possibly my favourite poem of his

His eyes were as kind as his words were sparse; they were as deep as the bond between soulmates. Staying found in his gaze made even time travel seem possible and while he doesn’t know it, he is my favourite poem. The one I reread daily and always brings a tear to my eye.

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"All you need is a wall." -Donald J. Trump, 2k16

***temporary post****
When I chose this name for my blog in 2014 I never expected that it may have any political interpretation. To clarify it I want to share why I chose it and what’s behind of this choice.

Long before Mr. Trump changed his career this quote was a song by my favourite band “The Books” - “All you need is a wall” (2010). Moreover, this phrase reminded me the poem by Joseph Brodsky “Don’t leave the room” as well as a mood of his poetry in general.  

And I love how this phrase references the song “All you need is love” in some odd way. For me it feels like instead of a dreamer it was said by a recluse or an ascetic.

I didn’t put any particular and only one possible meaning into this phrase, because I relate to this in a very intuitive way. For me it evokes feelings about partly desirable partly frightening isolation (exactly how I live), and some kind of protection (which I highly need). At the same time it may be interpreted as a power of imagination and our mind in general because a wall is enough to project your imageries (yes, it may sounds silly, but I never meant to say it in public). You have everything you need inside yourself. Being a child I often spent my time watching “cartoons” from my head on a wall or on a ceiling. And some thing that you can see here originates from that time.

So, being political indifferent I don’t want to be led by Mr. Trump and don’t want be forced to change my blog’s name. My only aim is to stay true to myself. And for those who are worried - I do not support Trump, neither do I support any politician. Maybe, I believe in people who try to make this world less cruel and more kind and green. Unfortunately ,such people almost never become politicians😊

I hope no one feel offended by this explanation, it’s only my point of view, your point may be differ.

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Why do you like Midnight so much? It's one of my last favorite eps. I just don't find it interesting.

  • It’s a story defined by the absence of Donna, it becomes about the necessity of the companion figure
  • psychological fear, there is no need for CGI, the creature is terrifying without special effects or physical appearance
  • study of identity,
  • the things which are usually assets/no problem for the doctor are subverted, i.e. him turning up out of the blue instead of pre-booking, his intelligence, mucking about with machinery, using a fake name (Nobody’s called John Smith, he’s lying!) him taking authority and assuming leadership of the situation, him asserting himself over other people- all of it is used against him and makes him suspicious in their eyes
  • mob mentality, fear of the unknown, the ugliness of humanity, people seeing what they want to see/confirmation bias
  • study of ethics- is it right to kill this creature just because we’re scared? how it becomes easier and easier for them to decide to kill the further they go, first the creature then the doctor and then dee dee are all turned against- the value of life is lost as they lose their morality in fear
  • it’s an excellent study in characterisation, every single one of the passengers has a distinct personality and flaws and are morally grey; even dee dee who is very logical and sees what’s really going on tells everyone about the 6 second delay on the doors which would make it possible to kill someone, because she just wants to go home. and then at the end when she knows exactly what’s happening, instead of intervening she shrinks into a corner blocking it all out
  • ‘We must not look at goblin men’ it’s my favourite poem lol
  • the doctor is completely powerless, his voice is his strength and that is taken away from him completely
  • the importance of the ordinary individual. if it wasn’t for the hostess’ sacrifice the doctor would have been murdered, and the ironic thing is that she was the one who suggested throwing someone out in the first place. and nobody even knew her name.
  • david’s acting when he’s possessed is excellent
  • the subtle way in which the creature manipulates the other passengers after subduing the doctor, using male pronouns to describe the entity turns the fear towards him after they’d all been using ‘she/it’ and how she puts words into his mouth by saying them
    • VAL: Stop. Oh, my God, make him stop. Someone make him stop.
    • DEE DEE: But she’s saying it!
    • VAL: And you can shut up.
    • DEE DEE: But it’s not him, it’s her. He’s just repeating. 
  • the dialogue is excellent, the tension is well crafted, all the technical stuff- practically the entire episode is in one tiny set
  • the little details which we never find out- what is the creature, what was its intent? is it still alive, seeing as it existed in the deadly sunlight before entering the vehicle? how did it survive on a planet which supposedly can not support life? what does Sky mean by ‘She said she’d get me!’ when she is being driven insane with fear?
  • ‘I said it was her.’ gahhhh Val
  • Sky’s sexual orientation being normalised
  • 'The pool is abstract!’ 'The lost moon of poosh!’ 'Chicken or beef? I think it’s both.’- all the little interactions of the passengers when they are forced to interact after the entertainment breaks down
  • Rose’s face on the monitor, ‘I had a friend who went to a different universe. ’ heeeee

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Forgive me if this is an impertinent inquiry, but what kind of reading list would you recommend for someone trying to give themselves a crash course in Romantics?

This is exactly the kind of inquiry I enjoy

Let’s start with the obvious - poetry. I’m picking a little selection of things particularly Romantic and often well-known, though do excuse my dislike of Wordsworth.

  • Yes, so, Wordsworth and Coleridge, who started out more left/radical and then ended up much less so, to the annoyance of Shelley and Byron (Byron also hated Southey, but that’s most of what you need to know about Southey). 
  • Dramatic articles hail the pair as ushering in the Romantic era with their ‘Lyrical Ballads’, partly amusing because the only “proper” ballad in it is Coleridge’s famous ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ (which I’d totally recommend, it’s great). Coleridge-wise, also check out ‘Christabel’ because it’s gothic and it was allegedly read during the fated summer of 1816 when there was ghost stories and Frankenstein’s conception at the Villa Diodati, and ‘The Nightingale’ because the Romantics did love a poem about nightingales and this one’s pretty representative of the idea of poetic inspiration too.
  • Fine, have some Wordsworth too. ‘Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abbey’ and ‘I wandered lonely as a cloud’ for some philosophy and nature. He wrote a Preface to the 1802 edition of Lyrical Ballads which talked about trying to use the ‘language really used by men’ and is very famous. He also wrote ‘The Prelude’, but that’s huge so I’m not going to recommend it unless you get into Wordsworth and want more.
  • Blake. Again, I’m not personally a huuuge fan. He illustrated a lot of his own works, and the probably most famous books are ‘Songs of Innocence and Experience’, and ‘The Marriage of Heaven and Hell’. There’s a lot of Miltonic ideas of pre-Fall and post-Fall (innocence and experience). Oh, and he wrote the poem that the song Jerusalem is based on, ‘And did those feet in ancient time’
  • Second generation time! This shit’s getting exciting.
  • Keats! Keats’ most famous poems are awe-inspiring levels of good, so go for ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ (my favourite, possibly the most well-known, told you nightingales were big), ‘Ode on a Grecian Urn’‘Bright star! would I were steadfast as thou art’, and ‘When I have Fears that I may cease to be’ (the first and last of those talk about death, as do a lot of Romantic poems, but let me know if you want more comprehensive heads up)
  • Percy Bysshe Shelley, who I have full-named like I’m telling him off. I’m starting with ‘Ozymandias’ as everyone should if they’ve not read it because it is a sonnet with such an intense sense of scale and detail and past and future. Also, ‘England in 1819′ for politics, ‘Adonais’ for being sad about Keats dying, and ‘Mont Blanc’ for some classic ‘in awe of nature and mountains’ Romanticism.
  • (Note: see Mary Shelley for what happens when you take the gothic novel and give it a heavy dose of romanticism and interest in science)
  • And I saved Byron for last because he is my favourite. His long poem ‘Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage’ is such a good way to see both the nature-awe and the introspective, brooding parts of Romanticism, though if the length is daunting, go for Canto III, which is still pretty long (you’ll find some of my favourite bits of it in my Byron tag too). For more manageable poems, see ‘Prometheus’ (boy did the second gen romantics love prometheus), ‘The Destruction of Sennacherib’ (the rhythm of it though), and the very famous ‘We’ll go no more a-roving’. (P.S. though these are elegies so about death, his Thyrza poems, e.g. ‘To Thyrza’, are written about a guy, for a bit of non-straight Romanticism).

I apologise if this got a bit long, pick and choose as you want, and do let me know what you think/if you want more info etc.

I’d still look at you - HideKane

“Hide” came Kaneki’s stern and worried voice; the blond nervously greeted him, joining him at their bench. “Yes~” Hide chirped out, hoping Kaneki hadn’t noticed the bright orange cast covering his arm. Sadly for him though, Kaneki wasn’t completely oblivious. His eyes were trained on the cast and an angry pout adorned his face. “What did you do to your arm?”

“Oh this… I broke it” Hide causally stated with a small shrug, “how?” Kaneki ground out. Taking Hide’s broken arm into a gentle grip, he examined the bright orange cast with a frown, he hastily looked Hide directly in the eyes. 

“I tried to do this really cool trick on my bike, that I saw over guys do but I um…stuffed up…and I here I am.” Hide explained with a large smile covering his face. Kaneki made a ‘tching’ sound in the back of his throat and pointed an angry finger towards Hide. “Your bike isn’t made for tricks and jumps and Hide!” 

“I know”

“Then you shouldn’t have tried to do a trick! You could have hurt yourself even more Hide! You need to be more careful of yourself! What if you did more than break your arm huh? Get the proper equipment next time before you try to do a trick…geesh.” Kaneki lectured, he angrily pinched the bridge of nose and heaved a sigh.

Hide stared at the other with wide eyes; he frowned at Kaneki and quickly apologized for not being careful. Kaneki simply smiled at him and muttered a quick ‘it’s okay just don’t do it again’ to the blond.

After a moment of silence, Hide remembered the markers he had put in his pocket and pulled them out. He nudged Kaneki with his cast, catching the other’s attention and handed him the markers. “You can decorate my cast if you want”

Kaneki looked up at him wide eyes, he began to resemble a excited child.


“With anything your heart desires.” Hide retorted, finishing his sentence off with an even bigger smile (if it were possible.)

Kaneki took the markers from Hide’s hand and began doodling flowers and dogs on Hide’s cast. He eventually changed from doodling and began writing his favourite quotes from books and poems. Hide watched in awe as Kaneki stared at his arm with so much focus. His tongue was sticking out of his mouth and his brow was furrowed in concentration as he continued covering Hide’s cast in the markers.

Hide didn’t look at his cast until he got home, he was laying on his bed staring up at the ceiling. Too lazy to do his homework and too lazy to listen to music. Instead he opted to look at what Kaneki had covered his cast in. 

The blond smiled as he looked at the badly drawn sun-flowers and dog drawn onto his cast. Quickly his eyes caught onto the various quotes.
Hide began to read the quotes out loud.

“‘Last time I checked, monsters weren’t real. So where did everyone go?’
‘Seize every Tuesday’
‘Do not kill unless prepared to be killed’
‘The demon I’ve become and the angel you are not’ ‘In this shaken, twisted world, I gradually become transparent, unable to be seen.’” Hide frowned at the quotes and how depressing they were. They were definitely Kaneki Ken quotes, sighing happily to himself. The blond almost missed the quote barely out of sight, frowning he pulled his arm closer to his face and moved his head to read all of it. “In a room full of art I’d still stare at you.” 

At first Hide blinked and then he felt his face grow hot. He held back a girlish squeal that wanted to escape his mouth and instead hugged one of his pillows, he was grinning into it so much it felt as if his face was going to crack. He could feel his chest grow warm and butterflies in his stomach.

“Kaneki you stupid dork.” Hide mumbled into the pillow. He was red to the tip of his ears and remained grinning into his pillow like nervous wreck for almost an hour. 

Before he quickly looked back at the quotes and repeated the same process.