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Keith: Future husband says what?

Shiro: What?

Keith: *screaming in excitement*

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“They took advantage of you and what you love.” Black Hat scoffed.

Flug’s hands trembled as he stared at the television screen. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing. There, displayed for all to see, were his inventions.

“The school of ██████ for Science and Technology has not made it clear which of their students designed these amazing devices, but it should go without saying these may help revolutionize the world of robotics as a whole!”

The newscaster’s voice hurt Flug’s ears. Did they not know that those were his devices? The school had stolen them!

“Humans can be pretty disgusting at times.” Black Hat continued with a chuckle, turning away from the screen to look at Flug.

This was their second time meeting, about two weeks after their first encounter. They stood outside of the electronics shop, earning some odd looks from passerby, but otherwise remaining undisturbed.

“They stole my stuff… Nobody will know I did that…” Flug mumbled. Anger and distress bubbled in his chest, making it hard to focus on anything but the TV.

“What if I told you we could make things right?” Black Hat offered with a tilt of his head. “Get back at the ones who stole your ideas?”

Flug looked over at Black Hat warily, but he’d be lying if he said the offer wasn’t enticing. 

“What exactly is it that you do?” He asked quietly. The subject had never come up in their first encounter, and Black Hat’s business card did little to clear things up.

“I’ll tell you if you agree to work with me.” Black Hat replied, hiding his eyes under the brim of his hat. “But frankly, it shouldn’t matter. I know more about you than you think, Flug. You really do want to get back at them, don’t you?”

“Or do you just want to keep spending time after work working on those dumb things?”

Wh-what? That was Javier’s voice!

Flug looked around frantically, trying to catch sigh of his brother, but stopped when Black Hat cackled. 

Somehow, he had done a perfect imitation of his brother’s voice.

And he had known what Javier had said all those years ago.

“Come with me,” Black Hat offered again. “And everyone will know the name of Dr. Flug.”

i smell like puke and perfume (prom night)

01. look at me! - Xxxtentacion // 02. big fish - Vince Staples // 03. chariot - Beach House // 04. blue moon - Chromatics // 05. across the multiverse - Dent May ft. Frankie Cosmos // 06. congratulations - Post Malone ft Quavo // 07. wanna be us - Lil Yachty ft. The Good Perry // 08. x - 21 Savage ft. Future // 09. we can’t stop - Miley Cyrus // 10. candy paint - Post Malone // 11. lust for life - Lana Del Rey ft. The Weeknd // 12. no heart - 21 Savage // 13. lord pretty flacko joyde 2 (LPFJ2) - A$AP Rocky // 14. white iverson - Post Malone // 15. you deserve this - Men I trust // 16. revenge - Xxxtentacion // 17. it is not meant to be - Tame Impala // 18. malibu - Miley Cyrus // 19. humble. - Kendrick Lamar // 20. mask off - Future // 21. no flockin - Kodak Black // 22. passionfruit - Drake // 23. xo tour lif3 - Lil Uzi Vert // 24. og - Aaron Knight // 25. who are you? - Lil Xan // 26. you wish you were red - Trailer Trash Tracys // 27. dark red - Steve Lacy // 28. this is what makes us girls - Lana Del Rey // 29. dopemang - Kiiara ft. Ashley All Day

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I've gotta ask the boys. What is your guilty pleasure Disney movie? Mine is Mulan mostly for the songs. :)

Daemon: Wonderful question~ In fact, allow me to try and guess, as our other companions are off doing whatever it is they must do. Our dear Nyle, I imagine might find some entertainment in The Hunchback of Notredame… or maybe Beauty and the Beast-

Zachariah: Are you making such an assumption based on his heritage? 

Daemon: Quite the contrary… They are the only two movies he actually owns~ Anyways, Alexander, I believe would enjoy Tarzan… You must understand the boy does not partake of many cartoons… even when he was young. 

Xander: …I suppose that makes sense… 

Zachariah: I almost expected him to say, Pocahontas…

Daemon: …You have such little faith in me, my dear. Now Ivan… Well… he might be a little trickier… What do you think, Zachariah?

Zachariah: …I dare say, he probably likes them all… Though I do believe he may be partial to Beauty and the Beast or something of the sort… Being the romantic he is. 

Daemon: And for Liam… well… 

Xander: He has been humming the music from Moana ever since it came out. Pretty sure he’s got it on a playlist of favorite songs. 

Daemon: And how, exactly, would you know that?

Xander: I have taken him under my wing… 

Zachariah: The mystery girl that has appeared in his recent shoots.

Daemon: Truly?

Xander: He has potential. 

Daemon: Back to the inquiry… As for the three of us… I am quite partial to the old classics… the textural quality of hand drawn animation is utterly stunning. Zachariah… I am going to guess that you are a-

Zachariah: Frozen. 

Daemon: …I suppose you do bare a striking resemblance to Elsa… *clears his throat* Now Xander-

Xander: Let me stop ya there… No, The Little Mermaid is not my favorite… Rather, Lion King will always have a special place in my heart. 


in order to get villainous to be released in the original language that it was animated in, YOU need to let CN know that we want the show to be released in your country, and possibly in others in many different languages!

“So, please go to or any CN social media platform and help me bring Villainous to the world in its original language” from alan ituriels tweet

also, if we succeed, black hat will make flug sing a song for us!!!! so go out there and show CN that villainous already has an incredible fanbase that loves alan and the show!!!