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Imagine this! It's that time for Black Hat's eye to bleed again, and Flug offers to help him through it again. But then something happens, I dunno, and Flug gets slapped across the face by Black Hat's claws, tearing the bag and cutting flesh! Black Hat stares in horror as he realizes what he's done, as Flug raises a hand to his bleeding cheek.

boi, u done fucked up


Danai Gurira and Lupita Nyong'o talk about how exciting it was to be in Hall H at Comic-Con 2016 and the anticipation everyone is feeling for ‘Black Panther.’

Black Women Confessions Guidelines & FAQ

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Ask Guidelines

  • Please use proper grammar/spelling. No text spelling or shorthand spelling. We will try our best to understand your message but if we can’t, it will be deleted.
  • No multiple part asks. Long confessions with little to no punctuation, run on sentences, and shorthand spelling risk being deleted at the administrator’s discretion.
  • Confessions only. No questions for personal advice or general conversations.
  • When sending a confession, please start with “Confession” so that we know you are sending a confession.
  • Please do not send messages responding to confessions to our inbox. They will be deleted. Black women submit to this blog. A small group of admins post them anonymously. If you want to respond, use the “reply” feature under a post (the speech bubble icon) or reblog and respond on your own blog.
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  • We reserve the right to ignore any message that have nothing to add to any conversations, repeat past or recent submissions, or that we feel will unnecessarily upset our community.


Note: The confessions we post are not necessarily what we, the admins, agree with as they are submitted by Tumblr users, and not us. You must be a black woman to submit confessions. Thank you.

How do I submit?

Please read the guidelines first. As well as the FAQ (on this page). Then click “PLEASE READ THE GUIDELINES FIRST BEFORE SENDING AN ASK,” and you can send in your confession there. No multiple part asks/submissions.

Is this anonymous?

As you can see from the posts, all confessions are anonymous. Questions asked that we get often or that the admin think may be relevant/helpful to followers may not be anonymous, however.

Are these your own opinions?

The confessions we post are not necessarily what we agree with as they are submitted by tumblr users, and not us.

Do you post every kind of confession?

If the admins of this blog feel that a confession is unacceptable, it will not be posted. Examples of unacceptable confessions: Anything with slurs, sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, weight/sex shaming, hate speech, or death threats. While we do encourage freedom of speech, please be mindful of others feelings and well-being.

Why are you ignoring my submission? I’ve sent it multiple times.

Please be patient. Your confessions will be up as soon as possible and is likely in our queue unless it has been deleted for reasons stated above and/or do not follow our guidelines.

I think the mods here are posting troll confessions. There’s no way some of these are from black women.

The admin are human. It is largely impossible to know who exactly is may be sending in submissions on the internet but we do our best. We make mistakes but we also know that black women are not a monolith and we have different thoughts and opinions. Even if one specific confession was a “troll post,” it’s very possible there is a black woman out there who may feel that way.

I need advice. Can I ask here?

The blog was created as a safe space for black women to speak from a confessions standpoint. We encourage you to seek other more relevant Tumblr blogs for advice when it comes to dating, school, hair care, etc.

I’m in crisis. Can I ask for help (donations, etc.)?

While we’re not professionals, you’re encouraged to utilize helplines and other resources if you are in a mental health emergency. This blog is not a substitute for real medical help. We do not post submissions requesting donations as that is not the purpose of this site. It is a safe space for confessions, not funding.

May I publicize my blog/blog posts here?

BWC is a safe space for confessions, and posts asking for followers/feedback directing toward other blogs detracts from that purpose. If you run a blog that would be a resource to the community, feel free to submit it, but it is up to the admin’s discretion to post. We may post things other than confessions at our own discretion. Email for business inquiries.

Why does it say ask box closed?

The ask box closed means we are not taking confessions due to the amount of confessions we have to complete.

How can I be a moderator for Black Women Confessions?

When we are accepting applications for mods we will post asking followers to submit applications, the nature of the application will be discussed in said post. Currently, we are not looking for moderators.

Wolfstar Skam AU

So, yeah… @bastardsirius and I did a thing. After gay-screaming our way through Season 3 of the television show Skam, we realized that Isak and Even are basically the modern Norwegian versions of Remus and Sirius. 

After we took turns goading each other to write a Skam AU, somehow we ended up working together and churned out two chapters covering episode 1. It’s a magical AU set in canon marauder times, with Sirius transferring in at the beginning of year 5, throwing Remus’ world into chaos.

We plan to write all ten episodes, if BS can put up with my shit-talking and poor grasp of British slang for that long. Here’s the AO3 link if you want to check it out so far!

Minute by Minute- Wolfstar Skam AU

The dread, in me

Taking form in those around

I keep seeing- Blood Mother, ravaging youth

With smells of sherry dripping from her lips

For a moment I think, ‘she is what’s wrong with me,’

Oh Brother, you-

Tonight, you said: “You are bottling up.”

In between words, crease of brows and a sucking lip

You asked: “Are you alright?”

(I’ve spilled, vomiting emotion that just poured and poured

Watched them spiral down the drain on water I hoped washed sin so easy)

But Brother, you-

I want to teach you to sharpen teeth

To be a snarled lip wildling 

Yet, in the curl of your fingers and wrists

I remember a rush on fields of spring packed dirt, carrying me away

And I know, even now

Love, will be the last sin I ever breathe

Because Brother, you-

Flash teeth, so quick, between sweet cheeks

I remember- you are a tool, crafted of this house

Another cursed hex to trip my running feet

- Before I Go // N.A 

Dedicated to @stunningfandoms ; Based off of Sirius Black


if they had an extra hour to get to know each other before gettin to the lions.