

The team that goes to Hybern does not make logical sense to me. Amren can read the Book, why wouldn’t she go?

Rhysand said, “I heard a legend that it was written in a tongue of mighty beings who feared the Cauldron’s power and made the Book to combat it. Mighty beings who were here … and then vanished. You are the only one who can uncode it.” –pg 360

She was the only one from another realm (pg 194), estimated to be older than Prythian, older than Velaris. The only one of them that could read that language. She knew what the Cauldron was, knew of its power and was worried that the Cauldron could overwhelm Feyre. Why wouldn’t she go?

Mor could have stayed behind to protect the city, after all she was the one who Rhys will call when his generals failed, his armies failed. She could and would protect Velaris (it helps my cause that she is named after the Celtic goddess of war).

The only thing I can think of, is Amren has been or needs to stay hidden from the King.  Why the hell would Amren avoid (fear is too strong a word) another high fae, even if he is a king. Then it dawns on me, there is more to this king.

But someone appeared atop the stairs.

I knew him – in my bones. The shoulder length black hair, the ruddy skin, the clothes that edged more toward practicality than finery. He was of surprisingly average height, but muscled like a young man.

But his face – which looked perhaps like a human man in his forties … blandly handsome. To hide the depthless, hateful black eyes that burned there. –pg 590

Feyre did not describe him as she typically describes the high fae males. Each one is tall, muscled and there is something striking about them. Could he be older than high fae, different than the high fae?  Not even the Suriel describes him as High fae, but as a vile faerie king (ACOTAR pg 129-130).

Add the fact that Amren respects his power, we could be in for a very sad ending. But I will keep faith as the Cauldron purrs for Feyre and the king needs her to wield the book.

Don’t forget in the Spring Court where there is a mural with ancient symbols that Amren can read (ACOTAR pg 114).

A little fic that was born from this Easter Egg: Where is she?

Foreshadowing (Easter Eggs):

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Amren and the King of Hybern
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TJeff and Mads is my problematic OTP

This is a sketch that got way out of hand. I just wanted to draw Jefferson in sweats ;-;

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Did anyone notice that Carlos De Vil (aka Cruella De Vil’s son) wears the number 101 on his jersey in Descendants??