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The balcony door was cracked open, allowing a breeze to drift in and soothe your overheated skin. Bucky’s lips grazed your neck again before he left another dark colored bruise. Both of your bodies were slick with sweat because of both the summer heat and your previous activities. You sighed out again, fingers skimming down Bucky’s scarred back, stopping to massage the cute little mounds of his ass that you loved so much. He smiled down at you, pecking your lips a few more times before pulling away from you.

You whimpered at the sudden loss of him, body instinctively curling in on itself as you watched Bucky throw on basketball shorts. He grabbed his pack of cigarettes from the bedside table, smiling sweetly down at you as he pulled one from the box. He bent at the waist to plant a soft kiss on your forehead before moving to sit against the headboard of your bed.

You heard the click of his lighter, smelled the smoke and nearly sighed. That smell, whether it was clinging to his clothes or whether it filled the air, had become intoxicating to you. It reminded you of him, comforted you at night when he wasn’t there. You rolled onto your stomach, a lazy grin gracing your face as you crawled up to meet him. He exhaled the smoke from the side of his mouth, careful not to blow it in your face. His teeth shined in the July sun as he placed the cigarette between his lips. You watched closely as his cheeks hollowed slightly, the cigarette’s end glowed brighter.

You reached up, plucking it from his mouth. He chuckled, smoke coming out from his nose and mouth, making you giggle and smile even bigger. Without much thought, your lips met his. You tasted like strawberry ice cream and heaven, a taste that he never seemed to get enough of.

He watched you now, as you placed his cigarette between your own lips, inhaling only a little of the smoke. Your lips made a gentle, little “o” shape, and he couldn’t help but compare it to the face you made when he was reacquainting himself with your body. Fuck… he loved you.

You giggled again, sounding light and airy, making his stomach clench before you placed the cigarette between his teeth.

He growled deep in his chest, exciting you more than you thought possible, and his hands grasped your hips. You bit your lip as he lifted you up to sit you on his lap, letting you feel the curve of him in his shorts. Your eyes fluttered, shining with innocence even though you knew what he was about to do and you loved it.

“Again?” You giggled, “But I haven’t gotten over the last round we had.”

“I can wait…” He grinned, inhaling more of the toxic smoke.

“Oh, can you?” You teased, giving your hips a little wiggle, “Doesn’t feel like it to me.”

With that challenging remark, he put his cig out in the ashtray and you felt your stomach flip. His hands roamed your bare back, pulling you closer, “Trust me, baby, by the time I’m done with you, you’ll be begging for more.” 

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No Regrets

AO3 link here!

Requested by @bandanabrunette​ : Could you do a Reader x Sam where the reader was at Stanford studying medicine but he only comes to know this after something happens on a hunt where she has to use her knowledge to save the day.

Summary: Dean gets shot on the hunt and Reader recognizes what’s going on with him. But will they make it to the hospital or will the reader have to act on their own?

Word Count: 1635

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, 

Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader 

Warnings/Tags: Reader’s gender ISN’T specified, mentions of blood, hurt!Dean (gunshot wound), medical language (but everything’s explained), some angst, fluff, hospitals

Beta: @faegal04 (you’re the best, Amy <3)

A/N: It’s crazy, but it’s the first full Sam x Reader fic I’ve ever written, previously there were only drabbles ;) (And Sammy needs more love, so I’m happy I got that request!) Hope you’re gonna like it, guys!

If you want to be tagged/untagged in everything or only some stuff, simply let me know or add yourself to this tag sheet! (Tags at the bottom of the post, those that are crossed out mean that Tumblr didn’t let me tag you.)

Feedback very welcome and highly appreciated. Feel free to check out my Masterlist if this piece leaves you wanting more :)

“Y/N, look out!” Sam shouted and you turned attention to your left, freezing in spot once you saw the werewolf aiming at you with the gun you had dropped earlier.

Before you had a chance to dodge the bullet, Dean jumped in front of you, a scream of pain escaping his mouth as he got hit.

Sam immediately shot the werewolf in the heart, then he fired another and another one. The creature fell to the floor seconds after Dean did, and you stumbled forward, trying to assess the damage that Dean suffered from.

The entry wound was located on the left side of his stomach, right in between his two lowest ribs, and you prayed it missed all the important arteries and organs. His grey T-shirt was getting more and more red with every passing minute and you applied pressure to the wound, apologising for causing Dean pain when your action made him hiss.

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xyourpinksky  asked:

Hi! please can you do a BTS reaction to their idol gf being in a girl group and the members of this group sing, dance and rap but also play instruments in some performances and MVs like AOA? P.S. their gf is a drummer, a dancer and a rapper! :)

Lol at first I was very confused but after reading it, I got it. Hopefully I made it to your liking. I wanted each member to be different so I changed it up.

*gifs are not mine*

BTS Reaction To Their Girlfriend‘s Group Being Multi-Talented

Jin: Jin would be surprised and somewhat jealous. He already knew that you could dance but he didn’t know you could play instruments. When he saw you behind the drums, his eyes and mouth would widen in surprise. The boys would be teasing him about you being better than him at everything. He’d smile to himself, watching you play the drums and seeing how confident you look. When you get off stage, he’d congratulate you and compliment you making you blush.

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Yoongi: His cute little gummy smile will pop out as soon as he sees you playing the piano (cliche I know but idc lol). He’d look at you with so much pride knowing that his girlfriend is part of a band who can do almost anything. As your piano solo starts, he stares intently at your fingers, amazed at how gracefully they move across the keys. When your performance is over you run to him asking how you did. He would smile and pinch your cheeks calling you cute, and giving you endless amount of praise.

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Hoseok: At first he wouldn’t believe that you could play the electric guitar. He’d be unconvinced and wouldn’t listen. When they call your group on stage, he’d be waiting backstage and he would gasp. There in your hand, an electric guitar. “Wow! I thought she was joking!” He’d think about how cool you were and would tell the other guys to look at you because pure talent. Being able to rap, dance, and play the guitar. It’d be too much for his heart. He’s your biggest fan there.

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Namjoon: He knew that you were talented, but to what extent he had no idea. This would be the first time he’s ever seen you display all your talents. He was first attracted to you because you could rap and he felt like he could relate more to you. When he found out you could play the drums, he’d be so excited. Even more excited to know that your group was know for being multi-talented. Shameless promotion all day everyday! Wanting to be at every single one your rehearsals, but sadly he couldn’t. (his reaction to watching your group live)

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Jimin: He would laugh in amazement and wonder as soon as he sees you behind the piano. His first thought would be “is she really playing? Why didn’t she tell me she could play?” After your groups song, he’d pull you to the side and hug you. “Aww why didn’t you tell me you could play?” Expect kisses and him begging for you to play for him and it’ll be even worse when he finds out you can rap and dance. He’ll want to perform with you one day.

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Taehyung: “Wow” The only word that could come out of his mouth after seeing you and your group play on stage. He’d be confused about how well you guys were able to integrate every thing together, without your voices being drowned out by the instruments. None the less, he would be dancing in his seat, hype af watching HIS girlfriend play. He wouldn’t want to be too obvious about you guys’ relationship, so he’d wait until you both were outside the public eye for him to compliment how you looked, and how you sounded on stage. “My girlfriend is awesome! Give me a kiss!” He would say making you smile big.

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Jungkook: Of course he would be proud af. It’s only natural that he’s with someone who displays as much talent as himself, possibly a bit more than him. He’d be way obvious about his excitement for you specifically. When it was over he’d congratulate you and the members will also tease him because they’ve never seen him act all shy and cute around you. He’d be embarrassed but wouldn’t stop because he’s proud of you.

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I hope you guys like it! And y’all know the drill! Send in y’all requests and I’ll get back to them and I do any kind so if you feel like I won’t be opposed to doing them, send them my way.

A Helping Hand

Chapter 3 

Summary: My girlfriend just dumped me and I’ve gotten piss drunk and somehow managed to get into your apartment instead of my own. I’m trying to masturbate my feelings away and boy were you surprised. Based on a Tumblr prompt that spiraled out of control. 

Rated: Mature

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Ch 1 Ch 2

Killian was walking briskly down the street for what seemed like forever, trying to remember something — anything at all — about last night. He still had so many questions, but he was too humiliated to be in Emma’s presence, let alone ask her more questions that would possibly reveal more of his inappropriate behavior.

When he had woken that morning, things certainly hadn’t turned out how he had expected. He would have preferred a one-night stand with the gorgeous blonde as opposed to jerking off in her tub naked. And he lived across the hall from her. How was he ever going to be able to look at her ever again?

Knowing that he was engaging in something so private and compromising in front of this amazing woman wasn’t exactly an ego boost. It was one of a man’s greatest fears — getting caught masturbating. Needless to say, he felt like a pervert.

Oh gods, and she was best buddies with Liam.

She was going to tell him and Liam was undoubtedly going to kick his arse out and send him back to England. Maybe Killian was better off going back anyways. Maybe this was a sign that he should have never left to begin with.

Killian was pondering the question of whether he should go to the bar or not, to try and forget the whole incident with some good ole rum, but who knew what kind of shenanigans he would get himself into this time around.

Maybe just one drink wouldn’t hurt.

He walked into the bar and took a seat in a lonely stool, leaning his elbows on the counter with his face in his hands. Gods, he felt so hopeless and miserable.

The bar was really the last place he should be right now. He told Liam he was going to turn his life around and so far, he had failed in so many ways. Now he was just asking for more trouble. The thought of alcohol didn’t even sound at all appealing to him. Only the possibility of forgetting everything.

It’s all he knew. Whenever he had gotten into arguments with Milah about her husband, he had turned to rum for comfort. The thought of her being with another man had crippled him. So he used alcohol as an outlet. He knew it was unhealthy but it was the only thing that got him through. He didn’t have his older brother to turn to, nor an attractive neighbor to confide in like Liam did.

Killian’s gut twisted at the thought of Liam going to Emma instead of him, his own brother. Even though he hasn’t been close to Liam in a while, he still knew his brother rather well. Liam was normally shy around women he was crushing on, and Killian imagined that when he took a liking to Elsa, he went to Emma for advice.

It was Killian’s own fault though. If only he had listened to Liam in the first place, none of this would have happened. He would’ve still been without Milah, but at least he wouldn’t be unhappy, and at least he’d have his brother.

“Can I get you something?” the male bartender asked, pulling Killian from his thoughts.

Killian dropped his hands to surface of the bar counter and shook his head. “No thanks, I’ve changed my mind.” He was not going down that path again. He started to remove himself from the stool when he saw someone take the one next to him out of the corner of his eye.

“Do you always start drinking at noon? No wonder you can’t remember anything about last night.”

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Sormik Hogwarts AU (Triwizard Tournament Style)

So, as promised, one set of very long Triwizard Tournament AU headcanons.  (More Hogwarts AU headcanons here, with a different timeline of them getting together)

- No one ever talks about it, but as soon as the Triwizard Tournament is announced in their sixth year, everyone knows that Sorey and Mikleo are going to try to enter

- It’s not so much about the fame and fortune, but far more like: history!  Tradition!  Competition! A chance to test magical knowledge and skill!

- Sorey is selected as the Hogwarts champion.  Sergei is the Durmstrang champion, and Alisha is the Beauxbatons champion.

- The three champions take the ‘friendly competition’ and the chance for cultural exchange and goodwill very seriously – they fight to win events, but outside of the events get along quite well, and end up spending a good bit of time together.  Sometimes to the chagrin of their schoolmates.

- Sorey and Mikleo have a big fight before the first task, because Sorey doesn’t want Mikleo helping him.  This is partially because he wants to do it all himself, and partially because he doesn’t want Mikleo getting involved – there are safety precautions but he’s still worried it could be dangerous.

- Mikleo says he’s stupid because Sorey had no problems with him entering into the goblet, and how in the world would a non-competitor be in danger?  And when have the two of them ever done anything on their own?

- It takes about a week for both of their stubbornness and pride to simmer down, and perhaps a few pokes from Edna’s umbrella before they’re willing to make up.

- For the first task, Eizen works with the crews that bring in the dragons, and so Edna is the one who gets Sorey the tip off.

- He doesn’t have one particular flashy strategy in mind.  Instead, research has always been Sorey and Mikleo’s forte – they spend hours poring over books and learning as much about the four types of dragons as they can.  Things like where the weak spots in their scales are, or what types of spells would be good or not for each.

- When the Yule Ball rolls around, there is a significant increase in the occurrence of Sorey and Mikleo blushing around each other and trying very hard to act normal.  Their friends all groan and debate locking them in the broom shed until they kiss.

- They also all debate about locking Zaveid in the broom shed on his own so he stops trying to horribly chat up every girl from all three schools.

- Neither plot comes to fruition.  

- Instead, Tsunleo is in full effect, and Sorey is too worried about making Mikleo uncomfortable and changing their friendship, so neither says anything.  Zaveid continues to be a terror.

- Rose musters up every ounce of Gryfindor courage she possesses and asks out Alisha.

- She didn’t tell anyone about this plan in case it failed, which results in a lot of confusion when she shows up to lunch flushed and wide-eyed one day and simply saying, “she said yes.  The Princess of Beauxbatons said yes,” before slumping down on the table and staring dreamily into the middle distance.

- Sorey ends up asking Lailah as a friend, because he’s expected to have a partner for the first dance. Zaveid asks Edna, which earns him a sharp jab with her wand and a hex.  Edna asks Mikleo (mostly for purposes of being a little shit), which earns her a panicked refusal.  Dezel doesn’t care about these kinds of things.

- At the ball, Sorey is completely flustered by Mikleo in his dress robes – non-traditional white with just hints of detailing in Ravenclaw blue and bronze, that really accentuate how well they are tailored and how well they hug his waist and shoulders and butt, and Sorey is convinced that this must be where he dies.  

- Mikleo is similarly dumbfounded, and bright red in the face, and the debates about locking them in the broom shed resume.

- Once again the plan is not carried out, mostly because Edna is having too much fun bothering Rose and Alisha, and the two of them are left to stew for the whole night in all of their blushy sexual tension.

- For the second task, Mikleo is the one who lets Sorey into the prefects’ bathroom with a number of sly hints about his theories.

- Sorey is pouty about him not giving a clearer answer until Mikleo reminds him that, at one point, he wanted to do the whole competition himself.

- Mikleo is taken for Sorey for the event, Boris is taken for Sergei, and Rose is taken for Alisha.

- His strategy would probably be something similar to a bubblehead charm (at least in part because it strikes me as sort of similar to spectral cloak XD ), and he and Mikleo practice spellcasting underwater extensively.

- Sorey was so worried about Mikleo during the task, and when they come out of the water and he wakes up, waterlogged and with his circlet peeking out between wet bangs, Sorey realizes exactly how in love he is, and screw his nerves and worries, he’s going to tell him.

- He wants to kiss him right then and there, but waits until the party his housemates throw that night.  He convinces Mikleo to leave for a bit, and sneaks them off to a secret passage where he confesses.

- Mikleo replies that he’s been in love with him for years, and chides Sorey for being oblivious before kissing him soundly.

- When they return to the party, flushed and giddy, everyone applauds and money definitely exchanges hands over bets on how long it would take for them to get together.

- They drink a crapload of butterbeer and drunkenly cuddle on one of the couches in the Huflepuff common room all night.  Sorey sloppily apologizes for taking so long many times over, because this is the best thing in the world and they were missing out on it.

- The third task is absolutely both Sorey and Mikleo’s favorite.  It’s like a giant puzzle, or, even better, a giant ruin!  And what better excuse to look into the long history of Triwizard Tournaments, to try to anticipate the types of challenges which might await.

- It is possible that the two of them spend a bit more time than necessary in the ‘library,’ ‘looking up spells.’

- Sorey doesn’t win. He does quite well up until the end, only collecting a few minor burns and a handful of close calls.  But when it comes down to the center of the maze and the cup, he gets knocked out by a creature both he and Alisha were fighting. She wins instead.

- When he wakes up a few days later in the hospital wing, she offers to split the winnings and the title since it doesn’t feel like a fair win.  He turns her down, because all his friends are there, and Mikleo is there, and it all feels like the experience was worth plenty as is.

For a darker, closer to the Goblet of Fire version of this AU, Symmone and Heldalf would fit well into the roles of Barty Crouch Jr. and Voldemort. However, Sorey doesn’t quite fit into the ‘chosen one,’ ‘boy-who-lived’ role like Harry, so it is sort of difficult to piece together what might be their motivations to rig and attack the tournament. That might have to be something parsed out in the future.

So, like here’s the thing

I love, love, love Tom Holland as Spiderman. Like no joke I was thoroughly impressed with his version of Peter Parker in Civil War. I went into the movie theater thinking that I was going to hate it because this was going to be the third remake of him and I was dead-set on wanting Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman being apart of the Avengers but I came out feeling absolutely impressed. 

But….am I the only one who still loves Andrew Garfield’s Spiderman possibly a little bit more than Tom’s? I mean don’t get me wrong, I seriously love this legitimate high school version because Andrew Garfield did not pass as a high school student in my eyes. But, I was heartbroken when they said The Amazing Spiderman would not be making their third film. 

Now, my opinion may change after I watch Homecoming because I  did boycott Andrew Garfield for awhile because I was like “Nope, no, mm, Tobey Macguire is forever Spiderman.” Until my friend forced me to watch it and I fell in love. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one who is still hurting over Andrew Garfield.

anonymous asked:

Can we see the dai companions reacting to a pregnant inquisitor? Like their partner died in the explosion, but they were already pregnant (and somehow did not lose the baby?) ((+can we see romances too?? and Krem!))

For the sake of the romances, I’m going to do this under the assumption that the pregnant Inquisitor was not in love with the father (it was an accident with a fling, that sort of thing) because otherwise I don’t think there would be any romances. Grief takes longer than a couple months, you know? We’re also going to stick with canon in that only companions who can romance a female Inquisitor (because pregnant=female today) will get romance blurbs.

I have received a request to make this post more inclusive, so here’s the edit.

Solas: The guilt tries to strangle him as he examines the mark of his magic in the hand of a pregnant prisoner who somehow survived the destruction of the Conclave. No one had sent word to ask about a pregnant survivor of their description, so the only assumption that could be made is that the father was killed with the hundreds of others. There was every possibility that he was directly responsible for the death of the child’s father. If Romanced: The relationship takes even longer to bloom due to Solas’s guilt over the fate of Lavellan’s child’s father. The Inquisitor thinks it’s just hesitation because they’re pregnant, and he lets them think that. After all, they had no romantic attachments before the Conclave and they’ve made that perfectly clear to him. Even so, the telltale roundness of their belly is a constant, visceral reminder of the consequences of his actions. Every time they takes a hit, every time they grunt in pain, he fears for the child and for them. As the relationship develops, Solas allows himself to wonder what it might be like to help them raise the child. Sometimes the Inquisitor speaks of the life growing within them as if it’s a given that the child will grow up calling him babae. Sometimes that terrifies him. Sometimes, more often than he would like to admit, he finds the idea so incredibly alluring that it seems impossible to resist.

Cassandra: Though she is just as verbally harsh with her prisoner when they wake, the Seeker takes great care with their physical health. No matter what the prisoner may have done, the child in their womb is innocent. She vows to make sure that even if the prisoner is sentenced to death the child will be given a chance to survive. After the Herald’s innocence is proven, Cassandra sends them to a healer immediately and asks (commands) Solas to figure out if the mark that can seal rifts is a danger to the child. If Romanced: She asks a lot of questions about how and why they’re pregnant. She doesn’t want to be rude or insensitive, but she has trouble understanding. Awkwardness ensues, but eventually they get it all figured out between them. It’s different, definitely, but they’re still the person she loves and that’s that.

Varric: He winces in sympathy when he sees the strange person with a baby bump sealing a rift after defeating the demons that it had spawned. Unlike literally everyone else, even Chuckles, he makes a point to avoid staring at their belly. If he ever finds the Herald being sick due to their pregnancy, he’ll hold their hair back. He’s always up for telling stories about people who make it through even with a baby in tow. They need a little hope.

Dorian: He was not expecting the Herald of Andraste to be pregnant, but when they bust into Redcliffe’s chantry as summoned they very clearly are. Despite his better judgement, he tries to place himself near them as they fight the demons from the rift and continuously places barriers over them. They need to be protected. As he fights for the Inquisition, he learns more defensive magic than he had known before specifically to help keep them safe. If Romanced: This is… a little different. Definitely outside his normal realm of experience in regards to lovers he’s had. In the end, it doesn’t really matter to him. Let the good times roll!

Vivienne: She’d heard the rumors that the Herald of Andraste is pregnant, but hadn’t really believed them. Yet there they are, their rounded middle betraying the truth. Vivienne doesn’t let it change anything, but she does try to keep the Herald safe with her magic, when she can. A pregnant person has no place in battle, but the Herald has no choice.

Iron Bull: Okay, the Herald has a baby on the way. Shit. He’s always careful around them, worried that his strength could somehow hurt the growing baby. Otherwise, he doesn’t let it affect much. If Romanced: Before ever offering to let them “ride the Bull,” he does a lot of research into pregnancy with regards to sex. When he finds out that they and their baby will be perfectly fine as long as they’re comfortable, he adjusts his usual rules and favorite positions to allow for the Inquisitor’s condition. Then he proceeds as planned.

Blackwall: When the pregnant Inquisition agent approaches him just as the bandits attack, he places himself right in front of them. Even though they fight with a deadly efficiency, he keeps himself firmly planted in their defense. He has no idea what could possibly compel them to be in such a dangerous area in their condition until he finds out that they’re the Herald of Andraste and the only one who can seal rifts. He tries to protect them as much as possible. If Romanced: He turns them away a bit more forcefully than he would ordinarily, but when they assure him that the father isn’t in their life and they aren’t in mourning he relaxes a bit. He still worries about their condition and always positions himself in their defense in a fight. He flat out refuses to let them take on any dragons, insisting that they can’t take that risk. He doesn’t really see their pregnancy as anything more than a reason they are more fragile than they should be until the first time he feels the baby kick. In that moment, he wonders what it would be like to be a father and finds that he loves the idea more than he expected to. He starts carving little toys in preparation for the birth.

Sera: Andraste’s knickers, the Herald is preggers! Hah, what a laugh! Even so, she always tries to stick anyone who goes near them in a fight full of arrows. Poor Herald needs all the help they can get. If Romanced: “Well, Inky, looks like your baby’s gonna have two mommies. You okay with that? Because I’m okay with that. Any kid of ours is gonna be great at pranks!”

Cole: Burning in my throat and heart, symptoms of life living within. Must protect it, must protect them. Have to keep fighting, so tired. Aching feet, heavy arms, nauseous, can’t afford that now. “Here, I have some tea. It should help make you feel better.”

Cullen: He’s appalled when he meets the Herald to see that they’re pregnant. His faith in the Maker is shaken to think that an innocent child is put in such danger. He tries to think of any way to make their job easier. If Romanced: He can’t help but feel a pull to them, but he has to know why they would flirt when they’re pregnant. When they tell him that the father isn’t in their life, he is sorry yet not. He’s glad that he has this chance with them, tries to protect them in any way he can. He dotes on them, rubbing their swollen feet and making sure they eat right. He remembers what his father did for his mother when she was pregnant with his younger siblings and does his best to emulate that. He worries that he won’t be much of a role model for their child, but he doesn’t let that stop him from loving them.

Leliana: She does her best not to let her thoughts on the matter show. She does, however, always make sure that there are extra agents assigned to wherever the Herald is traveling. She has her people shadow the Herald and try to take out threats before they have to. If she finds the Herald being sick, she offers what advice she’s learned over the years to try to help. She knows that there’s not much else she can do.

Josephine: She takes the Herald’s pregnancy for the opportunity it is and milks it for all it’s worth to get the Inquisition what it needs. As a result, the Herald ends up with a surplus of baby-related goods, many of them useless. Josephine just smiles apologetically for the inconvenience. If Romanced: The Inquisitor couldn’t possibly be flirting. Even when she thinks for a moment that maybe they are, she dismisses the thought as absurd. When the Inquisitor makes it clear that they are, in fact, flirting, Josephine’s first question is about the father of the baby. Once assured that the father is not in their life, Josephine relaxes and allows the relationship to bloom as she would otherwise. The only differences lie in how many luxuries she secretly supplies her lover with to help them deal with the aches and pains of pregnancy.

today i have started the 10th season of doctor who and i??? kind of enjoyed it???  

anonymous asked:

Meg, I'm pretty sure you already talked that probably Roger was hired by the label, right? But it could be possible that Camila would hire him by herself? The label would allow Camila to have a different management than the other girls when she was still in the group? And another question, even with Roger, Camila, while still in the group, followed Maverick's order, right?

Yeh like the Pinky anon ask said it is of course a possibility that it happened a bit more organically than I’ve put forward. I have just speculated that Roger was brought in by label (and/or management) - because of the reasons I said I find some things about it a bit suspect. But yeh we really don’t know. What we do know is that, like you said, the label would have to approve of him in any case - we pretty much know this because of the type of contracts (that included management) that they signed off of x-factor. And as to your last question, again we don’t know but my personal theory is that Roger co-managed Camila (i actually believe this is still likely the case) along with Larry. So yeh ultimately they would have had to make it work with the group management and most importantly it would have had to all fit in with what the label wanted. None of the moves for Camila’s solo career (i think we can safely assume this includes her management) could have happened without the labels who she is under contract with.

When Things Fell Apart


*Y/n finds out Luke cheated on her in an unsurprising way, leaving her destructive* 

Not requested. 

“Hey y/n!” Liz exclaimed over the phone and I smiled, thinking how long it has been since I last spoke to Liz. 

 Since coming back home and Luke continued touring it meant things were difficult to maintain. I missed seeing Luke everyday and visiting his family when we could, so phone calls meant a lot at times. "Liz, how are things?“ I asked, genuinely interested since the last few months have been filled with dull moments of watching Netflix and working alone. 

 "Yeah things have been good, we were all wondering when you last spoke to Luke.” There was a long pause as I tried to think it through, when did I last speak to Luke? 

 "Well, I think it was probably a couple of days ago before their first show in the US?“ I questioned myself and I heard a sigh on the over end. "Is there a problem?” I ask, concerned about Luke for a second. 

 "Oh it’s no problem, he’s just answering his phone and we just wondered if he had been on the phone to you.“ She was distracted, I could tell and immediately I pulled out my phone seeing my favourite picture of me and Luke. It was during our first night at his family’s house, when I was so nervous to be there but his family treated me as their own. Liz was generous to me and we spoke all about my home life and growing up. I shake the thought so I can concentrate on calling Luke.

 "I’ll give him a call now and get back to you as soon as I can, bye Liz.” She hangs up and I put my house phone down and go to our room and call Luke. Hearing the endless rings I start feeling anxious. Suddenly the ringing comes to an end, I hear a tired groan but my heart lifts. “Luke,” I begin, hoping he is feeling up to a chat, unsure if its in between shows. 

 "Y/n? Is that you?“ He asks with a groggy voice, I instantly felt bad realising I woke him up. 

 "I’m so sorry for waking you Lukey.” I sigh, bringing my knees to my chest. 

 "No no I was awake, I’m just surprised you wanted to talk to me.“ My mind goes blank as I think back to our last conversation. We didn’t fight or have an argument so why wouldn’t I want to speak to him? 

 "What do you mean?” I ask as I go down the stairs to make myself a drink. There was a pause on Lukes end and I heard a lot of movement going on, then a few murmurs and Mikes voice. Then silence and a loud sigh, making me feel a bit more uneasy than I possibly did before. 

“You, you haven’t seen the news?” He was awkward, I could tell. 

“Why would I have seen the news?” I asked, he knew I wouldn’t have. He paused as I walked away from the kitchen and to the living room, not taking this silence well I pulled a cushion to my chest and grabbed my laptop. 

 "Y/n, there’s something I’ve got to tell you.“ He began and I felt incredibly scared. 

 "What? Did you kill someone, cheat on me?” I let out a dry laugh but Luke remained silent, my laugh died down as I heard a sigh. 

 "Y/n I’m so sorry-“ I stopped him from continuing. 

 "You cheated on me?” I whispered, trying not to let it set in, scared if I admitted it then it would be true. “No just forget it Luke!” I started to yell, now feeling vulnerable to this. “You’ve been gone one month! One month Luke! You couldn’t control yourself for more than one month?!” I was screaming at him, uncontrollably sobbing. 

 "It wasn’t like that!“ He yelled back, his voice breaking as he did so. 

 "Who is she?” But before he could answer I looked it up on my laptop. As the various pages pull up tears fall freely from my eyes. The one person I had suspected all along, he said they were just friends, that they didn’t get to see her often so when they went to the states they had a laugh. “How long have you and Arzaylea been doing this?” I asked, demanding an explanation as I scrolled through an article.

 "It was a mistake, a really stupid mistake.“ He tried to explain himself but I didn’t want to hear it. 

 "Forget it Luke, just call your mum. She wants to chat.” With that I hung up the phone, throwing it across the sofa and sobbing into my cushion as I read the articles. 

 'Luke and y/n over?’ ‘Y/n remains silent on this spotting’ 'Is this the end of the most loved couple?' 

 I slammed the laptop lid shut and tried not to think too hard about the whole thing. Getting up I ran to my room seeing all the pictures of us together, I couldn’t take it. Grabbing each one I slammed it against the counter, seeing the glass smash and cut my skin but not caring. He was a liar, a complete cheat and obviously didn’t care about a genuine person.

 Luke Hemmings was dead to me.

Long awaited Part Two /// Three // Four // Five // Six // Seven // Eight 


*Stork is leaned over a sparking, smoking machine in his lab coat and safety goggles, arms deep in wires and machine oil*

Ah, hello darling.. I’m doing alright. *He’s drowning himself in work, trying to do anything he can to forget about what Reverse did* 

I love you too, more than you can possibly imagine! However, I am a bit too busy to give you the attention you deserve.. When I’m free I promise I will litter you with affections, dearest!

For now, why don’t you find something to do? There’s a lot of things to spend time doing! Maybe go visit a friend or garden? *He smiles and regains focus*

*Stork is completely focused on his work, nothing else at all for a good while*

Shameless: “Lip” (Phillip) Gallagher [ENTP]

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Lip’s intelligence isn’t that he’s brilliant, but rather that he’s good at figuring out what others want (with a Karen-sized blind spot).  He finds it so easy to figure it out, in fact, he instinctively starts pushing other people’s buttons as well, just to one-up them or show them that the “right” way is not the only way.  He takes pride in his ability to come up with new and creative solutions to problems, from winning Robot Wars by stealing a laser to developing an elaborate system for stealing food from the cafeteria.  He isn’t particularly concerned at getting results either; simply knowing he can do something is often sufficient.  This often brings him into conflict with his SP family members, particularly Fiona, who often worries that Lip is a slacker and doesn’t even try to live up to his potential.

Introverted Thinking (Ti): Yet even though others see him as a slacker, Lip has a strong ability to understand not only how things are connected, but also why.  When he criticizes things like the college admissions process or Fiona’s downward spiral, he does hit the nail right on the head.  He is good at understanding the consequences and even possibilities—he’s more than a bit worried by the possibility he won’t live up to his potential, even though he would never admit that to Fiona.  He covers up his insecurities with a quick joke or by turning the criticism back on the other person.

Extroverted Feeling (Fe): Lip is charismatic and, combined with his Ne giving him limitless interests, he’s fun to be around. While he’s not afraid to stand up for his younger siblings—even taking a beating for Ian—he’s not motivated by the same thing as his Fi-using sister Fiona.  Lip wants to diffuse tension when possible: cracking jokes, avoiding Mandy rather than confronting her about not wanting to be in a relationship, leaving rather than confronting Fiona (multiple times), and making a passive-aggressive comment about Mickey rather than just saying he needs to pay his fair share.  Finally, the incredible fixation on Karen combined with his inability to recognize how much she’s using him also suggests that he doesn’t have much control yet over his Fe.

Introverted Sensing (Si): “How’s that working out for you?” rhetorically responded Amanda, his roommate’s ENTJ ex-girlfriend, when Lip worries about failing out of college because he can’t maintain a schedule.  Yet Lip constantly finds himself attracted, not to schedules, but to old patterns: going back to Karen even though she’s bad for him, thinking of dropping out of college, trying to keep things going with Mandy even as he takes up with Amanda.  Lip also remembers and keeps track of details overlooked by other members of the family—sometimes missing a big problem because he’s too focused on remembering to pay a particular bill.

Note: The UK Lip was more of an INTP, but the US one is definitely more of an extravert.

icequeenforlife  asked:

Im not sure if your ask box eat this or my thing is stupid (mobile tumblr) Either way. Imagine if Anakin went with Ahsoka to take down Maul on Mandalore while Galen and Obi-Wan go save the Emperor. I. E. Him being shocked knowing Anakin isn't where he's supposed to be and Galen possibly (more than likely since he would have a good bit of his memories intact and returned by then) killing Palatine and Dooku and saving Anakin from the dark side.

So half of this is in canon I still haven’t watched yet (I know, I’m slow, uni keeps me very busy), so the Madalore bit I’m going to mostly skip over apart from a general “things to better” comment because I can’t tell you exactly how things go better (also how they manage to convince Obi Wan to let Anakin go after Maul without him seeing Obi Wan’s deep, and fairly reasonable, insecurities about Maul)

On the Emperor stuff though Galen totally kills both Dooku and Palpatine. He knows the truth behind the man and he likes the person Anakin was before he became what Palpatine intended of him (also he like Ahsoka and Obi Wan and doesn’t want bad things to happen to them which he knows will probably happen if Palpatine’s plan goes through). He’s killing him more to protect Anakin & the rest of his “family” but he also knows it’s for the greater good of the galaxy.

Palpatine soooo doesn’t know how this became the situation he was in. Firstly Anakin was supposed to be there, secondly what is this random Padawan going on about calling him “Sidious” and generally spilling his plan? How is this possible? He does not know but doesn’t live long enough to find out.

I feel like Galen has probably been looking into Palpatine with what little information his memories have been giving him before this. So when he arrives back with a very dead Palpatine and Dooku he has the evidence (or at least can point people in the direction of the evidence) that proves that Palpatine was in league with Dooku and that Palpatine planned on taking over the place. So there isn’t as much of a fallout from his actions in killing Palpatine (power vacuum ignoring), because suddenly there are very valid corruption evidence and when that’s found out to be true this Padawan save the galaxy from a potentially horrible fate.

(Also yes, Anakin doesn’t fall, happy family is happy and gains twin members soon enough)

NAME: grey
GENDER: agender
EYE COLOR: blue-grey
HAIR COLOR: dark brown
RELATIONSHIP STATUS: taken by my wonderful bae @lnstinctive
FAVORITE PLACE: my room, i guess?
FAVORITE HOLIDAY: halloween, probably
FAVORITE VIDEO GAME: oh god. this is a cruel question. uhmmm in terms of story/canon universe, definitely the halo series. in terms of actual gameplay? …probably pokemon?
LAST SHOW YOU WATCHED: decided to give riverdale a chance last night. …probably gonna watch the whole season.
WHAT’S YOUR HONEST OPINION ABOUT YOUR MUSE? i love?? him?? he’s everything i love in a character, literally ticks all my boxes for ‘character i will pick up as a muse’. i love that even after being through so much trauma, he hasn’t let any of it make him bitter. he’s still a kind, deeply caring person who may be a bit more solemn ( possibly more than he was in the past ) but still has a sense of humour. that’s something that means a lot to me and speaks a lot about his character imo. buuut of course, i also recognize that he has flaws, whICH I ALSO LOVE because god knows he’d be boring if he was perfect.
WOULD YOU DATE YOUR MUSE?: …i mean, i sure wouldn’t turn down a hug. but probably not tbh.
WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE KINDS OF THREADS?: ohhhh my god. my favourite threads are deep, in depth threads that involve a lot of introspection and exploration of characters ( personality, thoughts, emotions, troubles/traumas, etc. ). i love getting a chance to get really into my muse’s head and… okay, yeah, totally fucking with their minds on occasion.
ARE YOU A SELECTIVE ROLEPLAYER? yes. i don’t exactly have high standards, but i do have some standards that need to be met for me to write with someone.
DO YOU HAVE A FAVORITE MUSE? …yes. as of now, it’s definitely shiro. he’d taken over my heart more than i anticipated, but wash from rvb is forever one of my top favourite muses as well.
WHAT MADE YOU DECIDE TO JOIN THE FANDOM? mm… i wouldn’t say i joined the fandom. i just left my old rp platform and missed writing shiro, so i decided to give tumblr rp another shot.
DO YOU SEE YOURSELF STAYING WITH THE FANDOM FOR A LONG TIME? lmao again, don’t consider myself much part of the fandom. i don’t contribute anything like fanart or fic and i pretty much avoid the fandom side of thing altogether. so, no, but i do see myself on this blog for a long time.

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leggy anon here, i have made a mistake. #6 pls

All good! Enjoy your cute birb.

Has fandom ever made you enjoy a pairing you previously hated?

I can’t fully pin down hating any particular pairing on my own exactly, but getting a chance to throw around in this sandbox has definitely invited me to play around with more possibilities than I used to.

Probably a bit of a boring answer but ironically when I was watching the show for the first time I was more invested in what was actually going around in the worldbuilding than in any pairing shenanigans, though I’ve definitely gone back and forth on Danny and Sam a few times both with and without fandom commentary.


His father’s mother’s mother had been a Flint of the mountains. Old Nan once said that it was her blood in him that made Bran such a fool for climbing before his fall. She had died years and years and years before he was born, though, even before his father had been born.

Ancient History

The actual history of the Monster Hunter world is sparse to say the least and most of what we have comes from stuff that likely isn’t even canon.  That said, for the time being, it is all we have to go on, so go on it we shall!  Just take it all with a grain of salt.  Ya know…  a boulder-sized grain.

Almost all of what we know comes from a single piece of concept art published in Monster Hunter Illustrations vol. 1 (which you all should go purchase, along with vol. 2 so we can show Capcom that us Westerners actually want more of these tasty lore-filled Monster Hunter books, and maybe they’ll give them to us.)

The Equal Dragon Weapon

The caption reads: 

“The Equal Dragon Weapon was discovered in some ruins, an ancient storage facility.  It is possibly the only remaining weapon of war from the age of the Great Dragon War.  This man-made dragon was pieced together using parts harvested from over thirty mature dragons.

However artificial, the Equal Dragon Weapon boasts a might comparable to any living dragon.  Its physical strength, endurance, and firepower are said to have posed the most relevant threat to the dragons during the ancient war.

The technology behind crafting an Equal Dragon Weapon reached is pinnacle during the Great Dragon Wars, but that technology, along with the great dragon hunters of the day (ancestors of the modern day monster hunters), were not destined to last.  The humans engaged the dragons in a war of epic scale, with both sides fighting valiantly and viciously until they were simultaneously brought to the brink of extinction.”

Basically put, at the time, humanity (and wyverians?) were more scientifically advanced than they currently are in-game, and, as now, the majority of their inventions required monster bits.  Unlike now, they were not so ecologically friendly about how they got said bits, and the dragons, far more numerous and possibly more intelligent than in modern times, got just a bit fed up with being driven to extinction for the sake of human technology.  The result was the Great Dragon War, which was so costly and horrible that both sides were nearly driven extinct.  Having learned their lesson, the Hunter’s Guild was founded to regulate hunting, preventing the over-exploitation of any single species and allowing the humanoid races and monsters to live… well, if not exactly in peace, then at least in balance.  (This, by the way, is the reason behind why some quests in the MH games cycle, especially the Elder Dragon quests.  The idea being that Elder Dragons are rare and slow-breeding and need time to repopulate, lest their numbers become too low to be sustained.)

There is a lot of speculation on the internet about this period in MH’s history.  Some people seem to think that “more technologically advanced” means computers and space travel and genetic engineering and what have you. I disagree with this conclusion very strongly.  Not only is it simply not supported in-game (there are no ruined computer labs or rocket launch pads or rusting rebar in the ruins we see), it’s not supported by the Equal Dragon Weapon itself, either.  Look at it.  That is not a genetically-modified organism.  That is not a robot.  That’s Frankenstein’s Monster.

Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein in 1818, and she didn’t write it in a vacuum.  The Western world at the time was infatuated with electricity, especially with galvanism, discovered by Luigi Galvani in 1780.  Galvanism was essentially the observation that muscles contract when exposed to an electric current, even muscles belonging to a dead corpse.  It was thus believed that, if given the right conditions and just the right electrical stimulation, a dead creature could be shocked back to life.  This electricity was thought to be literally the “spark of life”.  Galvani’s nephew, Giovanni Aldini, often acted as half-scholar and half-showman, showing off the results of his research to crowded audiences throughout Europe.  Aldini used everything from frog legs to the corpses of executed criminals to display galvanism’s power and spread the idea of it far and wide.

With the Equal Dragon Weapon’s inspiration in mind then, I believe that, at it’s peak, the MH World’s level of technology was equivalent to Georgian-Victorian Era England.  So no computers, aside from possibly punch-card-powered calculating machines.  No genetic engineering.  Cars are unlikely (and certainly no weaponized rockets or space craft), but combustion engines and industrialization could be a thing and electricity definitely existed in some form, even if it wasn’t yet widely available.  People tend to forget, when dealing with fiction, that there are more levels of technology than just “Medieval” and “Star Trek”.

And that’s really about all we have to go on in regards to the world’s ancient history.  Even if the Great Dragon War isn’t actually canon, we know with some certainty that something BAD happened in the past in the MH world.  Because there are ruins everywhere.  EVERYWHERE.  In almost every single hunting area in the entire series you can find traces of past civilization, from the carved cliffs of the Deserted Isle, to the Dune’s caves, and the Ancestral Steppe’s crumbling cinnabar walls.  Even in remote, supposedly unexplored areas like the Everwood.  And almost all of them at the same level of decay, which means they were all abandoned around the same time.  What could have happened to cause so many disparate places to be abandoned all at once?

I also quickly wanted to address another idea I’ve seen floating around in the intertubes.  The idea that Monster Hunters are half-wyverian, mainly as an explanation for game mechanics, like not taking fall damage and… ya know… not instantly dying after being stepped on by a dragon weighing several metric tons.  As you can probably guess, I don’t agree with this either.  One piece of evidence offered was the notion that hunters have slightly pointed ears…

That is not a pointed ear.  That is a low-polygon ear. :P

On top of that, it’s very questionable whether humans and wyverians would be able to have children anyway.  Wyverians are not even closely related to humans, they’re descended from wyverns.  They ARE wyverns, technically, just like humans ARE apes.  Expecting a wyverian and a human to be able to have offspring is a bit like expecting a human and an ostrich to be able to.  Not happening. :P  (Not like that’s ever stopped fantasy/sci-fi stories before, hello Mr. Spock, but MH does tend to be decently science-y for a fantasy world.)

Game mechanics are game mechanics, and it’s a mistake to think that there’s always a good in-universe reason for why they exist.  They simply aren’t always going to, because this is a video game, and in a video game the gameplay comes before EVERYTHING else, including story and lore.

And that’s it for the history of the MH world!  If there’s a particular topic you’d like to see in a future post, feel free to drop me a note.  Thanks for reading, and may your hunts always be ecologically friendly!