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Real Gold Pokemon Cards

In an article written in the Spring 2000 edition of UWM Today, an alumni newsletter, the director of the biological sciences lab at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, Heather Owen, examines a special edition Pokemon card for gold.  Back in 1999, Burger King sold promotional toys for the new Pokemon movie.  One of the toys was a set of 23k gold pokemon cards, but a skeptical reporter brought one of the cards to Owen to see if there really was gold in the cards.  Turns out, Burger King wasn’t lying.  Owen was immediately able to detect gold in the card using energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometry.  So, if you still have any of these lying around somewhere, they might actually be worth something.


I got myself a new pin board because my last one was a cork board and I always hated it and now I have a really sleek looking black velvet pin board!! It suits AoKa so well because it brings out the red and blue so vividly!💙❤️

Study Space Tour

I thought it might be interesting to do this so here we go!

So this is a wide vertical shot of my desk. I used the light from the ceiling fan for these pictures but usually I just have the string lights and desk lamp on and maybe the window open but it gets dark so early now so there’s much of a point in having it open. I like having the motivational quotes up and behind the second screen you can see my IB diploma, which I have up because I worked so hard to earn it. Then I have my two bulletin boards and my calendar. I truly cannot recommend having a calendar within your line of sight at your desk enough.

My upper bulletin board is more in homage to my interests and passions than to anything truly practical. You can see I love Jun, Sehun, Jinyoung, Eunwoo, Sungjin, Jin, and Luhan, then my other aesthetic interests are cherry blossoms and feminism, and pink.

My lower bulletin board does have more practical purposes. I have a copy of my class schedule and my goals for the year on it then again it delves into my interests; pretty motivational quotes, pink, idols, and feminist/political pins and nationals pins.

I do have two drawer units under my desk but the metal one mostly has spare notepads and other boring stuff so all my drawer pictures are from the wooden set. This is my top drawer, which holds the remote to the TV and a ton of pens, specifically my EnergelX, Pilot Juice, Dual Tip, and Steadler pens then my mildliners. 

My second drawer is a bit more of a hodgepodge, mostly featuring my post it and index card collections then more random bits and bobs.

My third drawer is still in purpose of my absurd stationery collection. In the pink and cardboard boxes I have colored pencils and then more pens/highlighters. I have such a big problem.

My fourth drawer is mostly dedicated to my washi tape collection, there’s more in the floral box, too. Then I have my flexible binder notebooks and my old iPod and an extra set of muji pens. 

My bottom drawer holds spare mildliners, a laptop stand, steadler fine liner set, external hard drive, spare supples and important papers. 

Beyond my desk, I have some shelves where right now I’m storing my current textbooks on the lower one with my book stand and planner for next year. The upper level has old textbooks or other large books with my model brain.

Next to my desk is the guest bed. Our house is too small for the desk to fit in my room and for a larger bed to fit in the guest room. 

The final element of my study space is my kpop collections. I have no shame.

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anonymous asked:

Kotori, who do you like to play dress-up with the most?

Ehehe ♪ I’m so lucky to have eight pretty dolls to play with, huh~

We’re all different shapes and sizes, so the challenge is making designs that look good on all of us. But the most fun to play with is Umi-chan!

It’s true that she complains more than any of the others… but she always lets me have it my way in the end, so that’s just part of the fun ♪

I like to make her skirt just sliiightly shorter than the others, and see how long it takes her to notice. I make the difference a little bigger each time until she does.

She always makes me promise to put it back to normal… but then I just start the process again~

Umi-chan’s legs are so pretty, it’s a crime to cover them up, right? ♪

Kate Things

(There’s so much hate in Kate’s tag so I wanted to put in some nice headcanons. I have such a crush on her so don’t murder me)

-Javi finding a working camera and taking really pretty and artsy photos of Kate because he thinks she’s beautiful

-Despite her feelings about changing herself around her step kids, she really loves them. She probably took them out for ice cream every Friday pre apocalypse


-Secretly a hoe for cheesy romance, especially if it’s coming from Javi

-They do so much together; Kate and Javi probably stay up for a long time just talking. Not about survival or the apocalypse, more like dreams and small things


-Becoming a housewife was literally her worst nightmare. She really loved to travel, so after settling down she started collecting post cards. She still has some of her favorites

-She bought Gabe and Mariana tapes on the regular


112815 // The world through mail

How i started?

POSTCROSSING / POST CARD COLLECTION - I came across #postcards on instagram, i got interested and scrolled around a bit. Apparently that “a bit” turned into hours of browsing until i finally decided to try post-crossing myself. Basically, you just need to find someone to swap cards with, you can either message them or leave comments, be chummy. There’s a whole community of snailmailers/postcrossers on instagram to start with. 

SNAILMAILING / PEN-PALLING -  After some time I managed to keep in touch with some of those i swapped cards with. And yes, i earned myself new found friends. We decided to start sending each other snailmails and emails as well,for whenever our schedule ties us up from sending post mails.

Postcards and letters are heartfelt reflection of thoughts and emotions that connects people from different places, builds friendships and makes us realize how beautiful the other side of the world is. It’s at heart, travelling through pen and paper.


finally i have it! i have 2 decks of gwent cards oh my god they are so amazing i’m so excited like idk!!!1

now it’s time to start a new game with new game plus on a maximum difficulty and prepare to suffer to achieve the platinum trophy yay :D

and i also wanted to show off my witcher collection. now i have gwent cards, a map of northern kingdoms, a book “The World of the Witcher”, 3 lithographs (Triss, Yennefer and Geralt) and a keychain

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