post destruction

It goes without saying, but please don’t rely solely on Tumblr to get your news. Things are happening at such a rapid pace that by the time a post reaches your dash, some of what was included in the initial post is no longer relevant.

He looked at me, and he smiled. Oh God how I’d missed that smile. And as tears ran down my face, I reminded myself that you can’t cross bridges that have already been burnt.
—  M.E


So you got elected. That’s a thing that actually happened.

You said you would make America great again.

Do it.

I want you to come through on that.

I don’t know your policies. Not sure if you do. Your talking points are framed as negative comment followed by positive adjective. “Obamacare has cost Americans so much, and it’s terrible. We’re going to replace it with something much better!”

I need you to be specific. I need you to be thoughtful. I need you to think of all of us.

Because we are all watching.

You need to earn this.

Failing here doesn’t mean just declaring bankruptcy and closing the business. It means people lose. It means people die.

You are racist, sexist, misogynist, xenophobic,and wildly out of touch. I need you to be better than that. I need you to think of everyone under your charge.

Your platform was based on on building yourself up but on cutting your competitors down. You have no competitors now. You just have to perform.

You just got the worst job in the world.

Good luck.

The Definition of Anarchy

I think we are using anarchy as it was originally intended. From the ancient greek anarchia. It literally means “without an archon”. Without rulers, leaders, authority. It did not in any way mean the absence of order or law.

The only reason anarchy became synonymous to chaos and lawlessness is because elites and intellectuals that highly favored the existence of large states and deference to authority loudly trumpeted the merits of their system in opposition to anarchy (statelessness, society without rulers) which they began to smear and characterize as disorder and chaos in order to promote their cause.

Diogenes of Sinope, Crates of Thebes and especially Zeno of Citium advocated for forms of organizing society without state structures.

Meanwhile philosophers like Plato envisioned an utopia with an all powerful state whose existence was absolutely necessary for the application of law. A society ruled by philosopher-kings that are in no way accountable to the public.

Considering these two sides and the fact that philosophers like Plato were much more popular and useful for later intellectuals to justify the existence of their rulers and states, it’s probably a given that anarchy was repeatedly painted as a bad thing until it became synonymous with chaos.

Just how the victors write history, so do the intellectual victors, sometimes with full intent, sometimes unknowingly, shift the meaning of words to rig future discussions in their favor.

Even though a happy, sweet, open- and good-hearted America is in my opinion very nice and cute - dark, twisted, partially-insane, calculating, mischievous, intellectual, observant, imperialistic America will always be my favourite. To read, to write, to build up and portray and characterise - absolutely my personal choice.

Whether it be him hiding away that absolute darkness, concealing it from all the other nations because he knows they would be terrified of him, terrified of it, and yet he accepts it and embraces it (creates a mere mask to hide a smart face),

Whether it be him trying to keep the seal on a crack on his mind, because he knows what he is capable of and is trying to keep himself still sane and denies that part of him, that inhuman, cold, powerful part of him,

Whether it be him maintaining his complete power position at the top of the world through a carefully-crafted precarious balance of made from the fear and admiration he instills in other nations,


Wolf 359 Theory - Part 3/???: Lovefake and Jafauxbi

So apparently I’m not the only one who suspects that Lovelace isn’t Lovelace.  She’s an alien copy.  I mean, how else could you explain that the USS Reliant Robin was made of unknown parts and the computers didn’t kick in until the day she turned up?  How else could she have survived a – probably factual – fall into the star?  

But I haven’t seen many people put forward the following: I don’t think she knows she’s not the real Lovelace.  I don’t think Jafauxbi knows/knew he’s not/wasn’t Jacobi.  It’s a modified version of the Teletransportation Paradox or Ship of Theseus: if the copy still has all the same memories, thoughts, and feelings as the original, which one is “real?”  If all the parts are different, but the identity is the same, does it matter which one came first?   Indeed, we don’t know if the surviving Jacobi is the real McCobi because they had the same behaviors and memories.  I don’t think even Jacobi could really be sure which one he is.  I don’t think Lovelace has any idea she’s not the original Isabel Lovelace.    

If my theory is right and the duplicates don’t know what they are and have identical senses of self/feelings/ideas/etc. then it doesn’t matter which is which.  It doesn’t matter if the original Jacobi or Jafauxbi got on the module.  They are both equally Jacobi.  He really is Schrödinger’s Ballistics Specialist: both alive and dead.  The surviving Jacobi is as much Jacobi as the dead one, whichever that was.  And Lovelace isn’t any different from the one who served as the Hephaestus’s captain.  If her memories end with going into cryo and begin again waking up in “Minkowski Commanding” there are no alien experiences to separate her from original recipe Lovelace.  

I think that when Lovelace finds out she’s not the original it’s going to cause a massive existential crisis rather than an attempted alien takeover.  A lot of this season has been about what makes a person a person, Lovelace having to come to terms with being something else would fit in that very well.