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I love how all of docs remedies for shit is just like:

“Idk, I saw this on survivor man one time”

“I don’t have the right drug for this, so I’m gonna mix all of these random ones and hope for the best”

“I think you have ______ disease so I’m going to give you this complete guesstimate of a cure and see if you die or not”

Like I’m pretty sure if it were real life zombie apocalypse he would have killed at least 20 people by now from wrongly diagnosed diseases or misidentified medicinal plants…….
I still love him tho, he’s saving everybody no matter who they are

part 1 of 2, since i am still 10k trash, and still not ashamed

AU in which you comfort 10k after Cassandra’s death, but it doesnt go as planned. (aka he’s being sullen, and youre not taking his shit)


“I don’t want to feel better about it. There’s nothing to feel better about. Nothing. That’s what I want to feel.” He says, finally looking up, eyes ablaze.

Addy looks over at you, and nods softly. You grit your teeth, and march forward, latching onto 10ks arm.

“What are you- “

“Let’s go.” You command, tugging him with you. Your strength is evenly matched, but with the weight of Cassandras death on his shoulders, youre able to pull him away. You get deep into the trees, far from the others, near an outcropping with a large rock well, before you stop. He shrugs off your arm, and turns around.

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Addy wasn’t really sure what happened. One moment she was in hell, the next she was…well, she wasn’t really sure where she was. She was clearly in a patch of woods, but she had no real specifics.

She decided to try to find a road. Maybe then at least she could find out where she was. She started to walk, and it took her about fifteen minutes to reach the road. She sighed and walked along the road, hoping someone came by soon.