possum torr


I am just back from Hintertux, I had a blast over there, riding with some of the Dutchies, a few of the British crew Aimee and Ben, Possum and Spencer were also in town.

The rad thing about Hintertux this time of year is the climate, you come down from the hill and it’s still warm, so we got involved in some trampoline sessions, they went off! Also big football games, volley ball and basketball. We being Dutch obviously kicked the English at football! haha.

It was sick to get back out in the mountains, I also got a new trick down so I am stoked on that! The park was pretty sick out there, we had a little bad weather but apart from that it was on form.

On my way home to the airport I gave the autobahn and my rental car a good testing, to bad the car was blocked and 200km was the max! Next stop for me is home for a little bit and then head back over to TUX before the Oneill Pleasure Jam!