possibly the first thing i ever saw mark in

Lets get something straight...

Okay first off, sorry for the long post, it’s kinda important so…Yeah.


Why is it every time I take a one / two month hiatus from tumblr to take care of Vox it appears I always seem to come back to one shit storm or another.

No joke, I look at my dash and I’m sitting here like:

Like…seriously. What. the. hell.

I’ve addressed this issue numerous times in the past, and this will be the final time I address it again. The apparent ‘ problem’ seems to be that- due to a recent post made by Mark himself, yes Jess and him were once a thing. You might be now saying ‘ But Slendy, didn’t you say they weren’t?! ‘ Yes. It’s true I said they weren’t. I dismissed it. Why? Because it was a rumor then. Not now.
Something that was used as ammunition to try and start drama. Mark never came out and said they were together because that was his choice.


Uh….No? He didn’t…?

Mark never lied to anybody. He didn’t come out right and tell the fandom because he didn’t want to. If he didn’t want to tell us, he doesn’t have to. Period. Nobody is entitled to the reason as to why he kept it private until now. Nobody is entitled to know about his personal life other then those he wants knowing about it.


Well…He could havebut he didn’t want to…?

Why is that like… so hard? (that’s what she said?)

Mark is a very private person, the majority of us should have known that by now. He’s said it numerous times that he likes to keep his personal life private.
Take into consideration how everyone’s reacting to fans finding his house.

I see comments like this:

Omg that’s horrible! Why would someone do that??
 Home is where he feels safe, that’s his privacy stay out of it!!
Who would follow him to his house that’s so creepy!?

I support these comments. I do. Following him to his house is not ok…But.

Think about this. What if fans had followed him to where he was meeting Jess? Or to where he lived before and she answered? Like the recent incident with his house, if one person finds out then another will, then more and more. This could have not only put Marks life in possible danger, but hers as well.

I say danger because I was around when this drama first started. I watched Jess, a good friend of mine receive death threats and a slew of other horrible things. Hell I received a few myself for defending her. Saw posts bashing her on tumblr and crude comments on twitter. Things were said to her that nobody, should ever had said to them.

The same exact thing happened to Cheyenne when her and Cryaotic came forward about their relationship. She received death threats, hate mail, people threatening her in more ways then one. Nobody deserves that. Nobody deserves to have their life threatened, to feel unsafe in their home, on the streets, and most importantly around their friends.

Would you want that?

No? I know I wouldn’t either.

Humans want what they can’t have, and in this situation it’s Mark.

But the reality of the situation is, Mark is human, just like you and I.

He’s flesh, blood, bone and a gaggle of laughs that leave us all in good spirits. But we, as a fandom, as a community can only take so much that he gives to us, and we should be happy with that even if it’s just youtube content, silly collabs and dick jokes. This man pours his heart out into his content, into helping the world and doing something amazing. He offers what he’s comfortable in offering. Anything other then that? It’s his choice.

If you’ve respected Mark thus far for all he’s done…

Respect his choice to keep his private life private until he wants to tell us.



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Thank you all for reading,

Stay beeutiful. <3