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Reminder. If you’re rping a canon character and feeling insecure about your writing, or fearing replacement, simply remember that your muse is not just a duplicate. No one else will be able to breathe life into that character the way you do. No one else will feel the exact way you feel about your muse. There will be people who value your muse and never stop writing with you no matter what. There will be people who appreciate your portrayal, no matter how many other versions are out there. Always remember why you made your blog. Never let anyone or anything cast your passion out of your heart !!

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"I need you, though." Chlonette or Maribee? If you can! Love your fics btw they just keep getting better!

Ok… I had an idea… and I ran with it… and… yeah…. that escalated quickly.

most of this will be under a read more because its about 3k words long… 

(Also some mention of unrequited Chloe/Adrien and Adrienette) Hope you like it.

“You’re probably wondering what I am doing here.” 

“Yeah!” Marinette said, clutching her covers to her chest as she tried to process the sight of the super heroine sitting cross legged on the edge of her bed. “How did you even-” 

“I came in through your skylight,” Queen bee said cutting off the question with a wave of her hand, “Chat mentioned a while back that you usually keep it unlocked and I needed to talk to you.” 

“I am going to kill that stupid cat,” she muttered under her breath. 


“Nothing,” Marinette said quickly. “So, what are you doing here?”  

“Well you see, the thing is… wait are you naked under there?” Bee gasped, her eyes going wide and her face flushing an obvious red even in the semi-darkness.

“No! Why would you say that?!” Marinette shot back, her own face coloring. 

“Well you are doing the whole, blanket clutchy thing!” 

“Because a stranger has shown up out of nowhere in my bedroom in the middle of the night and I am in my pajamas!” 

“But I’m not a stranger I am a superhero. And I know that Chat visits you.”

“He doesn’t come in when I am sleeping!” 

“Oh. I guess you have a point there,” Bee said looking thoughtful. “Anyways I need your help.” 

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BS:  I think Max ends up with Liesel. I don’t think it happens right away, but as they grow up, I think he’s the only person that she’s got and she’s the only person that he’s got. Having gone through what the two of them went through, there’s a bond that’s unparalleled. It would be futile to look to establish something beyond t h a t between two human beings.

for dills

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I hate TI at the moment because how can they go on with their lives without not seeing each other? How is that possible? Ok, maybe Flint doesn't know where Silver and Madi went and so he can't find him. But Silver knows where Flint is. Wouldn't he go there and try to see him at least discreetly without Flint knowing? To make sure that Flint is ok?

shhhh anon shhhh treasure island………..is fake okay. IT’S FAKE. they one hundred percent see each other again!!! jot it down!!! don’t forget it!!!

it’s like day three and flint is taking one more nap before he and thomas are ready to bust outta there and he opens his eyes and one john silver is standing before him with a smiling madi at his side (they just walked in it’s totally fine shh) and john’s like, “I wasn’t going to come. but then I had a thought and…I had to see you.”

flint: “oh?”

silver: “you never did tell me how you learned to spice and glaze a pig.”


*bangs gavel*

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Hello! I am an avid Destiel shipper, and I love your meta (Destiel and otherwise)! I am glad that supernatural has reached the point where they can have queer characters that don't die (what happened to Charlie still pisses me off though). However, as obvious as Dean and Cas' love and possible future relationship is to me, it's not so obvious to others, and I sincerely doubt that they'll ever do anything about it. If something happens in Season 13, what do you think they'd do? Thanks! <3

Hello my lovely!

Thank you so much, I’m very happy to read you’re enjoying my meta! (makes my heart go an extra big thump-thump!)

And I do apologise for this reply taking forever. I get inspired and feel I want to write a long response and then I know it’ll take half a day so then I postpone and I shouldn’t and, again, my apologies. 

I love this question and have been pondering it since I got it - as well as working my way through some meta posts which I suppose goes someways to telling you what I think they might do. But let me focus my thoughts.

Firstly, I understand that doubt is there, because there have been so many times over the years when they’ve suddenly pulled back on the Destiel of it all.

Dean and Cas have been separated by:

  • Delusions of grandeur (Cas in cahoots with Crowley, to then believe he’s God)
  • Death (Cas returning the souls to Hell, releasing the Leviathan)
  • Mental illness (Cas healing Sam)
  • A need for redemption (Cas choosing Purgatory)
  • Gadreel (human!Cas and Dean could not get cosy in S9)
  • Self-sacrifice (Cas saying yes to Lucifer)
  • Self-defence (neither thinking the other loves them for all of S12, Dean acting defensive as fuck, shutting Cas out because he wants to let him in so bad it hurts)
  • MISCOMMUNICATION (a big theme throughout their courtship)

So, here’s what I think S12 has built towards - open communication.

This doesn’t just go for Dean and Cas, though. It goes for all three of Team Free Will, because I feel TFW has been slowly moving towards assembly for all of S12, and I want them together, working together, planning together in S13.

If Cas wakes up human - either in that sunrise that seems to be promising to peak over the mountains by that lake where he died (which would be glorious, but which I doubt, simply because it’s too soon for him to come back given the magnitude of the REBIRTH that seems unavoidable here), or when crawling out of his grave after the brothers bury him - human!Cas will facilitate the Destiel story line becoming integrated into the surface narrative of the show.

To me this feels the most logical, but please know that I might be so so wrong.

Why does it feel logical?

Because the surface viewers (or the casual viewers), as you say, do not see the romantic love between Dean and Cas.

So what to do?

They will need to build the romance up from scratch to make it believable to the casual viewer. 

How to do that then?

Well, how about we position all three of our main characters on a threshold, where all of their arcs have come to a peak and is ready to move into a new beginning for each of them.

  • Sam will Lead and MoL
  • Dean will tear down more walls while letting Sam Lead and MoL
  • Cas will be reborn, with all that this rebirth will entail


New Beginnings.

The writers can opt to move into S13 with all they have set up in S12 - all that chaos and calamity that will work as a pressure wave of deepened threat and uncertainty in S13 - and anchor us in the new leaf each of our main characters are turning. It will make the season feel fresh and interesting. 

Either way, though, whatever happens, I know they’ll make it so damn awesome I can’t wait to see what they have planned for us!

To my mind, human!Cas would feel like Cas, but there were always things Castiel couldn’t partake of fully, that human!Cas can: food, drink, breathing the air, wanting to be alive, learning what that want means, falling properly in love, feeling longing, and misery, and longing for Dean, and carrying that overwhelming fear over from Castiel’s heart, that his love isn’t reciprocated.

Castiel has felt frustration. He’s felt sadness. He’s felt hopelessness. But he hasn’t been able to deal with these emotions because “It’s all so confusing” as he says in S11 after finding Dean’s porn on Dean’s laptop. (exclusively of women, of course) All of it’s always been so confusing to Cas. He feels so many things, but he can’t quite make heads or tails of his feelings. 

So this is something the writers would tackle, humanising him, grounding our beloved angel so that he can finally make the choice of where he wants to belong, not where he thinks he should belong or could belong or has to belong.

As for Dean, he’ll just be so damn happy having Cas back that I can see him following him around to make sure he’s ok, being overly attentive, unable to hide his emotions, and the casual viewer will take note. As they took note of the mixtape in 12x19. 

These gestures, if they make Destiel part of the surface narrative, and I can’t see why they would backtrack (seriously, the love story arc is peaking along with the individual character arcs addressed above so for them to backtrack now would hurt the narrative they’ve been building for so many years) (they won’t do that), these gestures will then cement the fact that Dean and Cas are in love with each other

Then again, Cas might come back a powerful angel. *shrug* We have no way of knowing for sure, of course!

But if they do what I believe they’re about to do, the writers will weave Destiel into the surface narrative slowly, out of necessity, so that the surface viewers who really couldn’t care less will just shrug and go, oh, okay, so they’re doing this now, while giving the middle finger to the viewers who gag and walk away. (walk away gaggers) (good riddance)

This is partially why I feel pretty confident that Cas will be back early in S13. Because I do so firmly believe in the love story of it all, and I do understand the precarious situation the writers are in of introducing it into the surface narrative.

It will take time, and many episodes, and a fresh feel about it, as with every other arc poised for New Beginnings in S13.

The mixtape was the first thread for Destiel to be woven into the surface, though.

It was the first visual manifestation of there being anything more between these men than brotherhood and friendship. (ok so I would say there have been about one thousand of these) (um trench coat in the trunk of Dean’s car for a year and handing it over) (yeah casual viewers) (SHAME on you)

All the other threads are just waiting, dangling on the wind, and oh will they make the prettiest tapestry EVER!

the thought of mccree getting an animated short possibly in the future makes me so excited?? like… it’s hard to explain, i want to see this character emote and move and talk in all his fully-animated glory, i haven’t lived a full life until i do


Hey, I don’t want to be annoying and reply to all of these individually and spam ur dashboards, but I just wanna let the people who sent me these know: thank you guys so much! I’ve just been in a rough patch lately and I really appreciate all of the positivity and genuine reassurances that you guys have been sending to me,,, You’re all too nice and I love you guys so much thank you..,, 💞💞💞


                                 It has been a wild journey……

you look happier (tbjzl)

prompt: based off of ed sheeran’s song happier from his divide album.

warnings: just the usual swearing

notes: i’m sure this has been done by now, but it’s been sitting in my drafts box for ages. just a quick one to say a massive thank you for 400 followers ☺️

p.s in no way is this a reflection of tobi’s character, as i personally think he is the sweetest guy around.


tobi’s pov

29th of november, a particularly dreary day for central london, and not only because it was mid winter. coincidentally it marks the day of an anniversary, and not the happy sorts.

instead, today is a painful reminder of the day y/n left. the heavy rain pouring hard down onto my concrete surroundings contributing to my shit mood is just an added bonus.

at which point i’m positive the day can’t get any worse, running across the road to escape this awful weather is the love of my life, or at least what used to be. directly beside her, the man that replaced me.

i can’t help but feel disgusted as my gaze travels down to his broad arms. she’s literally 100 ft away, wrapped in the arms of another after only a month of being apart.

flash backs from the worst day of my life fall upon me. the weather is alike today’s, she stood there at my door screaming profanities in my face, each of which physically pained me. “i can’t believe you would do this tobi, this is fucking low especially for you” she spat. i couldn’t defend myself, i had no right. i had broken her, when it was my duty to protect her. “please baby-” i step forward feeling the instant rejection as she takes a step back.

“don’t touch me, especially after you’ve been with her” the twists of her words stinging like a knife inside my chest.

she can’t help but let a tear stain her cheek and i’ve never been in so much agony knowing i inflicted such pain on her. “i’m not excusing my actions, but i’d never have kissed her if i was sober. you know i don’t drink y/n! i had been missing you so much while we were in boston and the boys wanted me to let lose, have a beer or so.”

“don’t you dare put this on me tobi. i fucking missed you too, more than you’ll ever know. but instead of going out drinking do you know what i did?” her usual soft tone non-existent, yet it was hard to miss the brokenness that her voice was laced with. i looked to my feet, too embarrassed to make eye contact with her.

“do you?” y/n began, “i spent every night apart watching videos to hear your voice, or your vlogs so i could see what you were doing. instead of shoving your tongue down a drunk bitch’s throat did you not think that maybe you could have called me? a text even? you know what tobi, i’m done. i’ll always love you but i can no longer be in love with a man who doesn’t respect me.”

“y/n baby”

“you no longer have the right to call me that” she snapped.

“please! wait until the storm is over. i don’t want you out there in the rain, it’s not safe. we can sit inside and talk things out, you can even yell at me for the next few hours.” is what i should have said to her.

but instead i let her run out into the rain, get in her car and drive away from me and our possible future.

because of me feeling sorry for myself, instead of chasing her down and begging her to forgive me, the sight in front of me unfolds. her with him and not me.

“you look happier” i hear myself silently whisper as i take notice of him making her laugh. her smile twice as wide as what it used to be with me.

I hate myself, how could i not. because ain’t nobody hurt her like i hurt her, when it was my job to make sure she was protected.

yet at the same time ain’t nobody will ever love her like i do.

i follow them to the bar, i know i should give her some space but i can’t believe i’ve seen her again and she’s looking so much better.

i take a seat far away in the corner out of view. minding my own business, i slip in the group chat my current situation.

you: i’ve seen y/n, she looks good. happier even

s: that’s good bro

v: did you speak to her?

e: where are you now?

you: i haven’t spoken to her but i may have followed her and some guy into a pub. clearly doing better without me fucking her life around

j: you’ll get there too buddy. don’t hang around and make yourself angry

i slip my phone back into my pocket disregarding josh’s advice. i take a swig of the beer i’ve ordered, as i place it back on the table i come to a realisation. how much i’d been drinking. how drinking was the cause of this.

no wonder i was happier with her.

no matter how hard i try to avoid looking at her with him, it’s virtually impossible. the words ‘she look happier’ running repeatedly through my mind. it was already hard not to think of her every second, with everything reminding me of y/n.

i need to stop this, it isn’t healthy. as i make a move to exit our eyes catch for nearly a second and the happiness i saw within them second earlier drains.

“baby you look happier, you do” i mouth before slipping back out into the rain.

After Seeing The Rumor That Rebecca Budig May Leave @autymnb And I Have Been Trying To Figure Out Who They Could Pair Finn With And I’m Drawing A Total Blank?
I Can’t Really Think Of Any Finn-Ships??? Other That HayFinn????
I Can’t Think Of Anyone I Ship Finn With? Aside From Hayden???
I Mean, I Can Hypothetically See Him With Either Nina Or Ava But That’s Entirely About The Fact That We Know ME Has Good Chem With Maura And Michelle… But, It’s The Actors I Can See Together It’s Not About The Characters At All.
I Know I Liked Seeing Silas With Ava&Nina And I Always Thought That They Completely Wasted Silas Relationships With Them. I’m Honestly Still Pissed The Went And Had Ava Fuck Her Daughters BF As “Aunt Denise” Instead Of Finally Hooking Ava And Silas Up.(It Would Have Been Fucking Prefect Fight Me!!!) And I Always Adored Silas And Nina’s Friendship And I Could Have Totally Seen Them Getting Back Together Now That Theu Were Grown™ And Not The Stupid Kids They Were The First Time Around.
That Was Silas, Not Finn.
I Love ME&MWs Chem, But I Can’t Really Picture Hamilton Finn And Ava Jerome Together. And I Can Kinda See Finn And Nina Together But Not Really…

Dear Older Trans People,

I am so proud of you.
You are my hero, no matter if you came out when you were 15 and now you’re 60 or if you just came out yesterday and everything in between, or even if you’re not out yet. I’m proud of you for knowing who you are. I know it’s scary to transition, but you can do this! I look up to the older trans community because I can look at you all and say to myself “Well hey if this person can transition at 60 years old, or this person has just come out then think about all the future possibilities for me.” PS. I love you and I look up to you, and I’m so proud.