possibly more character design


ok i thought of this before it was revealed allura was technically a teenager so hear me out… 

Teen!Allura Sketchdump

you cannot tell me in good conscience that allura didnt get into fist fights when she was younger. you’ve seen what happens when you insult her and the damage she can do. food fights were just the tip of the iceberg

also i gave her a messy bob because i can to explore more character design possibilities 

i need to stop drawing andreil, someone stop me please

One possible direction for my Swordsman character–more of a hero’s hero design! From all of my previous ideation, I knew going in that I definitely wanted a coat with a big floof of fur creating a dynamic silhouette shape. I’m also exploring a concept where this renowned character is shorter than the average person, which leads to people rather tactlessly commenting on it–poor lil’ guy! But this rough design is exploring his tall, stand-out-in-a-scene direction!

To see some of my previous concept work for this character, click here , here, or here!

New addition to The Flock !! far left on the back, it’s Randy!! Conrad’s Texan mechanic bf

I started on this doodle page of my ow OCs half a year ago and I’m still workin on it !! I have plans to add 2-3 more characters and possibly another if I can get a good design down

I love this big happy family c’: 


I drew this design a few days back and I wanted to color it and sell it as a character design/adoptable, and possibly make more as a series in similar theme.

I wanted to bring more diversity and POC character designs into my adopts, but since I’m not from that culture, I wanted to make sure this is an alright thing to do before going along with any good intentions, and also if it could be disrespectful in any way to people who wear hijabs/ people who are part of the culture.

So if you are a hijabi or from the culture, please feel free to share your thoughts with me by replying to this post, reblogging it, or sending an ask!
Thanks a bunch!

and a questions mark so that replies can be possible: ?

Full Confession:
I feel like I’m the only one who is over the moon with the fact that tk doesn’t have his hat in tri. I felt like a lot of people didn’t like 02 tk because of his hat, for me the hat he had in 02 completely ruined his character. Personally, I could not possibly be more happy with how the tri character designs look, and I’m especially satisfied with tk.