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Drum corps gothic

The caption head keeps saying “one more time”. You’ve lost track of how many times he’s said it. The sun is rising.

The bus pulls into the housing site. The drum majors get off to go find the sleeping areas. They do not return.

This gym seems familiar. They all seem familiar. You can’t tell them apart anymore.

You enter the field. It is silent. There is a crowd, but no noise. There is no announcement. The drum major counts off.

Your tech tells you to go touch the fence. You keep running. You never find the fence.

The water doesn’t taste right. It is dark and tastes gamey. You think you see something move in your jug.

The vets say that you won’t hurt after three weeks. They were right. You can’t feel anything in general now.

Staff says you should get five hours of floor time, but as soon as you close your eyes, the gym lights come on.

The gym lights are motion sensored. They come on and you sit up. No one is moving.

Things disappear in the bays. Then under your seat. You worry that what’s sitting in the seat is next.

You feel your seat partner lean against you in the night. You look over and they are asleep in the aisle. You close your eyes and don’t open them until you arrive at the housing site.

The showers are dimly lit. You all stick to one side because you swear something is on the corner.

You have pasta for dinner, but it tastes like pb&j. Your cereal in the mornings tastes like pb&j. Your water tastes like pb&j. Everything tastes like pb&j.

“What state are we in?” No one can answer. No one knows. Staff won’t tell anyone.

A cloud is almost covering the sun. It does not move for the entire block.

A field judge is in front of you. He follows you for the whole show. He has a tape recorder, but doesn’t say anything into it.

You get home. No one recognizes you. You can no longer sleep on your bed. You still hear the distant clicking of a metronome everywhere you go.

Just Brass Things #92

That one brass player that doesn’t know what dynamics are.


Semifinals tuba cam!

Bluecoats 2016 - Downside Up


16 year old, Tony, who marches with The Academy Drum and Bugle Crops practicing tricks to prepare for this upcoming season.

The people in marching band you know:

The Eternally Clueless Freshman: We’re all a confused freshman at one point but this one never grows out of it. It’s ½ way into the season and this freshman is still missing the step-off from the first set you learned. They don’t know their dots, they never memorized their music, and they are killing everyone always.

The Saucy Sophomore: This sophomore thinks they’re an upperclassman. No. No, they are not. They are always screaming at everyone to dress center and they probably call everyone–even those older than themselves– “honey.” This sophomore is obnoxious, incredibly conceded, and probably quite untalented. The day they become an actual upperclassman actually terrifies you.

The Hero: This marcher is an amazing musician and everything about their marching is flawless.Instead of boasting it or yelling at you, the quietly, effortlessly flaunt their talent, save the band when everyone is failing, and look at you ever so slightly when you make a mistake. This look is 10 times more powerful than any comment could be. The hero is equally amazing and horrifying.

The Slacking Section Leader: There’s always that one section that can’t get their shit together. This is because they are unfortunate enough to have the slacking section leader. They never plan sectionals, are always more confused than their section, and everyone wonders how they got into leadership.

you’ve heard of dci tuba sections now get ready for

directional sound cannon platoons

  • me: so how do you feel about blue devils getting first?
  • them: i think carolina crown should have wo-
  • me (shoving breadsticks into purse): im sorry i have to go right n-
  • them: but blue devils definitely had a great performance and i can understand how they got first place with all of the hard work they put in this season
  • me (slowly putting breadsticks back): continue...