So much for no one caring about ratings. Matt is going to use this increase as an excuse to not even try to do better next season. So there goes our Jamie and Claire. They’re gone for good and it’s because the people in charge all have egos this size. As long as their asses are getting kissed on the regular by the #bestfansever and the ratings are continuing to go up then who cares about the actual loyal fans with valid concerns? Bye Outlander, it was nice knowing you 😑

There is a DELICIOUS detail in Ignis’s episode of FFXV: Brotherhood that means nothing on its own but, seen through thick-lensed shipping goggles, totally points to Noctis and Prompto having a secret relationship - hear me out. When Ignis is cleaning Noctis’s apartment for him he finds a stray button, then later asks Noctis where it came from. Noctis says, “My uniform, I guess. Didn’t notice.” (The literal translation is “A uniform button? It came off?”) Bullshit, I say! If Noctis didn’t notice a button missing on his uniform, how would he know that the button Ignis found was a uniform button? Answer: because he did notice a missing uniform button, it just wasn’t on his uniform - it was on Prompto’s. My theory is that Noctis and Prompto were fooling around in Noctis’s apartment, Prompto’s jacket was roughly removed in the heat of the moment, and the button came off without them noticing. They were then unable to find it themselves, and thought it lost forever until Ignis found it. But Noctis doesn’t want Ignis to guess that he and Prompto are together so he lied about the button’s origin. Here’s betting he will now have to rip one of the buttons off his own jacket to give Ignis something to fix without arousing his suspicion over Noctis’s relationship with Prompto…

Again, take this with a grain of salt, but it’s a fun headcanon for fic!