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Cheer Up Post #1815 - Calle Hellevang Larsen Edition

peter-pan-aint-got-shit-on-me would like a post of Norwegian star Calle Hellevang Larsen. Enjoy!

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anonymous asked:

Do you know what are the major treaties we should remember?

Well there are a whole bunch of important ones but teh key ones are:

Peace of Augsburg (1555) 

  • gave German Princes the right to chose their own religion for their region (cuius regio euius religio) 
  • only allowed to chose between Catholicism of Lutheranism 

Edict of Nantes (1598) 

  • put into plac by politique Henry IV 
  • gave religious tolerance to french protestants (Huguenots) 
  • revoked by Louis XIV - because of his belif in reliious unity 

Peace of Westphalia (1648)

  • ended Thirty Years War 
  • recognized Calvinism as a acceptable religion 
  • recognized independent authority over 200 German states 
  • Germany was politically still fragmented and torn apart 
  • Sweden gained territory and became a major power 
  • Netherlands were recognized as independent 

Peace of Utrecht (1713) 

  • ended Louis XIV’s attempts to dominate Europe 
  • Charles V was on the throne in Spain but couldn’t hold the French crown as well 
  • Spanish Netherlands (the Catholic ones) were given to Austrian Habsburgs 
  • England got a whole bunch of new territories 

Pragmatic Sanction (1713) 

  • guaranteed that Maria Theresa would be the successor to HRE Charles VI 
  • indivisibility of lands 
  • Broken when Frederick the Great of Prussia invaded Silesia 

Congress of Vienna (1815) 

  • post French revolution 
  • settlement that was equal to France and the other powers 
  • Balance of Power that would exist till the Unification of Germany 
  • used legitimacy to restore the Bourbons to the thrones 
  • Belgium + Netherlands = Kingdom of the Netherlands
  • loose confederation of 39 German states 

Berlin Conference (1884-1885)

  • led by Bismarck 
  • established rules over the “scramble for Africa” 
  • a country would have to establish control for that colony to be theirs 
  • Congo Free State was given to Leopold III

Treaty of Versailles (1919)

  • Both Germany and Communist Russia were NOT allowed to participate in the negotiations 
  • Germany was guilty and had to pay for all reparations 
  • Austro-Hungarian empire divided into states  ( Austria, Hungary, Czechoslovakia, and Yugoslavia) 
  • League of nations created to settle disputes 
  • bitterness and resentment between the victors and Germany 

The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk (1918) 

  • ended Bolshevik Russia’s participation in the war 
  • negotiated by Vladimir Lenin who did’t want to continue a war that could not be won 
  • there were heavy payments but he wanted out 
  • it was repealed following Germany’s defeat

The Locarno Pact (1925)

  • France and Germany acknowledge and reinforce the borders set by the Treaty of Versailles 

Kellogg-Briand Pact (1925)

  • war is no longer a means of national policy 
  • violated during the 1930s 

Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact (1939)

  • Stalin and Hitler agreed on a 10 year nonaggression pact 
  • also secretly decided to divide Eastern Europe between them 

North Atlantic Pact (1949)

  • established NATO 
  • implemented Truman’s policy of containment 

Treaty of Rome (1957)

  • created the European Economic Community (EEC) 

Helsinki Accords (1975) 

  • ratified territorial boundaries after WWII 

Maastricht Treaty (1991) 

  • created the European Union (EU) or the Common Market 
  • established the Euro in 1999

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