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A few storyboard to final picture comparisons from scenes that I worked on! These are from S4E23, “Tokka vs. the World″

This is easily one of my favorite episodes out of the episodes I worked on. If I counted correctly, I worked on 29 episodes, and this is probably in the top 5.  

Be forewarned, Bishop is one of my favorite characters, so my 423 posts are probably going to be pretty Bishop heavy.


6/25/2017- Pony acquisition post #423: G3 Birthflower Ponies- June Rose and MIB December Poinsettia!

Year released: 2006

Some lovely ebay pulls got me two ponies closer to completing my birthflower set! June Rose is AMAZING (and the only one I’ve seen for sale in a while). Pink and yellow aren’t the most original color combos but her particular shades look absolutely lovely and I love her cutie mark.

December Poinsettia is also lovely! I love her green and red color combo as well as her box art and description (the fruitcake joke is so cute)

Original Condition:Mint!

Flaws: none

Restoration materials: none

Current condition: Mint!

as above so below [ichigo/rukia]

for @deathberryprompts theme ‘paradise’. post 423, pre fullbring. 138 words.

A ghost can even hold your hand; the tendons in Ichigo’s hand flex around where Zangetsu should be but instead it curls around his badge, solid, sharp, and too large for his liking. Despite that it soothes him, his last lingering touch into the spiritual world.

Rukia. He hasn’t heard her voice in a while. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night, frantic that he’s forgotten her face. His heart pounding, he jams his hand underneath his pillow until he touches wood and design.

His heart slows. It feels just as cold as her hand.

Like Dante being lead to heaven, Ichigo lets himself be guided by her.

“but all those souls grace the Empyrean;
and each of them has gentle life though some
sense the Eternal Spirit more, some less.”

– Paradiso, Dante’s Divine Comedy