post 2015 agenda

if you all are curious, the summits 1d is talking about in the video are the following:

1.) The UN Summit to adopt the post-2015 Development Agenda - will be held in New York from September 25 - 27 and will convene the UN General Assembly in UN’s New York headquarter

2.) 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference - will be held in Paris from November 30 to December 11 (this is a HUGE deal)

I’ll just put my thoughts here before I lose it: I am not sure if this is new team’s initiative. But considering the video was dropped on usual funday Wednesday but with a more serious tone behind the promo, I would think that yes, new team is once again cranking up the rebrand.

The last day of the September summit is on the 27. There’s no concert date on the day. Direct flight from London to New York only takes less than 8 hours so technically the boys, if they are allowed, can make an appearance on the last day of the summit and then fly back to the UK for their concert on the 28th.

Also note that New York is where Azoff conducts business with Jim Dolan, chairman of Madison Square Garden Company.

So in my head, it all adds up that new team could be behind this. I would watch out for Time and Billboard features within the day and the next.

Also, just to add here: Action 1D promo was taped on the day of the perfume launched. The boys were all papped wearing black going outside of the hotel.