post apocalyptic girl

Picture by: Peter van Veenendaal
Anja LivingDreadDoll
Tribe Riot

Well, that’s my happy face, because I am looking at my boyfriend Erik. Didn’t see him the entire week (we have different shifts when it comes to work). Did see him a couple of hours on a thursday and finaly did see him again that Saturday on Elfia. So I was really happy to be with him again <3 

One of my new projects that I am working on.
I am not a big fan of posting a project online that isn’t finished, but I am way to excited, and I just started with this jacket. So what do you think? Do you like this basic already?

Now it’s time to put a lot of shit on it and make it more pretty and more wastelander-ish, suggestions are welcome :) you can leave them in the comments if you want to.