post armageddon

How it should have went
  • DiMA: are you a synth?
  • Institute Sole: No, because I'm pretty sure that as director of the institute we would not only have records of me becoming a synth, but I wouldn't be here at all if I were a synth.
  • DiMA: What about how you can't remember anything from before the day the bombs fell?
  • Institute Sole: Mother fucker, I have been through a lot of mind breaking shit since I was frozen. I've seen nukes detonate, my spouse killed in front of me, my son kidnapped.
  • Institute Sole: I've been forced to kill scores of other humans, I've survived encounters with deathclaws, I've seen super mutants and the gut-wrenching gore bags littering their bases, I've EATEN people, I've done all kinds of shit.
  • Institute Sole: So naturally, I'm not going to remember every single minute detail about my life before being thrust into post-nuclear armageddon hell. Be glad I'm still sane enough to talk to you at all.
  • DiMA: *stunned silence*

Some things you may not have known about Michael Clarke Duncan…

He use to work security for celebrities such as LL Cool J and Will Smith, including The Notorious BIG, quitting after BIG’s death.

These connections helped get him cast in bit and background roles, such as playing craps with Chris Tucker in the “THAT’S MY BIKE” scene from Friday.
Mike was discovered working out in an LA gym by Michael Bay and was invited to audition for Armageddon. He said that he couldn’t believe he was auditioning for such big names and when they cast him in the room he immediately started crying. “My momma is gonna be so proud of me.”

Ben Affleck and Bay have said that Big Mike’s first day on Armageddon was rough, and that he was doing the character completely wrong. It took Bay to pull him aside and tell him that he wanted Mike to BE HIMSELF for him to pull off the lovable character of Bear, a favorite from the film who gets some of the biggest laughs.

Armageddon costar Bruce Willis recommended Duncan for his famous role in The Green Mile. The performance earned him an Oscar and a Globe nomination, among others.

To play Kingpin in Daredevil he added 40lbs onto his 6'5" body for the role. Not being able to regain the weight in 2004 was a factor in his character not returning in Elektra, though he was interested. It was around this time that Mike became a vegetarian and activist for the fair treatment of animals.

Friends have said that he never got a big head as a result of his career success and what they miss most about him is his laugh.

December 10, 1957 - September 3, 2012


[ Max mustering every once of strength he has to catch Norman as he wakes up from the ice coma my heart.

Like he could legit just let Norman fall. The guy’s entire purpose is tanking for the group and this wouldn’t even faze him. But Norman falls and Max is right there, straining under weight he clearly can’t hold - Norman’s gotta be what, 500 pounds of solid muscle? The animators took great care to show just how much Max is struggling to keep his viking dad upright as he collects himself, because he’s Max that’s what he does.

At first glance Mighty Max seems like the type of cartoon that’ll take any chance to work in a cheap gag. Big, strong Norman falling like a ton of bricks (and then Max snarking about it) would have been hilarious – and likely cheaper to animate, too.

But they opted for this sequence instead. In this moment, the writers felt it was far more important to show Max running into action and protecting someone he cares about than getting a quick laugh.

It’s one thing to protect your loved ones in a life or death situation. But there’s nothing at stake here. Nothing bad’s gonna happen to Norman if he unceremoniously slumps to the ground but Max stepped in to help him anyway and that says so, so much about who he is.

There’s more subtle character moments like this all throughout the series if you pay attention. I love it. ]

The Signs as Mortal Kombat Characters

Aries: Baraka, Sho Kang
Taurus: Jax, Onaga
Gemini: Mileena, Shang Tsung
Cancer: Jade, Shiva
Leo: Johnny Cage, Sindel
Virgo: Sub Zero, Tanya
Libra: Reptile, Frost
Scorpio: Sonya Blade, Li Mei
Sagittarius: Raiden, Goro
Capricorn: Kitana, Kung Lao
Aquarius: Scorpion, Quan Shi
Pisces: Liu Kang, Ashrah


went to Armadeggon Expo today in my (finally) completed Victorian Starfleet uniform. Rocked it and received many compliments from kind people. Plus my spur-of-the-moment hairdo turned out amazing.

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full name:   Angelica (middle and last name unknown)
other names:   – 
occupation:  Student
age:   Around 5-6 years old
gender:   Female
sexuality:   –
origin:  Post-Armageddon Bohemia
current location:   Underground, Albion (aka the Ghetto) / verse dependent
nationality:  Bohemian/Czechoslovakian
ethnicity:   Bohemia/Czechoslovakian
spoken languages:   Latin, Imperial (a mixture of Romanian and Russian), Albionese (English), Hungarian, Roman common tongue
religion:   Catholic
height:   3′3″
body type:   Petite, small boned
eyes:   Sky blue
tattoos:   –
piercings:   –
social media:  –
smoking:   No
drinking:   No
drugs:   No
athletics:   Can be rather graceful of movement. Not physically strong yet as she is Unawakened.
hobbies:   Reading, drawing, playing piano
virgin:   Yes
favorite drink:   Tea
favorite food:   Candy
favorite music:   Piano music
clothing style:   Otome kei and sailor styles
underwear type:  –

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