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i can't wait for the day i'll come home, log into Tumblr and see a mess of 67,314 posts that will read "IT ENDED" and "IT'S OVER" and "LOUIS IS FREE".

You won’t have to wait to come home- I’m pretty sure you’ll be able to hear screaming from wherever you are. Lol.

Log ZO-S-314-88: “Active” mode

active – having practical operation or results

  • Contagions are regularly expelled from her body. Infection can be caused by a mere touch. Constantly producing new strains of ZO.
  • Superb control over manifestation and use of tendrils. Color is a deep obsidian; quite lengthy and thick; strong enough to bat armored vehicles aside with ease.
  • Utilizes abnormal physical strength to muscle her way through tangible obstacles. Last known test site places her lifting strength at two and a half tons.
  • Abnormal regeneration for ZO series subjects is present in “active” mode. Has survived various degrees of mutilation and regrown parts of her body that were otherwise destroyed. Wounds immediately mend; fire is no longer effective in slowing her regeneration. Current termination protocols deemed ineffective.
  • Attitude is now bright and outgoing. Uses this shift in personality to blend into large social groups, and proceeds to lead them down the path to “paradise.” Derives pleasure from both dealing and feeling pain. Lapses into hyper violent outbursts when her plans go south.
  • Caught a bullet traveling at 3000 f/s, and proceeded to “return it” to the sniper who fired it at her. Superb hand-eye coordination and reflexes.

Log ZO-S-314-88: End

[ lauren jauregui gif icons ]

Under the cut you will find a collection of 100x100 sized, hq, textless gifs of Lauren Jauregui. None of the original gifs belong to me. However, I did resize, crop, and color all of these, and it took a lot of time. So please like/reblog if this helped you in any way. And please do not post any of these in your own gif hunts. [gif count: #314]

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1D Hiatus: Day 314

* Louis posts a selfie on Instagram, he’s wearing a t-shirt with a rose on the pocket and showing off his dagger tattoo, kills us all as usual

* Niall posts two pictures and a video on Snapchat

* Niall meets fans in London

* Liam posts a picture on Instagram

* A fan spots Liam out in LA

* #OneYearSinceHome trends on Twitter

* Tom Atkin posts a throwback picture of Harry and others on Instagram

It’s Oct 22nd, 2016.