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Dating Robert:

What I expected: Sexy, cool knife dad that will take me out on motorcycle rides and hot dates at 1 am.

What I got: My name is Robert Small. I’ve never believed in ghosts until I came face to face with one. So I set out on a quest to capture what I once saw onto video….With no big camera crews following us around, I am joined only by my fellow investigator Val and our equipment tech Mary Christiansen. The three of us will travel to the some of most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night, being locked down from dusk until dawn….Raw…Extreme…These are our Ghost Adventures.

  • gansey: my name is richard gansey, lead investigator of the Find Glendower crew. i never believed in dead welsh kings until i came face to face with one. so i set out on a quest to capture what i once saw onto video. with no big camera crews following us around, i am joined by my fellow investigators, ronan lynch, adam parrish, noah czerny, and blue sargent. the five of us will travel to some of the most highly active paranormal locations, where we will spend an entire night in a forest from dusk until dawn...raw...extreme...these are our Glendower Adventures

so i’m sure that the fact tres horny boys worked together for 100 years made it a little easier, subconsciously, for them to bond with one another. that and the fact that all of them were looking for a place to belong or at least something to do– each of them lost their old life (the one they remember) in one way or another. Magnus’ village was destroyed, Merle abandoned his family, Taako was responsible for 40 deaths.

but you know what’s the worst thing, to me, that was recontextualized after the stolen century?

taako’s aloofness.

taako met these two goofs and felt like they were closer to keeping up with him than anyone had been before. he started to remember himself- started to regain the power he’d forgotten he had a decade ago. merle and magnus are like his family, but

but they’re not. they can’t fill that role (something’s missing). they’re trying to fill a hole in his heart that doesn’t exist  isn’t the right shape for them.

and he tries, you know? he tries to figure it out, indirectly, because that part of him is blocked off, impossible to properly confront. so he tries to invent a food made of ingredients he can’t remember exist, and name it after himself, because maybe that’s the end of his own grand quest. is that what he’s searching for?

and he goes on a date and he mentors a kid and he does magic- more fireballs than transmutations- and he does his job better than anyone else for a woman whose face he feels vague deja vu whenever he sees it.

finally he drinks voidfish ichor for the second time. it’s bitter and it twists his guts into a knot, and there’s a moment where he doesn’t know why. and then he does, because lucretia says it- your sister. and the hole in his heart is so much bigger than he ever realized and he’s angry and empty and how has he been doing so much without her here?

not long after that, he sees the umbrastaff cast a fireball bigger than its wielder’s capabilities. and he finally realizes that all those times fire flew from it were not his own doing, not entirely.

and finally, finally he snaps his twin sister’s decade-old prison in half.

hystriahaze  asked:

Where did Magnus, Taako, and Merle, get the name Tres Horny Boys??????????

Justin said a thing. The others liked it. It stuck.

Griffin: You wake up. And you’re not dead. Anymore.

Justin: Hooray!

Travis: Yay, we did it!

Griffin: If you were dead, you were dead for just a bit. Just a second. But you’ve woken up from that white space and you are laying on the ground, and when you look up, there’s Refuge. And it’s undestroyed.

Travis: We did it! [Clint laughs]

Griffin: You did, in a very circuitous way, I guess, save the town. Um, but-

Travis: Another victory for the - oh, we don’t have a cool nickname, do we?

Clint: We really need a cool nickname.

Travis: Yeah.

Griffin: I also don’t think “another” works.

Travis: What about The Thrifty Three?

Griffin: That doesn’t make any sense.

Justin: Tres Horny Boys.

Travis: Yeah!

Griffin: Tres Horny Boys.

Justin: No one say that out loud ever again, please.

Clint: Tres Horny Boys, you don’t want to say that out loud again?

Griffin: Well, that’s unfortunate, Justin. Everything you say on this show becomes canon. Tres Horny Boys, you’ve woken up and there’s Refuge, it’s not destroyed. 



Some Lich!Lups scribbled frantically after listening to episode 67 of The Adventure Zone. I had been drawing liches with literal skulls for faces but quickly realized I Don’t Like Drawing Skulls Much so I ended up with more of a… burnt mummy wearing a blanket? Fun times.


I almost always draw Taako leaning on the Umbrastaff… Now what is he gonna lean on casually, feigning a chill attitude??

anonymous asked:

Where did Taako from TV first come from? Like at what point is Taako's tv show first mentioned in the show? I feel like it's just been there forever

Okay, so the first time that it was mentioned in the main podcast chronology is in episode 12, when the Boys interact with Gram/Percy for the first time.

Graham: Uh, what are your guys’ names?

Merle: I’m Leeman. Leeman Kessler.

Graham: Hi, Leeman!

Merle: Hi, Graham.

Taako: Justin.

Graham: Uh, I can’t help but notice your garb. Your robe and your hat. Are you perchance a wizard too?

Taako: Yeah, man.

Travis: [crosstalk] [laughs] Totally!

Taako: Don’t you recognize me from TV?

[Someone makes a shushing sound]

Graham: Oh my god, is it really you?

Taako: Justin… [someone laugh-wheezes] …is a stage name. No, wait. Strike that.

BUT! The true first time Taako being a TV star was first introduced was in the Max Fun Donor-Only Prequel episode, which was after Moonlighting and before Murder on the Rockport express.

Griffin: And for joining at that level you get what I think is the absolute best reward, which is - hundreds of, uh, maybe not hundreds, dozens and dozens and dozens of episodes of all of the podcasts at Maximum Fun, including three bonus Adventure Zone episodes. Uh, the one that Travis led, we did have the LA Live Show, where the boys have a beach vacation kind of, and then the uh, prequel episode, which I don’t know that we’ve ever talked about, where you guys uh, first meet. […] Well, that is where we learn about Taako’s backstory, of being a traveling chef entertainer who accidentally poisoned a whole town.

Travis: Oh yeah!

Justin: Yeah.

Griffin: Do you remember that? That’s like, my favorite Taako backstory thing like ever.

Justin: I don’t - I mean, uh, this is gonna sound like I’m fucking with you but I - I do, that’s a big part of why Taako is the way he is, like he is kind of a self preservationist.


Griffin: Yeah, there was cool stuff in it, but I tried to keep the story stuff out of it as much as we can, I think that prequel episode - there’s some interesting character development, like, background stuff, stuff that is maybe not as germane to the whole arc, because it takes place like way before it, but um, some interesting stuff about your guys’s characters.

Here’s a colored pencil drawing of Magnus and the voidfish that I’m very proud of :) (I don’t have a scanner so this shitty phone pic will do)


Andrei did not knock over Margot’s trash can, I’ll have you know.

He’s a damn good egg.  A good egg who must pay another visit to Elliot Saint James.


… okay that’s just rude.  :|

Oh.  It’s the museum quest.  FUN STUFF.  :|


Second attempt at my Lup cosplay.

I know I like the hat and boots from before so I forgot them in most of the pics but I’m loving my new shorts and top for Lup.

How do other people feel about Pink Hair Lup? I really like the idea and I love it with this look but I’d like some opinions