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so you wanna write about narcotics

Hello, friends! Disclaimer time! This is a quick reference for folks who want to write accurately about narcotic substances in their fiction. It covers what narcotics are and how they affect the body, the differences between tolerance, physical dependence, and addiction, what happens during an overdose, and how overdoses are usually managed in a hospital setting. It is NOT meant for anything beyond that (and it’s definitely not a commentary on the state of narcotics abuse in this country, because that would take another several thousand words and also involve a lot of yelling about overprescription of opioids and the lack of support for patients with chronic pain).


Before we get into it, let’s talk terminology. Although the terms “opiate” and “opioid” are often used interchangeably, they’re technically two different things. Morphine and codeine, two compounds actually found in opium poppies, are considered opiates. Everything else derived from the poppy – heroin, hydromorphone, hydrocodone, oxymorphone, oxycodone – are considered opioids. There are also synthetically created opioids that don’t derive from opium poppies at all, but that’s a slightly different topic and I don’t feel like delving into it. For the purposes of this guide I’m sticking with the catch-all term “narcotics.”

i. what the fuck are they and how do they work

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look, there’s a lot of things we’re hoping will happen in VLD. but my biggest hope is that all the characters’ ethnicities are explicitly stated at some point in the show. not only for me, but also for all the casual viewers - who are most likely the young kids this show is actually aimed towards lol. 

i mean it’s pretty obvious that lance and hunk are characters of color. we were blessed enough that they were drawn with undeniable brown skin. but their ethnicities aren’t common knowledge to people who don’t keep up with the VAs/show creators. there are kids out there who can relate to their skin color, but don’t know that lance is cuban or that hunk is samoan!!! that is just as important as being able to identify with a character because of skin color!

for example, as a latina myself one of the major reasons i live and die for lance is simply because he’s good latinx rep. just that in and of itself makes me insanely happy, because i can relate to him on some level. but being able to relate when it comes to ethnicity is just something else. i’m not cuban myself, both my parents are from guatemala. but my big “i can relate ethnically to this person” was when i heard that oscar isaac was a fellow guatemalteco i binge watched the entire star wars franchise just to go support him when the force awakens came out. knowing that we connected through ethnicity and not just race was so fulfilling!

there are cuban/samoan children who would love to know that lance and hunk could possibly share the same culture as them. like it’s everything to know about ethnicities. 

that’s why i for one can’t wait until lance says “i’m just a boy from cuba” unless it’s said in a negative context. imagine all the cuban kids with brown skin who are gonna be like: “he’s like me!!!”

also explicitly stating ethnicities would clear up any confusion on shiro’s behalf since so many people think he’s white. like the only reason i know he isn’t is because i have this blog and saw the fine print in that one screen cap that showed his full name was: takashi shirogane. ugh there are kids out there who are embarrassed about their all too ethnic names and this kind of rep is a blessing!!!! (at least i think so) i know i needed it when i was younger - and still do - so i really hope that this is taken into account and that lance/hunk/shiro can at one point or another actually verbally say something that links them with their ethnicities. 

06.27.17 // good afternoon!! sorry about the inactivity. i’ve been studying for the SAT and i started volunteering at a nearby hospital! but here’s a handwriting tag (that i was tagged in like 2 months ago by @studylilacs) :) have a nice day! 💗

i tag anyone that wants to do this handwriting tag as well!!


My favorite human turns 21 today and I couldn’t be prouder 😍
@ssweet-dispositionn thank you for speaking out loud, for using your platform in the best way you can and in that way encouraging us to be true to ourselves, to choose love over everything every day and to keep on fighting for what we believe in. I wish there was a way to make you know what an amazing impact you’ve done in my life, but there’s just too much words to say that I can’t help but being speechless. I love you more than all the languages on earth can express 💜

Im right here. Why cant you see me? Why can you see her and not me? I want to be more than just friends. But there you are too busy drooling over her.