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what about harry bending you over, fucking you in ever position possilbe making you cum multiple times with his cock bc of his great stamina but he immediatley crumbles when he lets you ride him

I gasped when I read this. Whimpering Sub!Harry is the ultimate dream of ours, isn’t it, @nips-and-tats?

He completely shudders when you slide down on him, the warmth and tightness of your dripping wet cunt making his stomach jump and tighten. Harry looks at where you two are joined, his neck strained and his lips between his teeth as his nostrils are flared out and his lashes fluttering, trying so hard to stay open, just to see the way his cock is covered in your juices.

You start rocking your hips back and forth slowly at first, going all the way down on his cock, feeling every ridge, vein and every piece of his smooth skin. You circle your hips as you lean down to kiss his soft puffy lips. Harry’s hands slide up your thighs to hold your hips, his fingers dragging against your skin and the cold metal of his rings makes you whimper into his mouth.

His hands start to guide your hips to move, first gently so you don’t even notice it first, then faster and deeper. When you finally do notice what he’s doing, you stop your movements immediately. Harry’s moans get stuck in his throat and the grip on your hips gets tighter as he tries to buck up in to you with shaky hips, but you slide off of him completely.

“Wha’, wha’ are yeh doin’, pet?” Harry asks, his mouth fallen open and eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“Now it’s your turn to be a good boy for me. If you don’t obey, I stop. Okay, baby?”

Confessions about J and D


After a couple of weeks off, I saw today the video of their kisses and hugs in the terrace in Paris and I felt mesmerized.. again.. I have to confess that after the trio in the sea, in Paloma Beach, I stopped watching, reading, writing and commenting about J and D. I didn’t like all this show, and I felt that somehow with  my participation in the fandom, I was doing things very bad for all of them.. So, I stopped.

But, today that I saw the video.. Oh my God.. J’s brilliant eyes and face, D’s smiles, their hugs, their kisses, or to say it better, the way they were hugging and kissing.. Oh my God… They are in love.. so much in love.. I felt my breath stopped as I saw J hugging her and not letting her go. This ‘Uuu, la, laaa’ that I heard it was exactly what I felt when I saw their first hug.. ‘Uuuu, la, la’.. 

I have to confess also, that its the first time that two actors have drown my attention. I’m 42 years old, 10 years in love with my loving husband, I´m working 8hours daily, I have a life, its not that I dont have what to do, and I’m looking for celebs gossip. I saw the movie out of curiosity, (I didn’t have a single idea about the books, 'till I saw the movie), and I saw a romance that really captivated me. Sharing it with some co-workers, they started to tell me 'Oh they lack chemistry, they are awkard, its written everywhere, bla, bla, bla’… I didn’t have this impression and so I started out of curiosity to search in Youtube for videos about them, to see if that lack of chemistry, that many people sustained was true.  

And so, I fell on Hélen S (Utube user) videos that opened me a whole new view. Not only they do have chemistry, but something is going on between them.. I found out that J was married, and said ´Oh, that´s why they keep distance´. I didn´t believe at that time, that J would divorce for D.

During the filming of FSD & FSF, with all this stuff of images and videos, I saw the things getting more serious between them.. And I got even more interested about them.. And again, it really surprises me the fact, that at my 42, would ever be interested in a possible romance between two actors, its not my style to get in other´s life and fantasize about strangers. But its something genuine and sweet about them, that really has fascinated me. Maybe, they are reminding me of my 2 romances of my life, maybe I saw in them my struggling and anxiety till I get in a relationship with my current husband.. I really dont know, but something in them resonates with me very strongly.. 

Just a few months ago I discovered the terms ´Damie´ & ´Jamelia´ and took a look on Internet and so I found out your website and few more pages. 

As I am old enough to be a ´fun´ and interact daily with them, I visited every now and there, some Twitter accounts and your page, just to be updated with J&D story (withing C&A story). Its then , that I saw A & J and understood that their marriage is not going well. Their body language is the irrefutable proof for this. And I felt sorry for A. I know how it is to see your husband falling in love with a young pretty woman, I have passed from this, it hurts, but you can´t keep anyone by your side by force. Sooner or later, the bird will fly. Being jealous, insecure, playing the inspector, blackmailing, making the other feel guilty etc.. just making the things worse.. You push literally your husband to the other woman.. 

In my case, I left the bird fly, I left the bird to go wherever he felt attracted to, of course we didnt have children, but you know, the time comes , that you can´t longer be with someone that his heart beats for other person. You feel it, you perceive it, he´s no longer with you. It hurts, but True Love is to love the other wherever and with whoever he is happy.. This is what Life has teached me.. 

And the moment, you leave the other fly, he feels gratitude and his love for you deepens. He´s not see you as an obstacle, but as a dear friend, a true companion, a kind soul and this makes things wonderful for all the people envolved.. Jealousy and revenge causes pain and suffering, acceptance and forgiveness opens the door to new dimensions of happiness. In my case, life rewarded me with a beautiful new romance, while being dear best friends with my ex (that fell in love with my best friend…)

Still, I havent figured out, what is this on J & D, that attracts so much my attention. They truly have something.. maybe its a bond from other lives, maybe they are soul mates, but surely they have something magical and genuine, at least, to my eyes..

Their last video, it was a beautiful surprise for me. The perfect unfolding of their love story within Cristian´s and Ana story. I watch it over and over again, how J is hugging her, Oh my God, how he is looking at her, how D is giving herself to him.. My heart broke when I first saw it, its so unbelievably romantic and tender.. 

I really pray for them.. for all of them, for life to give the best solution, and all of them to be happy. If we have love in our hearts, and really care for the others, there are always solutions.. Problems are ego-created, for love everything is possilbe.. Love is the greatest power. Love works miracles.. 

My message to Jamie, Dak, and Amelia: “Be love! Be happy! Be positive and always act out of love! Your reward will be gorgeous!“ 


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Pet shop omega with 4lonelysouls

Timothy sighed as he was brought out from the back room in the shop. Since he had been raised by the pet shop owners he was rarely but on display. The owners wanted him to be perfect before selling him on. HE knew the routine though. He done it a couple of times and knew if he tried to fight being on display he was just ‘corrected’ by the alphas before being forced to do it again. Today however was going to be his first full time out. The owners now planned to showcase him off every day until he was sold, only because he had become of age.  He hoped to be sold quickly if anything since he didn’t want to become in heat when on showcase. That scared him more than being sold. 

He made no fuss as he was lead out by the chain lead and placed in the window. His lead was then fastened to a screw so he wouldn’t try to escape for the day. Once in his place he bit his lip as he watched the world pass him by. He liked watching people walk by however when they stopped and stared at him, it made him uncomfortable. Since the pet shop wanted customers to see what they brought it meant all omegas, like him, had to stand there with no clothes on. He hated the way alphas would just stopped and stare at him like he was a piece of meat or something for their entertainment. But by now he should know better. that was all he’d ever be viewed as since he was an omega.

He was getting lost in his daydreams when he heard the bell ring which signaled another alpha entering the store to buy an omega. He tried to turn his head to see who had enter but unfornatelly struggled to see due to the lead restricting his movements. SO instead settled for starring out of the window once more. Praying to be let go as soon as possilbe. 

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I've been wondering... Do you or other INTJs not believe in the black and white spectrum? I mean, everyone loves segregating things into opposites like good or bad, pretty or ugly but then do you ever think "Nah man there IS a grey area."

I personally feel like this is one of the major problems in modern society. There are too many topics which are just split up in two parts. Often people aren’t willing to see that there can be something inbetween. Which is often due to this thought being “scary” for some people. Scary that there are more than two possilbe outcomes. Mainly becasue mankind is not really used to this. But yeah… I agree. There often is a grey area.