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I have to disagree, tumblr are obsessed with mental illness and issues when it comes to characterization, but we're a minority. People don't want to see mopey superheroes, see the backlash against zack synder's superman. tbh, I also don't find Tony Stark's issues interesting, aren't they the same as Bruce Banner and Black Widow's anyway? I disagree Steve Rogers was depressed. He rejected the Cap identity cos he doesn't want to live according to the whims of the public.

As much as Tumblr does glorify mental illness, I think general audiences also want to see struggling superheroes nowadays – especially millennials, as we’ve heavily gravitated towards anti-heroes in the last two decades. Batman, Deadpool, Tony Stark, Jack Sparrow, House… we’re an angsty generation.

Even the classic superheroes who used to be plain ol’ good people (Steve Rogers, Peter Parker, Clark Kent) have become more and more nuanced in their movies, as millennials tend to find them unrealistic in their original comic personalities. Whether that was the right move is debatable, I totally agree, but it means that people are looking for that balance of cause and effect: superheroes are inherently good, but millennials feel like things should affect them, that it’s hard to stick to your ideals in the real world. Which puts filmmakers in a tricky spot.

If Marvel had wanted Steve to be a classic superhero in this film, they could’ve had him interacting with the public, going against General Ross, giving speeches about the Right Thing to Do, and made Civil War strongly about Steve’s ideals and him fighting for them. Which I would have loved. Typical superhero stuff, with Steve rising above it all, the idealist!

…but they didn’t. Steve was just quiet, likely due to his depression, but Marvel didn’t explore that as much as they should have. Steve’s backstory adds to his superhero persona, especially in how those previous events have affected him, and I don’t think it should be ignored or made subtle. It would’ve been easy for Marvel to follow the threads they made in previous films about Steve’s PTSD and depression, a few lines here and there, but instead they downplayed these issues in Civil War so much that Steve wasn’t really anything, to general audiences: he wasn’t acting like a superhero, but he wasn’t openly struggling with the Cap identity, either. His arc was incredibly subtle – no problem for fandom, but my family and friends didn’t really understand Steve in this film like they did Tony. They didn’t get it.

We’re halfway there, I guess. Marvel has explored their superheroes’ tragic pasts without shying away from the bad stuff, which is awesome, but I wish we could see them dealing with the psychological repercussions of these histories more, especially with such heavy personal plotlines in their films. I guess as a millennial, it’s not realistic to me that nothing can make Steve Rogers stumble, that nothing can affect him, that nothing weighs him down or biases him. But I also agree that an entire movie about Superheroes in Therapy wouldn’t fly, either. A different balance has to be struck, but I’m not sure how.

Stay With Me

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by snivellus023

Takes place after Civil War. Steve has difficulty coming to terms with what happened between himself and The Winter Soldier.

Words: 8951, Chapters: 1/1, Language: English

Series: Part 2 of I Remember

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post civil war

tony: i think we can all recognize now, after this years events, that it is important for all of us to stick together as one unified team

the avengers: yes 

tony: everything that happened…. all of those fights….. practically losing all of you………. it helped me to see just how hard it was to do that……. i see all of you as my family and i mean it

steve: awww tony :)

tony: not u

  • Tony:Okay so we have this really dangerous thing going on and we'll probably need some help. Cap and his friends are busy, also I'm still kinda pissed because of that idiot, so we can't ask them. Any other ideas?
  • Rhodey:Sorry, I can't think of anything...
  • Vision:I don't see any other possibilities either.
  • Peter:Ahm...
  • Tony:Huh? What's up?
  • Peter:Well, my boyriend knows Wolverine.
  • Tony:Wat.
  • Rhodey:Wat.
  • Vision:Who?
  • Peter:You know, Wolverine? From the X-Men?
  • Wade:*comes in* Different universe, honey.

…I don’t understand why people think Steve was emotionally compromised by Bucky (or “blinded by Bucky”) in Civil War. There’s no evidence of it in the plot?

Because, seriously:

  • Steve said no to the Accords before Bucky even appeared in the movie. His argument centred around how the Accords could exploit the Avengers – Bucky wasn’t even a factor at that point in time.
  • Steve was in Lagos to stop Rumlow from starting biological warfare. Yes, Rumlow distracted Steve by mentioning Bucky, but the audience knew Rumlow was going to set off the bomb the moment he told his soldiers that he wasn’t going to meet up with them. Steve’s love for Bucky had no involvement in the outcome of this scene, beyond the taunt; the battle had long begun, with civilian casualties already occurring. 
  • When Natasha asked Steve to sign the Accords, Bucky still wasn’t in the picture and Steve still said no. There’s absolutely no evidence of emotional compromise, even though it’s Peggy’s funeral so you expect Steve to be emotional. But he’s not fighting, or arguing, or trying to convince Natasha not to sign. He just says he can’t.
  • When Steve finds out Bucky is alive, he doesn’t dispute that Bucky bombed the U.N. He says to Natasha “If [Bucky]’s this far gone, I should be the one to bring him in, because I’m the least likely to die trying”. That’s not exactly a statement teeming with emotion. In fact, it’s pretty fucking logical, since Steve broke the Soldier’s trance in CATWS. 
  • Steve stops the government from trying to kill Bucky on sight, but does not stop them from arresting Bucky and doesn’t resist arrest himself. He even tells Bucky ‘this doesn’t have to end in a fight’ in the hopes of peaceful arrest, and shows up to save soldiers’ lives as much as Bucky’s. Steve’s not fighting the government; instead, he asks about a lawyer as they take Bucky away. So, emotionally compromised? Nah.

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Imagine if when Steve gets the call that Bucky is ready to be unfrozen, he gets to Wakanda as quick as he can so that he can be there as soon as Bucky opens his eyes again.  And once the doctors have checked him over and are sure he’s okay, they leave him and Steve alone.  The two can’t help but share the biggest, softest hug.  Bucky says “you’re so warm” to Steve who can’t help but do that laugh/cry thing.  And he smiles the biggest smile he’s ever had in over 70 years.

Once Bucky is fully recovered, Steve takes him back to Brooklyn.  They settle into a cozy apartment and for days on end they order in food and just talk.  They talk about anything and everything.  They talk about who they used to be and who they are now.  They talk about what they like about the present and what they miss about the past.   And as the days go by, they find themselves feeling that pull towards each other that they had both tried to ignore all those years ago.  But now they don’t have to.  The apartment is covered in carry out containers, old photos, and new drawings.  And Steve and Bucky find themselves in each other’s arms on the couch.  They don’t need to talk about it.  They just know.  It took them decades of pain, loss, and grief but they are finally where they’ve always been meant to be.  Together.

quickie post Civil War Hawkeye fic

Wakandan wifi is the best Clint’s ever used, and it’s free and accessible through the whole country. It’s not a technical achievement for an African nation, it’s a wonderment for any nation. It also means that he has no time to really prepare himself when he’s given a laptop within ten minutes of landing so that he can fucking call his wife.

He does the math quickly, years of experience with time zones. Six hours ahead, and when he’s gone, Laura works from the home office as much as possible so they don’t have to spend the money on a sitter or daycare. She’s likely finishing up lunch. There’s not really a better time.

Skype connects instantly. Laura picks up moments later, sighing with relief and quickly signs safe? to which Clint quickly replies yes. It’s nothing that a moderately observant person wouldn’t pick up on, but it was Laura’s idea, and if she needs it to feel better, it’s a very mild risk.

“Did you and the kids enjoy the lake?” Clint asks as if nothing has happened. No ma’am, I wasn’t in an international prison designed to hold enhanced individuals.

“Would have been better with someone to drive the boat,” Laura replies flatly, “Makes it difficult to waterski. You just sink if you aren’t being pulled.”

“Hey, no one drowned, yay.” Clint smiles, “I’m sorry. And I don’t know how long I’ll be.” He made his bed. He has to lie in it. But he trusts Cap more than he trusts any government. God, the UN. The UN is the slowest to respond, plays the dirtiest politics. Clint’s been burned by oversight, he wasn’t going to make that mistake again.

He wants the world safer for his kids, for Laura. But he can’t sit back and do nothing anymore.

“I’ll say, Clint, you should see the media coverage.  And….” Laura bites her lip, a tell she’s had forever, when she’s nervous but knows she has to say something, “Someone’s got lines on the farm. I don’t recognize them, but they don’t seem — I think they are just waiting for you to come home.”

He’d installed some great tech during the last few seasons. Anyone doing surveillance wouldn’t get very much, and the encryption on his internet is stellar. It’s not paranoia if someone really is out to get you every so often.

“So you need to stay away.” she continues, firm but quiet.

“Laura, I can…”

“No, if you try, I don’t think you’ll make it back here for very long. The prison break is big news — there’s a general outcry to put all of you away again. People are scared about the enhanced, and yes, that apparently includes you.” Laura is struggling not to move out of the view of the camera, but Clint knows what she wants to do is pace. She’s not good at standing still. “But I can tell the kids you are out protecting the world with Captain America. They’ll accept that for now.”

For now. But it’s not something Clint wants to accept. He wants Lila to fall asleep on his chest, help Cooper with his grade school homework, wants to see Nathaniel grow and doesn’t want to miss a day of it. “You can call Tasha, she can help.”

“I thought so. She’s going to be here next week.” Laura looks at her phone, “I have to pick the kids up. Half day today for teacher development. Please call later to talk to them, okay?”

Why does this have to be so short? But he’s also getting a signal from Cap that they need to move along, and well, he can figure out the next call. “I will. I love you Laura. Kiss the kids for me.”

“I will. I love you too.”

“You can still trust Tasha.” He reiterates.

“I never stopped,” Laura smiles, “Stay safe. If you can’t, be brave.” she waves her hand a little, and the call disconnects.

Be brave.

Every damn moment of every damn day that he’s not with them.

Totally not thinking about how Bucky will only sleep on Steve’s right because he can’t relax at night without having his arm tightly around Steve’s middle, just like when they were kids. Only now when he does it it’s not so he can make sure Steve is okay through the night; it’s because being able to have Steve in his arms is the only thing that keeps him okay through it.

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American Indian Boarding Schools Haunt Many - Audio (NPR)

The Indian boarding school movement began in the post Civil War era

For the government, it was a possible solution to the so-called Indian problem. For the tens of thousands of Indians who went to boarding schools, it’s largely remembered as a time of abuse and desecration of culture.

The government still operates a handful of off-reservation boarding schools, but funding is in decline. Now many American Indians are fighting to keep the schools open.

‘Kill the Indian … Save the Man’

An Army officer, Richard Pratt, founded the first of these schools. He based it on an education program he had developed in an Indian prison. He described his philosophy in a speech he gave in 1892.

“A great general has said that the only good Indian is a dead one, and that high sanction of his destruction has been an enormous factor in promoting Indian massacres. In a sense, I agree with the sentiment, but only in this: that all the Indian there is in the race should be dead. Kill the Indian in him, and save the man.”


Civil War | The Way

One thing I just love about Stucky fanfiction is that it’s basically just universally accepted that Steve and Bucky don’t know how to be normal fucking friends. Like, they’ll be just bros™ and they’ll cuddle and hold hands and move each other’s hair from their foreheads and they’ll rest their head on the other’s shoulder and stare at each other and sleep in the same bed and all of this is completely normal to them because they grew up with this fucked up mutual pining as their focal point for friendship and have no idea that they’re actually just fucking in love