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Some possible SaNami clues? (Chapter 45 vs 845)

The cover of chapter 45 and the cover of chapter 845.

Chapter 45 is the first time Sanji and Nami meet and where Sanji declares his love for her.

Chapter 845 has Sanji agreeing to marry Purin.

But I can’t help but wonder why Oda picked this particular chapter to draw Nami with cats, which also heavily reminds us of Sanji in the way they wait on her. The old cover also have the strahats wear clothes similar to Sanji as it’s the book that introduces him. Not to mention both these covers actually have cats with curly tails. The cat from ch 45 it even ended up on the backcover of the book together with Nami, and it’s long before we associate her with cats and she gets her epithet Cat Burglar/Dorobo Neko.

Now this could all be a coincidence, but let’s also remember that chapter 43 was the chapter that introduced Sanji, and then in chapter 843 he called himself Sanji Vinsmoke for the first time. The names of those two chapters are actually: “Sanji Enters” and “Vinsmoke Sanji”. So these two chapters being sepparated by exactly 800 chapters doesn’t seem like a coincidence. It actually made me be on the lookout for possible connections between 45 and 845 before it even got released. So imagine my surpise when Oda drew that particular cover. Because it happening once already makes Nami being on the cover now less likely to be a mere coincidence too, again with exatly 800 chapters having passed since Sanji and Nami first met.

Chapter 45 is also where Sanji is first asked to join by the way, making the choice of him saying his adventures are over in 845 another possible reverse parallel.

The fact that Oda also makes this play out as a “either the strawhats or Purin scenario”, while having Nami appear when Purin says “I just met you“ is another interesting point.

And finally just a small interesting sidenote, while there is a storm raging on in chapter 845 and there are ominous thunder as Sanji and Purin hug, the name of chapter 45 is called “Before the storm”

Next chapter 846 will mark 800 chapters since Sanji and Nami hugged, but I can’t say I expect anything to connect to that. But who knows, maybe Oda will give us another color spread? ;P Anyways, it was just a small thing I noticed that might be fun if it proves to be intentional. Let me know what you think! ;D

Reminder Post-845
  • Nami: Sanji-kun! Please come back! If you don't, Luffy will die!!
  • Sanji: It's his own stubbornness that'll kill him then! I'm not coming back!
  • Nami: Sanji-kun! If Luffy dies, Zoro's next in line to become captain!
  • Sanji: *bursts into flames*
  • Sanji: *kicks aside the Germa 66, Big Mom, and her entire army*
  • Sanji: *rescues all of the Straw Hats, copies the poneglyph, and runs all the way back to the Sunny*
  • Sanji: *leaves and sets off for Wano to kick the hell out of Zoro over something he'd only do in theory*
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