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Transfer Students and Those Changing Their Major

uI don’t feel like there is a lot of discussion within the academic world about those of us who made the tough decision to change majors or, in some cases, even transfer schools. Often we’re expected to perform to the same degree and advance just as quickly as everyone else. So I guess this is why I’m writing this: to offer a word of comfort and encouragement for those of us who have hidden struggles… 

You are not stupid. I know when you’re taking gen eds or prerequisite classes and you’re sitting in a room full of younger students its easy to feel dumb. I always feel like I’m academically and mentally slower than everyone else because I’m a junior in university and yet surrounded by freshmen and sophomores. But I promise this is a fault of the education system and NOT a sign of weakness or being more stupid than others. It is not your fault our education system requires an ungodly amount of general credits. You are smart, you are not less than your peers for being behind in the “normal” pace of university.

You made the right choice. I say as if I’m not constantly debating my decision every single day. I think others don’t realise how hard it is to make that leap from one major to another, or one school to another. It’s tough, and it tends to set us back by about a semester or two, and the more I change my major the more I feel like my parents and others don’t take me as seriously with my studies. But I promise, I truly truly promise that you had a reason for making that change. You hold on to what made you change, because change can be scary but often its for the best. For me, I switched from an engineering major to film because I realised I couldn’t do a job that paid well but that I was miserable in. I still have times when I regret doing that, but ultimately I know it was for the best and I matured through that experience.

You will find your peers one day. By peers I mean people who are the same age as you but they are all taking higher-level classes because they knew earlier on what they wanted to major in. I still haven’t met many who are a junior and in film because I still have to take entry level classes. And yeah it sucks. But there are clubs on campus, or I can ask my advisor or the professors within my major to help me reach out to my peers. I may not be on the same level as them, but we’d all be working towards a common major. You’ll find your group some day.

You are not a financial burden to people. I keep telling myself this day after day and it never seems to sink in. I was raised in a poor family so money has always been an extreme source of stress. When I changed majors and gave up the well-paying career path I was distraught. Even more so when it became clear I’m going to be graduating as a super-senior and won’t be able to follow the “normal” college pace of 4 years. It’s tough being told you still have gen eds to get through which will cost even more money and slows you down. So people like us will need jobs and can’t have the luxury of non-paying internships. And maybe we’ll still stress about how to pay for those extra years of study. But just keep your head up and apply for that FAFSA or student aid equivalent and keep going! I’m not saying its easy, but don’t let costs be the only deciding factor for your education. This is about YOU, what YOU want to do with your life! 

Okay this is getting long so I’ll just wrap up by saying: You are amazing! You are wonderful and valuable and you are not a burden or a disgrace! Your life has meaning and one day all of these hardships will be worth it! I know its tough and it hard and unfairly expensive but we just gotta keep going. We just gotta keep doing our thing and holding on to what we want out of life. <3

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“stars live in your eyes and glory and grace live in your bones” (x)

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"You do not know who I am, nor do you need to. Simply listen to what I'm about to say. Good Work. You do you and keeping doing you, because you are a person who doesn't ''deserve' kindness. You earned it. Keep up your art. Keep on healing. Because you are trying when all those naysayers aren't doing it themselves. If worse come to worse. Place a bounty on their heads and hang it around Limsa Lominosa, I'll handle it. As for you continue being you. Good Job."

Th…thank you..?

As unrealistic as it may sound but being someone’s is often not in our hands, our lives are consistently plagued by the people who impose themselves upon us, even wanting to you can’t outdo them. I guess some things in life are better let be.

- DG

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1. Which language(s) do you know/are you learning?

My native language is American English, I know Russian well enough to blush but not deny it when people tell their friends i’m ‘fluent’, and I’m currently studying French! (in a low-key way which i plan to step up this winter… unless i end up doing German then. it depends on logistical factors tbh i like both languages a lot and would ultimately like to learn both i think). I took Spanish in school and I used to speak it decently, but I’ve forgotten almost all of it and want to get it back someday soon. And many more…

2. Why did you start learning these languages?

I started learning Russian to better understand the culture that gave rise to Russian and Soviet music, which I’ve always loved, and I keep studying it to understand poetry and complex prose… and complex politics…

3. Is English your native language? If not when did you learn it?

English is my native language, but that doesn’t mean i’m not still learning it!

4. What’s your favorite movie you’ve watched in your target language?

Oh, this is hard… “Русалка” (2007) probably? or “Большой” (2017). And i have a really soft spot in my heart for like, “Конец Санкт-Петербурга” (1927). And i mean, Tarkovsky is Tarkovsky, согласитесь

For French, Godart’s “La Chinoise” (1968), which i watched a few days ago. The Mao Mao song is still playing at the back of my head lmao lmao

For German, “Der Junge Karl Marx” (2017), which i watched on a plane…

I don’t remember as I’ve ever actually sat down and watched a movie in Spanish. Send me recommendations?

5. What’s your favorite word in every language you speak?

In English, i really love the word “conspiracy” for its etymology (i studied Latin in high school— literally it’s “breathing together”)

In Russian… hmm, i’ll have to think about this. Probably “неистовство”, because i’m in love with Vissarion Belinsky (and being able to pronounce it shows me how far i’ve come lol)

In Spanish, “estadounidense”, because i love being able to state my nationality without the vague imperialism of “american”. and like, “soñar”, because deep down i’m basic as all hell (and it’s a cognate with Russian).

In French, “orage” because i’m charmed that it comes from Latin “aura” (Latin influences my preferences more strongly than i thought, it seems) or “matin” because… i just like it. it reminds me of monasteries

In German (which i don’t speak lol), “Akkord”. that seems odd maybe but i’m a classical singer and i use this word a lot (many, many songs are in fact about songs— plus it’s the same word in Russian!) and i love how it sounds. Oft hat ein Seufzer, deiner Harf’ entflossen, ein süßer, heiliger Akkord von dir…

6. What are your best resources to learn a language?

Native speaker friends!! and YouTube channels! and poems/music. I’m a very auditory learner, and if i hear how a word/phrase/grammatical structure sounds in a spoken/sung context i’m much more likely to remember it than if i’ve only read it on the page 

I have a couple of grammar books for Russian but honestly i very rarely use them. god bless викисловарь lmao. If i’m unsure about how to use a particular syntactical structure i usually just google a sentence with it the way i think is right and see if the results make sense. It’s a surprisingly effective method, once you get to the point where you can determine whether the results mean what you’re trying to say…

7. What language would you start studying right know?


8. What country do you live in? What’s the official language of your country?

I live in the Unites States of America, which has no official language (contrary to popular belief…)

9. Tell us a moment when knowing another language turned out helpful.

I’ve had literally countless such moments since i got comfortable in Russian especially at border crossings and on public transport in unfamiliar central european cities/russian towns at night lol , both abroad and in the U.S. i’ve made tons of friends and important contacts from all over the place just because i speak Russian, and of course it’s vital for my academic work in Russian lit/history

and sometimes the little Latin and Spanish i learned in high school crop up in my life as well.

sometimes even my extremely weak knowledge of Irish has come in handy to express a specific feeling.

learning languages is basically never a waste of time.

10. How do you plan to use the languages you know/you are learning? (E.g. do you wanna be a translator, do you wanna teach others, etc)

I want to be an academic (research and teaching) in the field of Slavic languages and literatures and do a lot of translation, maybe some linguistic research too. and maybe in my heart of hearts i want to write poetry…

11. Do you have a different personality for every language? If yes, which one do you prefer?

i guess i’m more direct and more intense when i speak Russian, and my humor in Russian is maybe a little darker, more subtle, and much more literary/referential (whereas my English humor is, if i’m honest, mostly based around bad puns). i’ve also been told that i speak lower in my (already fairly low) vocal register in Russian than in English a lot of the time, although i suspect that that’s a factor of comfort. I speak at a higher pitch when i’m uncomfortable/trying to ingratiate myself with some (usually, although not always, male) authority, and Russian for me is kind of like the linguistic equivalent of a big soft grey blanket/coat in which i can wrap myself up and avoid a) accumulated angst related to the social stressors i grew up with, which are connected irrevocably to English as my native language and b) the emotional repercussions i would otherwise face for discussing certain things. i saw a study that said that’s true for most people who speak more than one language that they didn’t acquire simultaneously, it’s easier to talk about strong emotions and charged topics in L2. i’ve also only ever lived on my own in Russian, so to speak, which probably has something to do with it…

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appreciate those people that still try to be funny and make you laugh while they’re going through some shit and are sad themselves