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Hey Angel - Made in the A.M. series

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Pairing: (Parent!)Harry Styles x reader

Warnings: fluff

HI, this is the first fic in my new series of fics based on the titles of Made in the AM. If you would like to read the rest of the fics as I post them, send me a message and I can add you to my tag list.

Most of the time, you didn’t find it hard to see how you were quite possibly the luckiest woman alive.

Not only did you have an extremely loving husband, he was also one of the biggest celebrities on the planet. While this had some downsides, it also meant you lived an extremely blessed life, traveling the world and being as far from financial worry as one could possibly be. But the thing you were most grateful for was not the lifestyle you lived, but your own beautiful baby daughter, Rosie, who was just six months of age.

However, at 3 am, once again being the one to get up to soothe your daughter’s howling, you did not feel as lucky as you truly were.

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50 Followers Post!

Alright everyone! We did it! You reading this helped me get to 50 awesome followers, you guys made it possible and even though it’s not that many people, its still something amazing.

Most of you guys are artists, i don’t care if you drew only ONE piece of art, if people didnt like it or even hated it, if you get hate for showing your love for something or anything else, you guys can count on me for undeniable support.

Or in other cases, people who post a lot of nice stuff, who helped me when i had trouble and people who still want to chat with me for some weird reason. Im going to try and tag people here who have a special spot on my blog c: (If tumblr allows it because GOD this system is broken)

Vinnie - My boi, you were the first one, thank you for starting this whole mess ;) I hope you are able to keep drawing stuff soon, i miss your works.

Forlon - You helped me realize something very important in my life, it’s okay to have your own pace with your life, and for that i thank you so very much. A true friend, hope you are able to fix your internet problems soon.

Bxdr429 - You’ve also been there when i had troubles, it’s always a pleasure to chat with you, you know you can count on me, no matter what time it is.

I would keep going but heh, i think this post is getting a bit too long…i’ll send you guys a message thanking you. Again, thanks everyone


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@evs14u replied to your post“Everyone talks about Snape not asking for James and Harry’s lives but…”

Yet he continuously bullies Harry and Neville. He is downright cruel to them. He hates Harry because he’s a representation of him not “achieving” Lilly. Harry looking like James yet having his mother’s eyes probably doesn’t help. He bullies Neville because Voldemort didn’t choose him to kill over Harry. Sure maybe he put down his death eater ways but he is still abusing his already traumatized students.

If I’m honest, I was very grumpy when I saw this in my activity list this morning.  I am going to try and be a bit nicer in my response than I would’ve been had I answered before I had any coffee.

The post that you responded to was a specific question about Snape not immediately requesting that James and Harry be spared when he spoke to Dumbledore.  The post I made in response was entirely about that, which is why it didn’t explore his teaching style or treatment of the kids, and yet the reply you’ve made is about something fairly irrelevant to the exact point that we were discussing.

But that’s still not my major issue with your post.  My major issue with your post is that you seem to assume that the rest of the posters involved in the conversation perhaps haven’t read Harry Potter.  That somehow it has escaped our attention that Snape was a mean teacher, that somehow we hadn’t noticed that he treated Harry horribly in the classroom, and we required you to enlighten us.

So it is at this point that I would like to take the opportunity to point out two things:

Firstly, when posters are having a specific discussion about Snape, we do not need to add in a long list of caveats that say, “PS.  We know he bullied children, and had greasy hair, and studied Dark Magic, and was once a legitimate Death Eater etc etc.”  We are allowed to have a discussion about our favourite character without needing to placate others.  It is for this reason that I stuck solely to the question at hand.

Secondly, both of your points are not strictly canon.  It is possible that Snape bullies Neville because he wasn’t the Chosen One when he could’ve been, but it is not definite.  It is merely a conclusion that fans have drawn.  Similarly, I don’t think you address all of the potential reasons why Snape might have had an issue with Harry - you’ve selected and couple and it seems, assumed that they’re the most pertinent.

I might sound grumpy in this post, and the reason for it is because I don’t go adding irrelevant points to the posts about other characters.  I don’t sit on Remus’ tag and during a discussion about his life with Tonks start shouting up about how he treated Snape.  I don’t sit on Sirius’ tag and during a discussion about how Azkaban traumatised him start shouting up about his treatment of Snape.

It is incredibly impolite; and it is even moreso when your ‘excellent point’ has added nothing to the discussion.  It doesn’t take a minute to stop and consider whether your post is adding to the discussion or whether you’re being awkward for the sake of it.  

I’m going to stop because I know I sound grumpy - it’s not particularly aimed at you specifically, but we put up with this a lot from people who don’t like Snape, who seem to think that our posts are a perfect place for them to helpfully “point out” all of his flaws.  If you want to add to our discussion, then go ahead - join in, and we’ll agree or disagree (and hopefully have a decent conversation of worth that we all enjoy), but if you just want to groan about his behaviour in general, there’s lots of places to do that which are more suitable than a post about a specific irrelevant instance in the series.

Preference #14- You took my mum


#14 You took my mum

Requested by @5sos-are-my-daddies with Michael :) If you have a request do ask!


Have you ever wondered how it must feel to be pregnant? Not only pregnant but very pregnant at this point in time? I have one word to describe it all, discomfort. The constant discomfort I feel even when I think or convince myself I am comfortable when in fact it couldn’t be further from the truth. But I guess that’s the thing about having a human growing inside of you, yeah I try not to remind myself of that too much, freaks me out if I think about it too much.

“Come on y/n, you sure you can’t go?” Michael, starts to whine as he comes down the stairs and into the living room where I was currently watching Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

Pausing the show I turned my head to face him, feeling exhausted as it is with being 6 months pregnant and working most of the time. “I can’t now, you know how I feel about it all.” I moaned to him and tuned back round to my comfortable spot and pressed play, making it a closed case.

"But we waited ages for those tickets! We’ve always wanted to go!” He spoke up causing me to sigh.

"That was before oh I don’t know, you got me pregnant?” I said pointing to my stomach and he rolled his eyes and sat down next to me, pulling my legs up so I could rest them on his lap.

Before this all happened me and Michael got Twenty One Pilots concert tickets, and I’ve always wanted to see them even before I met Mikey and we always agreed to see them when we could find the time and afford it, but then a little bump in the road came along and now the bump is forming on my stomach.

"I get it, who else could go though?” He asked me and I shook my shoulders, knowing that Luke was in Italy with his girlfriend, Calum had gone home for a while and Ashton was with his three kids visiting home too.

"I don’t know, I’m sure you’ll find someone Mikey.” I said bringing my legs off of his lap and moving up next to him, resting my head on his shoulder and he placed his arm around my shoulders and his other hand on my stomach. “I can’t wait until we take this little one to a concert.” He said making swirls and various patterns on my stretched top with his left hand which caught the light and reflected the gold ring on his finger matching mine.

"Well I’ll have you know the first concert lil Squidgy is going to will be 5 Seconds Of Summer along with her fellow mini members.” I giggled to myself imagining them all seeing their dads perform and cheering, waving to them as they focused to hard on getting it right so it would be perfect for them all.

"Thanks for that note of reassurance that the band will stay together that long.” He joked and pulled a face then stood up, he scratched his head and began to walk out of the room grabbing a hold of his phone as he did so.

Whilst I continued to watch tv I could hear distinctly Michael on the phone laughing with someone, I shrugged it off assuming he found someone to go with. Once the show was over I grabbed the blanket that was thrown over the sofa and covered myself with it as best as I could since my bump took most of the cover away from my lower legs. I closed my eyes and peacefully fell myself going to sleep.

Once I woke up I rubbed my eyes and slowly moved to sit up, I looked around to see that I must’ve been asleep for a lot longer than I had intended a note was roughly written onto a scrap piece of paper. My vision took a moment to focus once again and when I picked the note up to see what it said I recognised Mikeys rushed writing from the days of him writing lyrics at 5am, or drawing with me or playing games with the guys at Christmas.

‘Found a concert buddy after all, stay safe love you x’

I smiled down to the note and placed it back onto the table, my stomach seemed to be fairly calm at this moment so I went to get something to eat, having over anticipated how long I could nap for. Once I had some food in my stomach for Squidgy my phone had been making all sorts of relentless noises since I had woken back up. Being apart of the 5SOS world has its ups and downs, like any relationship. Except in this one you have to consider millions of others in everything you do, meaning my phone is never peaceful, it used to be fairly simple with a few tweets here and there but once we got engaged things started to get a lot more lively. From then it grew dramatically with fans wanting our wedding location, invites and all the details for the day. When we got pregnant many wished us well and for the baby to be in good health, others wanted it gone, that only they could have Michael and demanded an ultrasound as we could be ‘faking’. Now I tend to ignore most of it, having mixed feelings towards a lot of the attention I receive online.

As I pick my phone up I see many Instagram posts that I’ve been tagged in, then tweets followed about the concert Michael went to. A feeling of worry washed over me in case he got hurt again or had to leave, many possibilities circled my mind and few had positive outcomes. I managed to unlock my phone after a few failed attempts due to my shaking, I clicked on one of the tweets and saw something I never expected.

Michael at the Twenty One Pilots concert, with my mum.

Many tweets and photos were of them dancing or singing along, taking selfies with fans and chatting to them about all sorts. Whilst I scrolled through the countless messages I couldn’t help but let out a laugh at all of it. Of all the people he could’ve gone with he ended up taking my mum, who hadn’t listened to the band since she made me turn the volume down in the car months ago. Now there she is, dancing and singing along to their songs like there’s no tomorrow.

Hours had passed and I heard the front door open, I walked down the stairs to see Michael placing his keys by the front door and turn to face me as I stood at the top of the stairs immersed in the shadows. “Good time?” I asked as I took slow steps slowly revealing myself to the light and out of the shadows.

He hung his coat up and I could see the adrenaline fade from his green eyes as he swept his blonde hair out of his eye. “It was awesome really, I just wished you could’ve been there with me.” He sent me a sad smile and I simply pulled a face that read 'these thing happen’ and rubbed my stomach.

"Just one thing.” I said as I reached the end of the stairs and walked towards him, placing my arms around his neck making our faces a lot closer together, just how I like it to be. “You took my mum?” I raised an eyebrow to him and he stayed silent whilst he thought over the best response.

I let out a laugh to ease the tension and he knew then that I was joking with him and hugged me tightly, letting out a sigh of relief behind my shoulder, sending chills of cold air to hit my neck.

"What can I say?” He started smiling brightly to me. “Your mum sure can party.” I felt myself cringe and cover my face with my hands.

"Well now you know where I get it from eh?” I joked and began to walk back upstairs. “I’ll see you in bed Mr Clifford, love you!” I called back downstairs as I started to climb back up, feeling like I was conquering Everest at this point.

“Love you too Mrs Clifford, and you Squidgy.” I smiled down to my stomach and rubbed it once again, feeling so blessed to have a baby on the way and such a loving husband in my life.


In celebration of my gathering 1 K followers (though I now have over 1,100), I had the idea to hold a contest in which my friends and followers would choose their favorite Frozen analyses that I have written. Originally, I was going to wait until I got 100 analyses, but then I changed my mind, seeing that I would have to wait even longer to hold the contest, and I didn’t want to rush into doing ten more so fast.

So I now have 90 analyses in total, and here is how this contest will work: each one has been placed in a category that I think best fits them based on their content. There is a total of fourteen categories with a minimum of four and a maximum of nine. Participants must choose one analysis they like best from each individual category, so your total number of choices will add up to fourteen.

Here are the selections of analyses and their categories:



Words and Phrases



Deleted Scenes

Elsa and Anna

Anna and Love



Hans’s Villainy

All/Other Characters


Kristanna Pairing

If you want to enter the contest:

  • You must be a fan of Frozen
  • You must be following me
  • You must reblog this post (not just like it)
  • You must be nice and polite; I do not want bad language on my analyses

Prizes will include:

  • A follow back from me if not already
  • A name tag in the announcement of results and winners
  • A name tag in an honorary mention of the analyses with the most votes
  • My eternal friendship ;)
  • A new Frozen analysis request

Now based on how many analyses I have, it is definitely possible that I will choose more than one winner. When results come in, I am thinking of listing the five that were voted the most, and maybe five or ten people who had chosen the top five winners.

In order to make your votes, your must either tell me your selections by commenting on this post or send me a private message.

Official starting date is December 14th, and the deadline will be on January 31st, so you have plenty of time, especially during Christmas vacation, to participate and make your choices. So remember to have fun, and in the meantime…Merry early Christmas, everyone!

Thanks to my best friend Stephanie (letitgoleviosa) for making the promotional picture for this announcement!