post apocalyptic tattoo art


The world first tattooing prosthetic Arm!

Surprise(!): another manip for my @fandomtrumpshate winner @jonibeloni, for their incredible (and incredibly intense) fic Spare Parts

I got the sweetest email from Joni, thanking me and also mentioning how nice it was to have art for Suits, which is a relatively small fandom. It made me realise how spoiled I am in the Sherlock fandom, and I wanted to give a little something extra to my bidder & their fandom. 

THIS FIC! I don’t watch Suits, I had never even heard of the show before getting this commission, so I don’t know these characters at all, BUT THIS FIC. I was browsing Joni’s fics last night and started reading Spare Parts and then somehow it was 2 am (0_o) I knew I had do a cover of this one. If you’re in the Suits fandom, I hope you check it out because it is A Lot.