post apocalyptic girl


your local post apocalyptic druid wanderer will be with you to dance around bonfires and drink fermented fruit beverages shortly, please hold~

honestly so in love with this outfit? like for the first time in ages happy with my layering 👌🏻

hood: punk rave
bag+gloves handmade (bag inspired by @mai-magi who is constantly goals🙌🏻)
everything else is thrifted you can’t see my boots but they’re docs with army covers and chains and stuff ah well

One of my new projects that I am working on.
I am not a big fan of posting a project online that isn’t finished, but I am way to excited, and I just started with this jacket. So what do you think? Do you like this basic already?

Now it’s time to put a lot of shit on it and make it more pretty and more wastelander-ish, suggestions are welcome :) you can leave them in the comments if you want to.

Had an idea for a character so here’s a rough design.

Basically she’s a mute in a toxic waste ridden world who lives off “energy bars”(I’m not good with naming thingss) that fuel her breathing apparatus and weapon. Her only “friend” is an old radio that has the ability to speak and detect when she’s in danger. (not sure why it speaks, it’s not a robot but maybe some kinda spectre or something) He’s kinda sarcastic and not very nice but she likes having someones voice around. And he can play music for her, which is pretty cool, but he usually plays what he wants to hear which is mainly eurobeat.

See ya at Wasteland Weekend!?

I received so many awesome pictures from our last event (El Mundo Fantasia at Landgraaf, Netherlands) , it is so hard to choose. More will follow, but not all at once.

Picture by Roger Boerdijk
Anja LivingDreadDoll