post apocalypse clothing


‘I’m hungry,’ she says.

I look at her blankly. Hungry? Does she want an arm or leg? Hot blood, meat and life? She’s Living … does she want to eat herself?

This part of Warm Bodies made me laugh out loud. R is a lot more cerebral than the zombie stereotype but he forgot some very basic things about his living crush’s needs and expectations.

I promised a while ago to post a close-up of one of my PA bra’s. I totally forgot about that..but here it is :) It really needs to be fixed. At DutchComicCon my bf dived at my boobs to prevent a nipple slip that a photographer was waiting for…would be fun to have pictures of his action though hehe :p

I wanna follow some more blogs!

So I’ve started watching some new TV shows/getting into some different fandoms and I would like to follow blogs that include them. (Aka I need to freak out about my babies)

Please repost if you blog a lot (25%~) of the following and I’ll check you out!

•The 100
•Orange is the New Black
•Magnus Chase series
•The Kane Chronicles (read this a long time ago but just reread it and I can’t believe I went that long without it!)
•The Flash (CW TV Channel)
•The Arrow (CW TV Channel)
•Jessica Jones
•DC Comics
•Nintendo games/news (Animal Crossing, Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, etc)
•Gravity Falls
•Steven Universe
•Adventure Time
•Minecraft (on all systems)
•Terraria (on all systems)
•Undertale (fixing to get into this!!)
•Doctor Who (classic & modern)
•Sherlock (BBC TV Channel)
•Supernatural (CW TV Channel)
•Star VS. the Forces of Evil
•Sims (on all systems)
•Final Fantasy (on all systems)
•League of Legends
•Torchwood (BBC TV Channel)
•Sword Art Online 1 & 2
•Sailor Moon


I also have recently been interested in these subjects (they aren’t fandom, but I got interested in most of them because of settings or things that occurred in TV/books/etc). This is kinda a “other” section

•space (pictures, cool facts, etc)
•holocaust (facts, books about that time that are accurate - can be fiction/nonfiction)
•world war II (more about the fighting etc than holocaust)
•world war I (I’ve never really heard anything about it…)
•books/shows about wars (accuracy please)
•modern problems
•baking (both food and deserts)
•life hacks/things to know for life
•cool old things
•random facts
•fandom clothes
•flowy/floaty feeling clothes
•space print clothes
•apocalypse/post-apocalypse looking clothes
•fandom art
•art/craft tutorials
•gaming tutorials
•cool fandom merch
•how to’s
•cute animals <3
•how to do adult things (this should really be a required class in school)
•funny things
•cool real life stories
•nail art/how to
•comics that tumblr people have made
•stories that tumblr people have made


*for any of the above, if your blog doesn’t really include this stuff but you have recommendations for books/movies/etc please message me! my ask box is always open. I also have a YouTube so if you post tutorials and stuff on there please send your YouTube username as well. Also if you would like to play together on any system/any game then send me your username along with what system that username is on.

Sorry it’s so long! Thanks :)