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Disney, Hear my Plea!

Look, literally all I’m asking for is a live action remake of Atlantis: The Lost Empire. To convince you, I’ve compiled a short list of things to think about:

1. The badass princess Kida.

2. The entire language that was created for the original cartoon!


4. The wonderfully diverse and lovable characters that could be brought to life once more

5. Our adorkable hero Milo Thatch, who saves an entire city because he’s just that smart


7. Imagine the possibilities for the live action scenes for the following GIFS:

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Concept:  Me, sitting in the theater, watching the new live action Beauty and the Beast.  It’s a good movie, beautiful, and Emma Watson acted her heart out as she just confessed her love for the Beast.  The curse breaks.  The Beast transforms, into a woman.  I start crying.  Three pissed off moms storm out with their kids and, unsuccessfully, try to get their money back.

let’s appreciate the scene in The Outsiders where, after the rumble and the trial and everything that’s happened, Ponyboy’s sitting in the parking lot of the grocery store, and a bunch of Socs drive in and get out of their car and are all like;

“You’re the guy who killed Bob Sheldon.  And he was a friend of ours.  We don’t like nobody killing our friends, especially Greasers,” and they’re about to jump him, and Ponyboy just freaking busts his pop bottle on the ground like ‘big whoop.’

“You get back into your car or you’ll get split,” he says, “I mean it.  I’ve had just about all I can take from you guys,” and he intimidates them into leaving.

And then Two-Bit comes out of the grocery store doorway and says, “You’d have really cut them up, huh?” which freaks him out because in the beginning of the book, he tossed Ponyboy a broken bottle for a bluff, and it worked pretty well but the thought of it made Ponyboy sick.  And he’s all like, “Ponyboy, listen, don’t get tough.  You’re not like the rest of us and don’t try to be…”  And of course that makes Ponyboy mad 'cause Dallas told him that if you got tough, nothing could hurt you.  But then Two-Bit stops, and he’s like, “What in the world are you doing?”

And Ponyboy just says, “Picking up the glass.”

Ponyboy Curtis is such a perfect little cinnamon roll that after everything that happened - getting jumped and killing a guy (kinda) and running away and saving a bunch of kids and two of his friends dying the same night and a rumble and a concussion and a trial where he almost got separated from his family and everyone treating him differently and everything - he’ll beat up some Socs now, but he’s still worried about kids stepping on glass in the parking lot.

And that’s why The Outsiders is my favorite book.

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Dude-- I've seen you post about it a lot, but I never really had the chance to watch Hot Fuzz until tonight. Holy shit, it was so worth it. Now I have to find and watch all of your other movie recommendations.

Yeah! I’m glad you liked it! It is quite possibly my favorite movie of all time, so finding anything else that measures up to it might be difficult (though anything else featuring Pegg, Frost, and/or Wright is a good place to start).

But if you want to see movies I’ve liked, you can check out my watchlist or go to the #movies tag on my blog. I hope you find something more to love!

I just got back from seeing Civil War and it was incredible. I won’t give away details but I gotta say the storytelling was fantastic and the characters just keep getting better. Tom Holland was awesome as not only Spiderman but also Peter Parker. Black Panther was amazing, his costume was cool and the dude’s got skills. It was also really fun seeing Ant Man with the rest of the gang. I loved everything about the movie and it was so different from anything Marvel has done before. It is quite possibly my favorite Marvel movie so far.

I just thought of a thing.  Imagine Frisk wanting to catch everyone up on favorite movies they haven’t seen.  And since Frisk is a child, they like Disney stuff!  Using what they know that their monster friends like, Frisk organized the possibilities of favorite movies by stuff they know that they like!  For example: Undyne would like watching Mulan.  Papyrus would like Rattaoulie, Alphys and Mettaton would like WALL-E, Sans would like Treasure Planet and etc!  

Flowey would absolutely HATE these patheticly sappy movies. Mainly because what he knows should make him sad or laugh in a movie, just doesn’t work for him… until Frisk finally picks out a movie for Flowey.  Lilo and Stitch.  Flowey LOVES how destructive and wild Stitch was!  He even liked Jumba and Pleakly and laughed as he pointed out to Frisk ‘They both look like Sans and Papyrus!’

Than Flowey finally gets to the message.  ‘Ohana means family… family means no one gets left behind, or forgotten.’ Frisk overhears Flowey sniffling quietly and pauses the movie to ask him what’s wrong.  Flowey snaps at Frisk while trying to hide his watering eyes through anger as he shouts ‘TURN IT BACK ON, FRISK!  I WANNA SEE THE ENDING NOW!’ Frisk unpauses it and while Flowey just kinda hides his face in the soil of his pot, Frisk just pulls him closer into a hug and once the movie ends, Flowey’s petals were closed around his face.  He tired himself out from all the crying.  Frisk just smiles at him and takes him to their room, putting a little blanket around his stem and turning the lights down just before gently closing the door as they whisper ‘I would never leave you behind, Asriel… G’night bro-bro.’

You know what I love about Dreamworks? They go outside the mold – that mold that Disney created, and has pretty much always been completely faithful to.

It’s partly set-up, partly content, and partly just which stories they choose to tell, but Disney could never have made Rise of the Guardians. Or Megamind. Those stories are too unique, too different, too outside-the-expectations.

Now, I’m not saying that I hate Disney. I adore Disney. Frozen is possibly my favorite movie at the moment. But there’s a reason so many people complained about it – while it was a good Disney Princess Movie… that’s pretty much all it was. It was lovely, the art is fantastic, the soundtrack is to die for, the characters lovable… But it’s still very firmly set within that Disney Magic Mold that has worked so long and so well since Ol’ Walt himself carved it out.

Dreamworks is kind of hit and miss. They have great movies and they have sour ones, and there doesn’t seem to be much middle ground. But every time they release one, it feels like they sat down and said, “Ok, how can we tell a really cool story? A brand new story with brand new characters and great art and a phenomenal soundtrack and side-busting one-liners and so much storytelling and character development done purely through facial expressions…etc, etc, etc.”

Disney’s just like, “OK, and the next fairy tale to animate is…”

Dreamworks goes beyond the “this is a movie for kids and their parents” scene. They make movies that are good and happen to be animated. Far more than Disney ever has, Dreamworks realizes that animated movies don’t have to be purely kid movies. And that even if it is a kid’s movie, it can be for grown ups too.

Let me clarify, in case it hasn’t been clear enough already: I love Disney. All of my favorite movies are Disney. I’m a grown woman and I still consider myself a Disney girl. I want to go to Disney world with a bunch of my gal friends and just be a little kid again and sing with the character actors and all that jazz. I love Disney.

And I don’t love everything that Dreamworks has done. (need anyone say, “Shark Tale”?) But when a Dreamworks movie is good, it’s very good.

I look forward to seeing what Dreamworks comes up with in the next few years, and what Disney does to compete. Because while there will always be a market for the Disney Princess Movie, people want more too, and Dreamworks seems more willing to take risks in order to give it to them.

Apparently, I’ve made it

A weird thing happened to me last week, and maybe it means I’m officially part of the Frozen fandom, but it kind of took me off guard.

Those of you who know me know I’ve been lingering around the edges of the Frozen fandom for a while, contributing my fics and squealing over all things Frozen. Because I like the movie and I like the characters and it is one heck of a sandbox to dabble in. I was excited last week when a Frozen holiday special was announce. I am 110% over the moon excited about it!

After expressing this excitement, I got an anonymous message more or less raging Frozen hate at me– totally unsolicited. And then the anon said that because I consider myself part of the Frozen fandom, Tangled can’t possibly be my favorite movie. Because, according to this anon, you can’t like both. Don’t I know what Frozen has done to Tangled? Because of Frozen, Tangled is only getting a stupid TV show, and it got a little restroom area in the WDW. There has been no real recognition of Tangled because of the marketing demon that is Frozen. How can I be a true fan of Tangled and still align myself with the Frozen fandom?

So I am address this anon now, because it HAS to be somebody who follows me (or did some really serious internet stalking to know that Tangled is my fave). How can I like both movies and support both fandoms?

Because I can, damnit.

I enjoy Frozen. I LOVE Tangled– it is my absolute favorite movie ever. I am allowed to adore both of these things. I can like more than one thing, I can be part of multiple fandoms, and I can like Frozen despite it “taking away recognition” from Tangled. That’s like saying I can’t like blue moon and peanut butter ice cream, because blue moon is so much more popular with the little league kids.

And you know what? I can also like Big Hero Six, Wreck it Ralph, Princess and the Frog, and every single Disney movie ever, while also liking Frozen.

This weird notion that because someone enjoys Frozen means that they’re betraying all other Disney films is ridiculous, and I am tired of Frozen-hate, simply because it’s popular. Is it the best movie ever? No. Is it even the best Disney movie ever? Probably not. Is it a good movie? I think it is, yes. Can I also like other Disney movies while hanging out in the Frozen fandom?

Yes. As a matter of fact, I can even like Tangled.

Especially Tangled.