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A birthday present for my friend!! Happy birthday Emilie :D

also labelled two criminal aromantic ace/pan dimension hopping old geniuses with estranged family’s cause trouble for everyone

reasons why i believe that HunHan is real

you might not believe this but honestly i do

They’re both born in April probably the most beautiful,peaceful month of the year when everything is in balance and harmony the attraction between the people who are born in the same month is really almost a fact

Sehun is an Aries Lu is a Taurus : those two signs are good for this relationships with Aries ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, and Taurus ruled by Venus, the planet of love, how could it go wrong? Aries and Taurus compatibility can work pretty well, since both signs find in the other something they lack themselves 

astrology compatibility tends to determine these two as a partnership worth watching.

Aries men are handsome but reckless the balance of the Taurus would control their anger and mixed emotions but everything else in controlled by the Aries ;)

you can Feel the Halo of their love just by watching them .the way they talk to each other,laugh with each other the beauty of both of them already makes it hard for us to not notice them ..

HunHan is what happens when two beauties put together

they’re April boys 


I mashed up BTS’ “House of Cards” with the Weeknd’s “Earned it.”,
and made a m/v too. Enjoy!

Credits in the full description on YouTube!

All footage, music, etc belong to their rightful owners! THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY YO!

no but honestly to be alive at an actual turning point in the history of pop culture and the music scene, where a BROWN MUSLIM is breakin records left and right, unprecedented, in a time where prejudice against the very identity of this person is wildly rampant in all aspects of life fills me w such gratitude and awe??
we keep yellin abt #zaynsimpact but damn we’ve barely gotten a taste of it? it’s going to change everything, it really is. and fuck anyone who tries to undermine or sour this triumph for ppl like me. ppl like me, the minority, the marginalised who finally feel like maybe there is hope, a chance of things working out if you just follow your dreams and believe in your own worth, regardless of skin or faith or background. ppl like me who don’t feel as afraid to hold their heads up and to embrace their identity, have someone with the same roots to identify with.

i guess i just wanna say with the utmost sincerity and love: thank you, zayn. you don’t know how important you are and how many lives you’ve touched and changed for the better. thank you :)

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where can i watch all the full to continued episodes eng subbed?

We have this answered on our FAQ

in response to this post (i would just reblog it and comment, but it’s a chat post) 

the thing about the kids that were chosen to go to auradon wasn’t “we’re going to take the kids of all of the most evil villains and bring them from the isle to auradon”. here’s a little snippet from ben’s talk with his parents at the beginning of the movie- 

ben: i’ve chosen my first official proclomation. i’ve decided that the children on the isle of the lost be given a chance… to live here in auradon.
ben: every time i look out the island, i feel like they’ve been abandoned
king beast: the children of our sworn enemies. living among us?
ben: we start out with a few at first. only the ones who need our help the most. 

only the ones who need our help the most. 

anyone who’s also read the isle of the lost knows that out of the four of them, carlos was given the most severe treatment by his parent (that isn’t to say that that makes the abuse and subsequent trauma suffered by the other children on the isle is less important, it just means that cruella treats her child worse than any of the other parents do. that doesnt mean the emotional effect from the abuse they suffered is any less on the children; everyone reacts to abuse and trauma in different ways. suffering isn’t a contest) 

it wasn’t about the fact that cruella was a major villain. the children who were chosen to go to auradon weren’t chosen because of who their parents were, but rather despite that. 

mal, evie, jay and carlos were the four children on the isle of the lost that ben thought needed the help of auradon the most. ben didn’t choose them because of how evil their parents were; ben chose them because he saw innocent children in pain and wanted to try and fix it. 

cruella’s only important to the story because of how she treats her child, which is a little ironic to me, considering how vain and attention-seeking she is. (attention seeking isn’t wrong, but cruella’s way of doing it is) 

anyway that’s just my two cents, i wanted to share!! @happy-little-adventures, that post is urs originally so idk if u wanna see this?? if not u can ignore it nbd!! 

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I HAVE NEVER LOVED U!!!! I HATE U UNCLE MATTIE AND MATT! And Alfred never have loved u!

Stop… stop stop stop stop! Between this headache and… no Alfred cares about me, he said so himself! A-and Matt wouldn’t abandon me, no matter what you think.

I won’t be alone! I can’t be alone! You can’t just leave and forget about me! Not again!