post apocalyptic santa

micah portrait since he needed one.

micah is trans, gay, and albino. he could materialize antlers if he wanted to, but antlers are kind of a pain in the ass to have anyway, so he doesn’t bother. also, he’s hella old so he doesn’t even care about that shit anymore. on the rare-to-never occasions that people misgender him, he typically doesn’t notice. he doesn’t get out much.

everything about micah is gentle and soft. a lot of people say his voice is naturally soothing, because he’s always calm and patient (a major reason aelis asks him to middle-man between her and terid). his weapon is a giant mallet, which is fashioned after the one he used during his mortal life to build toys. he’s still a toymaker, and gets a lot of joy out of pretending to be a post-apocalyptic version of santa clause for the local towns’ children. he’s approximately 4000 years old (he’s third oldest, after aelis and crosus), so there is a lot of legend surrounding him as a benevolent white spirit who brings gifts to children in the winter. the fact that he’s an albino deer sort of escalates them into high fantasy (as much as you can get in a world filled with faeries anyway).

micah’s had a lot of time to deal with his hang-ups, so he’s by far the most well-adjusted of the 12 zodiacs, but he had a rough mortal life filled with a whole lot of crap (mostly abuse) that took a long time for him to reconcile. he deals with immortality by being as kind as he can to as many people as he can, and by filling up his time with making toys.