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MCU’s most popular Avengers youtube videos
  1. Tony Stark declares ‘I am Iron Man’ to the world- (10 million)
  2. Iron Man rides nuke into wormhole like a badass -(9.5 million)
  3. Captain America discovers the internet- (9.39 million)
  4. Tony Stark says ‘fuck you’ to the senate - (7.6 million)
  5. Top 10 Awesome Avengers fights-  (7.6 million)
  6. Thor discovers kittens - (6.2 million)
  7. Black Widow+ Hawkeye brawl in supermarket ft. angry Cap - (5 million)
  8. Hulk Throwing Thor Into Building (compilation) -(4.8 million)
  9. Avengers drunk karaoke- (4.75 million)
  10. Iron Man drunk kissing Captain America- (4.7 million)
  11. Hawkeye jumping off buildings Like A Boss (compilation)- (3.2 million)
  12. Women’s Self Defence with Black Widow- (3 million)
  13. Avengers rick-rolling Captain America- (2.1 million)
  14. Captain America rick-rolling Avengers- (2 million)
  15. 10 reasons why Spiderman would be an awesome Avenger (Made by ‘SpideyParkertheAvenger’)- (1.8 million)

i love every single song on flicker so much like usually there’s at least one song that i don’t like on all of my favorite albums but every song on flicker is so good

have any of you guys seen the viral video of this south asian worker called rani who filmed herself going on about how mistreated she was by her saudi employers literally throughout the entire video she’s balling her eyes out her abuse was/is so bad that the indian government is now hunting for her to free her from her employers, it reminds me of this Kuwaiti woman who filmed her Ethiopian maid falling off a building instead of helping her up (and note the ethiopian woman was literally shouting for help its obvious it wasn’t an ‘attempted suicide’ like so many media outlets have claimed). its disgusting the things arabs put black people and south asians through, I know I said this before but as arabs we cant talk about racism without also talking about colourism and how much better than south asians and black people we think we are especially when shit like this keeps.on.happening