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Artyom is not an Athletic sim.  He could take or leave soccer.

… I’d just have rather he had not picked THIS.  xD  (And he picked it at least once more later.)  My straight male sims are usually forbidden from eating hot dogs and fudge popsicles*, and honestly I would have stopped him but he got there before I noticed and… well… fuck it.  xD

No one asked you, Tapioca.  :|

So sad.

I would have mentally sat and thought about the odds of either of them winning, but it would have been for naught anyway.  xD

* - Don’t ask, ‘cuz I dunno.  It’s a weird mental hangup.  xD

… such confidence face.

What makes you think you’re better than her?  Tbh, I don’t know what she does in her spare time, though Athletic sims tend to be… well… athletic. :|

It’s Tasha again.  Tasha and Isabella used to be an item, though that was many Sunset Valleys ago.  xD

…. the soccer field is turning out to be a tuna fest, but also a tuna fest that’s usually into tuna.  >_>;

What are the chances of three bisexual chicks clustering in this one spot?

…. shush you.  xD

YOI re-do AU where all 6 of the Barcelona GPF skaters and their coaches are sent back to just after the Sochi GPF medal ceremony.

Phichit is at his apartment in Detroit, snuggled down in a nest of blankets on Yuuri’s bed and prowling all his social media accounts, tearing apart anyone who says anything bad about his best friend’s performance. That’s when he feels a strike of blinding pain to the base of his skull, as if he’s been struck by lightning. His eyes roll back into his head and he faints. And when he wakes up with a startled gasp about ten minutes later, he looks around in confusion, wondering why he’s not back in his parents’ home in Bangkok.

Otabek is back at his home rink in Almaty. After failing to qualify for the Finals, he and his coach had decided it would be a good change of pace to return to his own country, and he’s working feverishly so that he can do well in his country’s Nationals and make a comeback at Worlds. He’s in the middle of practicing a step sequence when he feels the blinding pain of his memories coming back, and he falls to the ice with a dull thump. A cry of alarm goes up from his rinkmates as they skate over to see if he’s okay. His coach’s accompanying thump from the rinkside makes the skaters panic even more as they go over to see what’s going on.

The other four, luckily, are already in their hotel rooms when it happens, getting ready for the banquet.

Yuuri was grabbing a quick nap at the time, so he’s lucky enough to not feel the pain of his memories returning, but he’s startled awake when Celestino comes barging into his hotel room.

(Yuuri always makes sure Celestino has a copy of his room key, in case he has an anxiety attack or doesn’t want to leave his room before a competition.)

Celestino’s expression is frantic when it lands on a confused Yuuri, who’s trying to process all the memories flooding through him.

They both immediately know the other has also gotten the memories, and Celestino sweeps Yuuri into a crushing hug. He’d been so worried about his fragile-hearted skater after his mess of a performance, and he’s just so relieved now to know that Yuuri will continue skating, even if he does eventually leave Celestino’s rink.

Yuuri is shy as he requests Celestino to keep coaching him until the end of the season - this time, he plans to pick himself up and do better at Nationals, so that he can qualify for Worlds. He wants to show the world what an amazing coach Celestino had been, and that Viktor wasn’t the only one responsible for turning Yuuri into the skater he is today.

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Isabella honestly didn’t seem all too worried right before she got hit by a fucking train like I don’t know about you but I would be freaking out not like “Oh dear” no way were those her last words

Even weirder is the fact that she would’ve had a better chance fucking tucking and rolling out of her door but instead she got hit by a train who the fuck does that

She’s a fucking clone just like 5 and she is working for either fish or the court of owls, and Butch is gonna be a false lead

Oswald is gonna figure it out, Ed’s gonna figure it out and everything’s gonna be okay


I stared at him wordlessly.
“What?” he whispered.
I shook my head in awe. “Nothing,” I mouthed.

What I imagine is going through Penguin’s head:
“I know how to make Ed love me. I’ll kill Isabella, and in his grief Ed will run into my arms for comfort”

Me: Nope. No. No Bueno. Bad idea.