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the very fact that tptb chose to cut the michael/sara/mike scene and then didn’t even include it on the dvd, just proves that they have no idea what the fans want.  and it’s only an indication of how a possible season six would go.

they’d take everything you love and cut it away, leaving michael separated from his family AGAIN.

like i’m so glad the last image of the series (supposedly) was of the fucking villain jacob, when we could’ve had a scene of michael bonding with his son and wife.

and then as an added stab to the heart, choosing not to include it as a surprise extra on the dvd.

thank you very much. 

Durarara as you watch
  • Season 1: Wow, i didn't see that coming i mean that was cool what could they possibly come up with next
  • Season 2: Wow so many new characters i guess i have to remember all their na- IZAYA NO STOP GETTING YOURSELF STABBED
  • Season 4: EVERYONE NO

OK, so I watched the episode again when it hit me. Even though the glow of when “Castiel” arrived was orange implying that he came from the portal I think that’s what they want you to think. You’re probably wondering why I put Castiel in quotations. Simple answer:

That’s not our Castiel.

Take a look at this gif:

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Castiel’s face seems determined but at the same time, he’s not responding to either Dean or Sam’s plea to stop.

Almost as if he doesn’t know who they are.

Why would Castiel not follow through with the plan when he knew Lucifer was meant to be trapped on the other side?

Because it’s not him.

The one that tried to kill Lucifer and then that was essentially murdered was the other world’s version of Cas. That explains why when he went through the portal at the end he seemed a little confused because he had no idea what was going on.

That world’s Castiel sensed something was wrong and decided to check out the situation. (That’s why there was a flash, it was him coming down from heaven). Tried to kill Lucifer, which failed because he didn’t know it wouldn’t work and then followed Sam and Dean to figure out why there was a sudden portal in his world.



(Maybe I’m going crazy)

assuming the first episode of voltron took place in-universe on june 20th, 2016:

  • shiro went missing in 2015
  • was found/returned back to earth in 2016
  • went missing again in 2017 (assuming they were in space that long)
  • will therefore not be found until 2020

shiro only exists on his birthday

New and emerging cryptid: people who have watched all of Critical Role.

now that skam is ending I just really wanted to take the time and thank every single one of you who translated clips and chats and instagram posts for us non-Norwegian speaking people.

you helped grow and support an international community that would have never formed if it wasn’t for you. this season has been quite controversial with everyone having their own favourite characters and ships but in the end I think we all know how to appreciate skam for the amazing, realistic and relatable show that it is.

this goes out especially to Feudly, supbus, skamenglish, and everyone else. Thank you! This would not have been possible without you ❤❤


For the road is full of the unreturned as through the night they roam. But the lost may greet lost souls they meet and each may find a home.

Class Appreciation Week - Favourite Theme: Charlie and Matteusz - Losing and Being Lost

The Samurai Jack ending got me feeling nostalgic so here are some awesome shows that had awesome endings.

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Kim Possible

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Oban Star Racer

Ed Edd n Eddy

Codename Kids Next Door

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