possibly my fave one so far

Even then, he still knew one thing:

it starts out small.

And then it grows, and grows. Unlike a garden starving for drop of water, he was met with all the rain needed to make that garden grow. Bountiful, never ceasing, he was given possibly too much, and the garden was soon left unattended. It grew, far beyond its boundaries, up to the point that Hanzo was certain it would grow past his ribcage, twine vines around his ribs and crawl out of his chest.

have yall ever read a fanfic so good that it punched all the air outta your lungs?? i have. go read Keep You On My Side because its one of my top fave mchanzo fics 

I saw A Monster Calls about a week or so ago and it’s still on my mind. It’s such a brilliant movie with gorgeous animation, design, and story. I love it so much! Such an inspiring movie!  

Also made this my first print available on Society6 

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any good Steter fics? I recently discovered them through your blog. What are some awesome stories?

Oh, wow. Okay, so here are my Steter faves, in no particular order:

Firstly, anything by @cywscross. One of my current faves is Going Home.

The sea has always called to Stiles. Now he’s free to answer it.Peter just wants to put Beacon Hills as far behind him as physically possible. Stiles doesn’t say no, so he follows.

A Little Too Ironic by @rebakitt3n

Stiles is an omega who needs to find a trusted alpha, purely for legal reasons. Peter Hale is probably not his first choice.

My Little Princess by WritersAreLiars

When Peter conveniently appears in his room to help Stiles with his terminal case of virginity, things take an unexpectedly intense turn.

*still fanning myself over this one*

Get Off (Me) by KouriArashi

Stiles hates being left behind with Peter while the pack is fighting monsters, because he never knows exactly what Peter will get up to.

Baby Boy by SushiOwl

What the heck is FetLife?

Stiles is too curious for his own good, and he can’t help himself, so he joins a website advertising to be a good place for “kinksters.” He just wants to be nosy and see what total strangers are up to. Then he meets Peter, who wants to be called Daddy.

Could Stiles be his baby boy?

Naughty Hookers (Swathed in Wool) by pprfaith

Stiles is happy with his store, his hobbies, his friends. Peter’s just trying to figure out how to raise his nieces and nephew without fucking them up too badly. Paths cross.

Gamer Trash by taylorpotato

Neither of them is aware of it, but Peter and Stiles play the same MMORPG. After Stiles moves away from Beacon Hills and goes to college, he and Peter start raiding together by accident.

Stiles the Weird Demon by Triangulum

Peter shouts the last words of the exorcism ritual and looks up expectantly. The demon sitting on his kitchen counter just blinks and him, then yawns. Peter’s tempted to just chuck the book he’d been reading from at him, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything but earn him a ruined book.Based on the prompt “I accidentally summoned some sort of demon and now it’s just kind of hanging around my flat”.

And anything by Veterization. I loved Red Wall. Very bleak and melancholic atmosphere, but with a hopeful ending.

Peter finds Stiles selling himself on the streets years after leaving Beacon Hills. He takes him in.

Fic Recs for Naruto

@youre-my-boi-micool here ya go dude! <3

NOTE: Most of these pics are Sakura-centric, multi-saku shippy, or dark. I’ll make sure to include TWs that I can remember for as many as possible. We’ll start with authors first. I’ll also include tumblrs that I know for them. They’re all great. 

And these are just my favorites! There’s bound to be so many more out there! So keep an eye out, and feel free to add your own favorites. 

I need a cut desperately at this point. 

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Saitama/Genos fic recs

UPDATED: 25 Jan 2016 - Added a few more fics and a new section for canon divergence

Someone on twitter wanted to fic recs so I thought I may as well create a list of some of my faves (I say some as I’m pretty forgetful).


Steam – Rating mature, slow burn ongoing multichapter
This is my favourite fic. This fic focuses intensely on the growing relationship between Saitama and Genos. I’ve found it to be one of the most emotionally engaging fics so far with a lot of highs and lows both of which hurt my heart in the best way possible 💕

Blending and Processing – Rating teen (will probs go up), ongoing multichapter
This kind has playful wrestling, which no one else I could see has done so far and it’s really cute and domestic.

One Hundred Contest Entries – Rating general, 3 chapters COMPLETE
A cute mid length fic about Genos having to participate in a publicity stunt (win a date with a hero) and Saitama maybe not being so cool with this idea.

3 Punch: Take the Lead – Rating teen, one shot COMPLETE
A gorgeously written one shot about confessions and insecurities! One of my fave one shots and a writing style I enjoy a lot.

Gift – Rating mature, one shot COMPLETE
A Christmas one shot which is adorable! Very good kiss scene ;)

Full Color – Rating explicit, one shot COMPLETE
A very long and very nice one shot that is adorable and spicy! I need to reread it again so I can give a better review/summary. 



*NEW* Mirror Mirror – Rating mature, dub-con, villain saitama, multiple saitama, ongoing multichapter
Future villain/dark Saitama travels back to the current timeline to find Genos who has died in his timeline. So far a spicy fic where Genos is caught in the middle of the Saitama he’s been pining for and the Saitama who wants him. Many things I love!

*NEW* Distance Removed – Rating teen, soulmates, ongoing multichapter
Saitama suddenly feels the pain of being attacked except there is no attacker. He discovers that somehow he is feeling the physical sensations that Genos is feeling. Pretty excited to see how the boys cope with this new connection.

My own clone – Rating mature (for violence so far), villain au vs heroes, ongoing multichapter
I’m putting this into canonverse as it’s set there but it also brings in villian au. Hero and villain Saitama and Genos go head to head. A really interesting exploration on the characters wants, desires and motivations.



*NEW* To Forget – Rating explicit, reincarnation, slow burn, angst with a happy ending, ongoing multichapter
A reincarnation fic where Genos is a student and Saitama is a college professor. Saitama remembers but Genos doesn’t. A really lovely fic and I feel Genos really shines in this one

*NEW* Free the Animal – Rating explicit, A/B/O, cops, dub-con one shot COMPLETE
An A/B/O fic. Mostly smut but very good. Submissive Saitama thank you!

An Arm and a Leg – Rating explicit, yukuza/cop, dub-con, violence, ongoing multichapter
Yakuza!Saitama/NewbieCop!Genos. I’ll admit I haven’t managed to read the second chapter yet but what I read is GREAT AND ON POINT. I’m also an awful sucker that involves any sort of mafia mob like character in a romantic relationship with a cop. Read the second chapter now and hooBOY!

Salvaged – Rating general, ongoing multichapter
Saitama lives away from the city and rescues animals (esp birds cos thank you god) when he find a broken cyborg. Very cute so far and I’m loving this very nuturing Saitama. SAITAMA CARING FOR BIRDS!!!

Omega Rho Rho – Rating mature (will change), college, ongoing multichapter
College au where Saitama and Genos are both students. Saitama becomes a sort of mentor but mostly teaching Genos how to have fun. Genos develops a crush. Some kinky things happened in the last update :) 

Heavy Metal – Rating mature, villain, ongoing multichapter
A villain au for Saitama but with a twist that he’s not really that much of a villain. This is a really cute take on a pretty popular trope in the fandom!

Learning Curve – Rating explicit, college, ongoing multichapter
Another college au but this time with teacher Saitama and student Genos. This is probably more explicit than the other things on this list so far but it’s pretty self indulgent for me.

After-School Karate Lessons – Rating mature, karate teacher, ongoing multichapter
A teacher student dynamic kind of. Saitama is Genos’s old karate teacher who Genos asks out now that he an adult/taller than him. I’ve enjoyed the first chapter which has been nice with a little but of spice already.

One-Shot(s) Man – Rating mature, multiple aus, also canon stories, collection of one shots ongoing
One of the stories from here featured on the list already! But the rest are various aus. I adore the writing style and this collection also contains some A/B/O chapters that I really adore which is not something I usually look out for much.

We’ve Crossed the Stars to Get Here – Rating general, reincarnation, one shot COMPLETE
Saitama and Genos are the reincarnation of Archilles and Patroclus. This is a romantic angst fic so prepare to cut your heart into tiny pieces.

Bad Girls Club S17: East v. West

With season 16 almost wrapped up, Bad Girls Club will be returning for another season soon. Like I did with season 16, here’s the tea on each girl☕️.



Susan, 21, Seattle WA

Based on her social media this girl looks like she’s not scared to shit talk or fight. There’s not much info out about her on social media, but honestly she’s one of my preseason faves so far. I love her look. Unfortunately she does get sent home, possibly for fighting Kiyanna.

Keyaira, Compton CA

Also from the west coast, this girl is a rapper, a writer and a dancer. She recently moved to Atlanta to pursue her music career. She’s friends with Susan, and gets into fights with a few of the other girls including Sayorra, Kiyanna and Briana (replacement). Honestly preseason she seems pretty dope and real, and reminds me of Talone. Her rap is pretty good, and much of her storyline will be about her career.

Sayyora, LA CA

This girl is from Tashkent, Uzbekistan which means I LOVE HER. Ya’ll know Uzbekistan is, like, our people (Russia). Or at least, more our people than any of these others. So I’m super excited for someone at least semi-Eastern-Europe-tor-really-tho to be on. She’s currently studying pre-law and doing a lot of modeling and some music videos. She fights Keyaira on the show, which is interesting because they’re both West coast…


Kiyanna, Brooklyn NY

Ohh shit. From what I hear, this girl is drama and a half. She gets into the most fights in the house and possibly gets some other girls sent home. She fights Seven, Susan and Sayorra, but it seems like her and Sayorra either make up or become enemies, because they are friends at one point. She’s a bartender and may have recently moved to LA.

Francesca, Connecticut

This girl is the hippie and barbie type. She reminds me of Andrea S11. No confirmed fights so far. She smokes weed, parties, and models. She’s friends with Kiyanna, Sayorra, Shay and Brianna. Honestly that clique seems hella mismatched to me, but we’ll see what happens. Hopefully they will be the crazy partying type.

Seven, DC

This girl has been poppin more on social media. She’s an aspiring DJ (we will see a lot of that on the show) and not afraid to speak her mind, calling out Winter and Dream on YouTube already. She’s apparently a fighter and has a hard exterior, but she stands up to bullying.  Her mom calls her “the queen of the hood” lol. Like everyone else apparently, she fights Kiyanna and apparently its so brutal she has to go home.

Shay, DMV (DC area)

Couldn’t find too much info on her. She likes to party and seems chill. She’s friends with Francesca, Sayorra, Kyanna and Brianna.

Replacement [rumor has it the only one]:

Brianna, Las Vegas NV

A model and another barbie type. Honestly, based on her social media, she seems like she has really low self esteem to me (can’t see her face much in pix, “I used to be ugly” posts). She gets the BGC heart tattood on her and she loves to show her ass. She fights Keyaira and based on leaks looks like she actually knows what she’s doing. She’s friends with Sayorra, Shay, Kiyanna and Francesca at one point.


Hope you enjoyed! What do you think? Let me know if you have any updates to the info above, as it is all rumor.

Interested in what happened to girls of seasons past? Click here to find out

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Have you got any Steter fic recs DW? I'm new to the ship and really want some developing relations with a side of angst and a hint of smut. Also, wolf form would be A+.

Originally posted by mieczyslawstilesstilinski

Here’s my list, anon, in no particular order. I don’t think any of these actually have Peter in wolf form from what I can remember, so if anyone else can think of any, please add them on here! 

Firstly, anything by @cywscross. One of my current faves is Going Home.

The sea has always called to Stiles. Now he’s free to answer it.Peter just wants to put Beacon Hills as far behind him as physically possible. Stiles doesn’t say no, so he follows.

A Little Too Ironic by @rebakitt3n

Stiles is an omega who needs to find a trusted alpha, purely for legal reasons. Peter Hale is probably not his first choice.

My Little Princess by WritersAreLiars

When Peter conveniently appears in his room to help Stiles with his terminal case of virginity, things take an unexpectedly intense turn.

*still fanning myself over this one* 

And I love all of taylorpotato’s Steter fics. For something hot and also emotionally intense, I recommend Do You Like to Hurt? (Then Hurt Me).

Stiles shows up at Peter’s apartment, drunk and horny. Peter almost does the right thing—before it all deteriorates into a voyeuristic power game and Stiles has a mind-shattering orgasm. Things snowball from there. Takes place after Season Three (with consequent canon divergence).

At the other end of the the scale is the wonderful Ain’t Sayin’ He’s A Gold Digger

Peter and Stiles hook up on a sugar daddy dating website. Here’s the ensuing love story, told through chat screenshots and text messages. (Put me in the trash where I belong).

Stiles the Weird Demon by Triangulum.

 Peter shouts the last words of the exorcism ritual and looks up expectantly. The demon sitting on his kitchen counter just blinks and him, then yawns. Peter’s tempted to just chuck the book he’d been reading from at him, but that wouldn’t accomplish anything but earn him a ruined book.

Based on the prompt “I accidentally summoned some sort of demon and now it’s just kind of hanging around my flat”.

And anything by Veterization. I loved Red Wall. Very bleak and melancholic atmosphere, but with a hopeful ending.

Peter finds Stiles selling himself on the streets years after leaving Beacon Hills. He takes him in.

apollo so far...
  • me: prolly wont have another lgbt character, one is enough
  • apollo: my greatest love was a dude
  • me: wow ok. but maybe he won't be so into it
  • apollo: ah, my daughter. her father was really hot. yes, my daughter have two daddies. i'm a god. it's possible.
  • apollo: i want to devour him
  • me: OK. STOP. OMG.
  • apollo: i had like eleven mortal boyfriends i lost count
  • apollo: *winks at all the cute boys*
  • me: OH MY GODS

I’m just going to finaly get my psychology degree and then I'gonna move to fucking Sweden or Switzerland or BC so I can be as far away from my family as possible and I’m gonna work as a sports therapist and I’ll know everything about your fave players and I’ll maybe marry one of them and wo ’t come back home at Christmas and I WILL have a beautiful life without my original family, jot this down I’m sick of this shit

anonymous asked:

describe any tattoos u have. if u don't have any, where on your body would u get a tattoo/what would it be of?

i don’t have any but ok here’s a long fucking list of ideas i have:

  • anatomical heart on left tricep
  • possibly a brain on right tricep to match
  • london skyline lineart, possibly on calf
  • a lighthouse with that cool pirate scroll thing that says ‘find the lighthouse in the dark’, a line from one of my favourite songs, again on a calf
  • i got one of my fave lyricists to write out ‘the pain means you’re alive’, my fave line from one of my fave songs, so i have that in his handwriting that would be cool to get somewhere
  • london underground roundel somewhere when i’ve visited all 270 stations (i’m at 123 so far)
  • rainbow on my ass????!??!?!?!? idk

anonymous asked:

i was just wondering since you can afford those m&g's and concerts, do you have a full time job? if so, what do you do? :)

Nope I work 2 part time jobs and go to school as well studying graphic design, when one of my faves release an album i start putting away a bit of money each week and it all accumulates. I also have a huge amount of savings from when I was living with my grandparents and worked the entire year and didn’t touch a cent of the money. Tbh I thought I would never be able to afford stuff like this but it’s all about whether you prioritise it. When I have something in the future to look forward to it motivates me in every other aspect of my life so deciding to get m&gs for my faves has been a big part of my recovery

anonymous asked:

can you recommend me some good hp fanfiction? or fanfic authors?

I have so many fics that I love, oh god. Okay, here’s a list of what comes to mind right now. (I really should make a fic rec page…)

Text Talk THIS IS MY NEW FAVE FIC AND  YOU ALL NEED TO READ IT. Okay. Yeah. It’s a Wolfstar/Marauders AU in which Sirius (Who attends boarding school) accidentally texts Remus (who does not) and just. READ IT.

Starts With One is a one shot Wolfstar AU fic but my god it is perfect.

Rise And Fall Of The Stag And Doe is canon Jily/Marauders and god it’s so good. I cried and I laughed and I cried more.

The Life And Times another epic Jily/Marauders fic that is incredibly well written.

Commentarius is a Jily fic set at Hogwarts during their 7th year. So, so good.

What’s In A House? is an AU where Harry sits next to Draco instead of Ron and gets sorted into Slytherin.

Conspiracy Of Cartographers is a Marauders fic and a damn good one.

Tyranny’s Disease is a Jily/Marauder-y AU fic. It has pirates, WIZARDING pirates. And spot on characterizations.

Casting Moonshadows is an amazing Wolfstar fic, lord preserve us. It’s a bit slow to start but by the end I had laughed and cried more than I thought possible.

Cure For Nightmares is a Wolfstar AU where the are at a boarding school, Remus and Sirius are both trying to cope with their pasts. (This is a triggery fic, be warned)

Stealing Harry is an entire AU series in which we learn about what Harry’s life would have been like had Sirius not been sent off to Azkaban. It’s by far one of my faves.

Time Is A Fine Invention is a Wolfstar AU where Sirius and Remus are at university. This is so well written, guys. Even if you aren’t big on Wolfstar it’s still worth it.

As for authors I cannot recommend enough Merlywhirls, Scared-of-cloudsCopperbadgePicascribit, Bex-Chan, Featchalgernon/Cgner, SiriusUntilTheVeryEnd

Yeah. I think this is more than enough to get you started, anon.

calli’s fic picks - 11/9/16

It’s not a good day, friends. Even my computer has it in for me. I was halfway through crafting this post when it just randomly restarted… something a Mac just… usually doesn’t do. It must be the apocalypse. So I will start over. Because I feel like we need these fic recs today. It’s important. We have to heal ourselves and fanfic is a viable means to do that. So if you need a break from the doom and gloom, check out these works: 

Is it Real? by @supersillyanddorky06 - Achingly beautiful look at the balcony scene from 5x05. I know this one hurt us, fam. But Matty helps us get a little perspective on what might have been going on in Oliver’s head here. 

And So She Was Addressed As Mistress by AshesTheTerrible - this one isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s got some pretty hardcore BDSM elements to it. But underneath that there’s something amazing being said about these characters and their emotions and motivations and it just gets better with each update. 

Into You Like a Train by @hannasus - I know I’ve recc’d this one before but it’s just so good that I want to make sure you guys are reading it. Arrow on a movie set… who knew that was a itch that I needed to be scratched??

I Wrote Your Name in My Heart by @alanna-the-lionheart - This also isn’t for the faint of heart… it deals with a severely traumatized Oliver. But that’s also what makes it so beautiful too. Felicity and Dig have just recovered him after he was kidnapped and tortured and the man they rescued bears little resemblance to the one they lost. 

It’s Better to Light a Candle, than Curse the Darkness by blackeyedgurl - Have you ever wished that things went differently after 3x07? This is a lovely little canon divergent look at what might have come if Oliver had decided to fight for Felicity after seeing her kiss Ray. 

Just Another Wednesday by @hannasus - ANOTHER one by Sus! She’s been batting 1000 lately. If you find yourself aching for an Olicity reunion and sweet smuttiness, this is the fic for you. 

Something Real by @dust2dust34 - Like Matty’s response to 5x05, this one goes into the fallout from that episode but Bre steps into Felicity’s head and gives some heartbreaking insight. This one is messy and angsty and beautiful and possibly my fave post 5x05 fic yet. 

Sneezes and Secrets by @theshipsfirstmate - Do you want some fluffy silliness and sweet distraction? Here you go. Perfect little helping of awesome right here. 

Purge Night by @spaztronautwriter - I have NEVER seen The Purge. But the concept is super interesting and this fic is, so far, amazing! Felicity gets caught out on Purge Night and is taken in by Dig and the Queens. Only is it as safe inside as she thought? 

In Deed and in Truth by @machawicket - this one is so sweet already. It’s about how Oliver shows his love in actions and starts out with a beautiful vignette about how Oliver fills Felicity’s need for coffee in light of the demands he’s placed on her time. Can’t wait to see where this goes!

Reunited and it Feels so Good by @felicityollies - do you just need some good old-fasioned reunion smut? I mean, who doesn’t, right? This one has what you need. 

Pet Names by @entersomethingcleverhere - now I KNOW I needed this one. This is a very sweet look at some of the pet names Felicity has for Oliver and how he knows what she’s thinking at any given time based on the name she gives him. If you need some fluff infusion STAT go read this. 

Keep reading fic, fandom. I’m trying to keep writing, despite my own upset with the world, because fanfic really does help. It sounds trivial but it’s not. I hope this little list helps, we can use all the help we can get this week! 

anonymous asked:

Do you possibly know of any good reigisa fan fiction?

I don’t read much of it and if I do, it’s because I want to fill in a gap I see in the story. So considering that the biggest gaps in Reigisa’s story are all related to a lack of conflict resolution, I tend to read fanfics that deal with this. Either ones that fill in the blanks of scenes that already exist or predict the kind of things the pair may go through together. 

Here are my faves:

Far Away - Rei and Nagisa, now about to be third-year students, visit a university together, but when Nagisa fails to take the visit seriously, Rei begins to wonder about their future together. They’re best friends now, but what will happen once they graduate?

Theory of a Nightmare - Nagisa is plagued by horrible nightmares, and Rei is at a loss as to how he can possibly help his boyfriend. 

The Smell of Strawberries and the Night Sky - At first, Rei hated the way Nagisa kept hanging on him and pestering him. It annoyed him and made him uncomfortable because he was never the type of person who would physically touch someone unless he knew them very well. So when the blond kept tugging on his arm and clothing, tackling him from behind, and leaning against him, he was really upset. But then he got used to it.

Drunk in Love - In which Rei and Nagisa get smashed 

richardgrimes replied to your post:The insinuation (and sometimes the outright…

Who the heck is sayin’ that? I love Rick and Michonne both individually so much it hurts sometimes.

It’s a long-running thing that crops up from time to time. I got an inkling of it from something I saw today. It’s just one of those “you know it when you see it” type of things (even when it’s wrapped up in a seemingly positive package). ] And if I’m being blunt, it typically involves those who don’t like Rick and think Michonne “can do better” or “deserves better”. Meanwhile, those same folks can talk shit about Rick and act as if that’s acceptable.

And like you, I love Rick and Michonne individually. I loved them individually long before they were ever a possibility as a couple. And since they are my faves, I want what’s best for them. They obviously bring out the best in each other and make each other happy so how can anyone have a problem with that or with those of us that see that? 

The problem isn’t with Richonners. We don’t love the ship more than the characters. The problem is with those who accuse us of that. I think the hate they have for one character far outweighs the love they claim to have for the other character. If someone can look at any of the photos below and see how happy Michonne is and see how much Rick adores her and say she deserves “better” than this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

and this:

then I’d like to know what “better” looks like to them.

mellarkberries’s fave...

“You’ve thought about me?” he asks in surprise, his eyes lidded with pleasure. Her gaze drops back down to his impressive erection, jutting out towards her proudly.

“Well, not really,” she admits. “At least, not actively.” His face drops a little.

“I see.” He sounds resigned, as if he expected nothing less.

“You really don’t,” she rushes to reassure him, sitting up on her knees and inching forward to the space left between his sprawled legs.

He watches her cautiously as she reaches out a hand and brushes it against the velvet surface of his cock, his abdomen twitching as she runs a thumb over the weeping head. “This just always seemed so far out of the realm of possibility.” He groans as she licks her palm and wraps her small fingers around the thick length. “You see—the truth is…you’re the one way out of my league, Peeta.”

No Unicorns by misshoneywell (peetaspenis).

“This is absolutely one of my fave fics ever and I reread it all the time! I love their chemistry in this fic and how it’s both sexy, funny, loving and so sweet.” - mellarkberries

anonymous asked:

stop making Flames gifs go to your cave and dont come out

guys look, he thinks I actually leave my troll cave

ok but no, before I stop making flames gifs I need to know which one is your favourite so far, so that I can stop making them with some peace of mind

i bet you love goalie tongue, right?

or the boys

or possibly chris breen’s booty

eric nystrom’s strip tease?

or some teammate lovin’

the fave

smack dat

maybe your fave isn’t even here, but I thought these ones would appeal to you!

weary-hearted-queen  asked:

Bail Organa, perchance?

1: sexuality headcanon - another space ace
2: otp - with breha definitely! i also like to think of them as an ace couple, it’s just always made sense to me w/ how excited they were about adopting leia and they fact that i think (?) he mentions them talking about adopting before then. i’m actually very fond of that headcanon
3: brotp - w/ padmé!! my fave ep of clone wars i’ve seen is that one where he teams up and goes all scooby-doo w/ padmé investigating the senate murders
4: notp - if you look to your left you will see me pushing the death star as far away from bail organa as possible. i’m trying, i’m trying so hard
5: first headcanon that pops into my head - so the first thing that popped into my head was “nice singing voice” (that’s. a common headcanon for me) and then i remembered that i’d just put that for leia too but. do you know what. i love that. it’s true for both of them and they definitely sang together, it started w/ little lullabies when leia was little and he would sing to her and she would sing along as she learned the words but. even after that it never really stopped.
6: favorite line from this character - okay so it’s b/c it’s an homage but i love that in clone wars they had him say “help us general kenobi, you’re our only hope” i remember getting so excited about that. i just. i really love bail and leia parallels and that was a good one
7: one way in which I relate to this character - i really admire his desire to do the best thing for others so? while i maybe don’t know how good i am at that i guess i can at least say we both value it as an important principle
8: thing that gives me second hand embarrassment about this character
nothing. i can’t even point towards his clothing or something like that he wears space turtlenecks. everything about him is on point
9: cinnamon roll or problematic fave? cinnamon roll!!