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the inseparables!

(look, i know the actors are approx the same height, but wheres the fun in that?)

a quick summary of but mr adams

franklin: hey john you should write the declaration

adams: but people hate me, you write it

franklin: but john. fuck politics.

adams: ok good point. hey sherman you should write it

sherman: but im just a cobbler do i fuckin look like i know how to write properly

adams: fine. livingston.

livingston: but i have to go home to my new son

adams: reasonable.

adams: [ looks at thomas ]

thomas: no john i have to go home to my wife and bust my nut

adams: thomas what the fuck just write the declaration

thomas: my nut john

thomas: [ leaves ]


☆.。.:* Commissions are OPEN! .。.:*☆  

I will NOT draw: 👎

  • NSFW.. Basically anything suggestive or sexual.
  • Gore, vomit.
  • Furries, animals.. (not skilled in the area)
  • Bayverse.
  • Deathsaurus. Never again.
  • PDA. No romance. No ships. Dancing and hand-holding is as far as I’ll go. Ask me if you want to know if your idea will make the cut!

I WILL draw: 👍

  • OCs! (You MUST have a clear ref!)
  • Transformers, Beast Wars.
  • Things other than Tranformers! SU, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Ninjago, MLP, Star Wars, ect...

Please feel free to send me any questions you have through IM or inbox- I’m always open!

Payment is through paypal invoices only.

Thanks for taking a look! :)

Commission Info

hello i deleted this post by accident 

Bust (neck up)


line art-$10

fully colored+simple bg-$15

Waist up

sketch- $20

line art-$25

fully colored+simple bg-$30

full body


line art-$40

fully colored+simple bg-$45


sketch- $5

line art-$10

fully colored+simple bg-$10

extra characters for bust/waist up +$5 extra for full body is +$10 lineless is +$10

art examples

waist up fully colored + simple bg ^

fully body colored ^

bust fully colored + single colored bg^

chibi full body fully colored^

lineart full body^

Thinking About T6T

Is it just me or does anyone else think that this means something?

and this?

Mycroft shatters as a way to enter another scene in the episode. And Sherlock has the Thatcher bust on half of his face. Maybe they’re both hiding something? Just like one of the busts was?

And Mycroft already shattered, so maybe his secret is going to be revealed this season?

Also, this is very interesting:

It expires on 11th October 2024, and it was created on 11th October 2014. Which means that Mary did this after hers and John’s wedding. According to John’s blog, the wedding day was on 11th of Aughust 2014, and HLV happens a month after that, which is 11th of September 2014. That was when John found out that Mary was lying to him and they stopped talking for months, until Christmas 2014 with Sherlock’s parents. Which means that on 11th October 2014, the day that Mary created this card, she and John weren’t talking.

She left John and continued in her work even when she knew she was pregnant, and she didn’t tell John anything about it…