possibly one of his most badass moments ever


Top 5 Soulless Sam Moments

In no particular order:

  • A Hooker Forgets It’s Her Job - I think most Sam girls will agree that the workout scene at the beginning of “The Third Man” is life ruining in the best way, but I especially love this scene for a few other reasons. Soulless is fascinating to me because of how much he reveals of what makes Sam who he is, and I think it’s incredibly telling the kind of lover Sam is by the fact that he made a prostitute forget that that’s what she is. Soulless was motivated by necessity and instinct. When he hired this gal to sleep with him for the night, it was about fulfilling a need, but his need was fulfilled by making her feel so good she forgot she was on the job. That shows me that Sam gets off by getting his partner off… talk about life ruining! And just a little more insight on how deeply rooted Sam’s goodness goes, Sam could have let her go without paying her as she forgot to collect, but he doesn’t. He reminds her that he owes her and she trades her number for the cash. 
  • Flirting With Patchouli - Clap Your Hands If You Believe is probably my favorite episode of season 6 because it’s so hilarious, especially Soulless. But this scene specifically slays me every time. We don’t ever get to see Sam flirt, not in this way, and the moment he realizes this hippy is into him, he totally shifts gears into Swagger Sam. It’s a BEAUTIFUL thing to behold and since it’s so rare, goddamn do I ever cherish this moment!
  • “Do you have any bigger cups?" - This is probably one of my favorite lines Sam has in the whole series (it’s made even better by the fact that Jared improvised it), and I think the reason I love this moment is because of how giant and lethal Soulless is, yet he’s holding this dainty little cup of tea and sipping from it ever so delicately. 
  • Caged Heat - This episode is a favorite for most Soulless fans, but the moment that really hit me hardest was when Sam enters a room and sees Dean being attacked. He quickly scans the place for possible weapons and sees none, so what does he do? He grabs a pipe, literally tears it from the wall with his bear hands, and beats the shit out of the badguys with it. Probably one of the most badass moments Sam ever has. Be still my beating heart. 
  • "Is it a kinky thing?" - In "All Dogs Go To Heaven” Sam and Dean question a guy who has been changing into a dog. During the interrogation, Soulless is probably the biggest asshole on the planet to him, ribbing him as much as he possibly can and it’s absolutely glorious. At one point he actually throws a ball and tells the guy to fetch, and the snark doesn’t stop there. At one point our dogfellow tells Soulless “Go to Hell!” to which Sam replies “Already been. Didn’t agree with me.” This kind of sass is one of the things that really makes Soulless such an unpredictable and fantastic character.