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I can’t believe Noctyx is a thing… Noctnyx? Nyxnoct? Caelric? Ulricaelum?

ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice
佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)
ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice

ナミダメ“サン”ノミヤタクマの場合 Sample Voice (CV: Nakazawa Masatomo)

*NSFW, headphones advised! きたあああああぁぁぁぁぁ! ヽ( ≧ ▽ ≦ )ノ The NSFW-level isn’t quite up there yet, but he’s sounding pretty Mっぽい already. Which is, of course, right up my alley…

Release Date: November 27th, 2015.

Husband: When are you going to stop playing Dragon Age? This game is like 3 years old.

Me: Well 1) it’s not 3 for a few more months, 2) maybe when I finally get Dorian and Iron Bull to bang and 3) NEVER.


—Namidame “San” Nomiya Takuma no Baai—

Bullet just announced a third volume to the Namidame series—featuring a rather popular seiyuu! (And I’m way too excited for my own good… ; ▽ ; )

Synopsis (Paraphrased):

You and Sannomiya Takuma (三宮琢磨) are master and slave, respectively.

However, this relationship is normally concealed from everyone else.

On the surface, the dynamic between you two appears to be that of two typical co-employees, a company president and his secretary. During work, naturally, Takuma is your superior, and you are his subordinate. (But who’s really the sub here, hmmm?)

Deeply trustworthy and reliable in the eyes of his employees and other companies, Takuma comes off as a highly capable individual. But, in actuality, the preservation of his dignity and attitude are dependent on his stylish, professional exterior. The moment his clothes are removed, that illusion is also discarded.

One day, after a strange event leads you to see through Takuma’s apparent do-S façade, Takuma personally confesses to you that he is a do-M and a pervert.

Two years later, finding yourself growing bored of the relationship you two possess (because being someone’s master must get tedious after a while), you say to Takuma:

“I’m already tired of a disgusting pig like you.” (Girl does not mince her words, apparently. > - <;; Perhaps she might be the most do-S of all the protagonists so far?)

—only to have him clinging to you without shame, begging you to not throw him away. Seeing this, you half-jokingly suggest the following to him.

“Once in a while, should I train (discipline) you while you’re working?”

And, as you sort of anticipate, Takuma replies with, “I’ve always, always, longed for that…”

…and thus begins a deeper, twisted love between the two of you.

CV: 佐和真中 (Nakazawa Masatomo)

Release Date: November 27th, 2015.

*This isn’t the first time Masatomo-san has been in a do-M role, so I think I might know what to expect. Doesn’t make me any less excited, though! If anything, I’m probably going to enjoy this more than I should… (I also find it slightly amusing that the cute little brother from Futari no Himitsu 8 will be “reprising” a role as a do-M, うふふふ.)

12 dpo

Fertilityfriend says my chart is “possibly triphasic on CD 37”, which could be a good sign.
But on the other hand, I’ve been cramping abit today and yesterday. 🤷🏽‍♀️

I was sleeping in an airconditioned room in Greece, so maybe the rise in my temps is because I sleep in a warmer bedroom??

My cynical, infertile brain says not to get my hopes up, but my hopefull, optimistic heart says to keep believing in miracles 🤞🤞🤞

all of the reasons kim possible is better than u
  • she’s a high school super hero
  • she has a catchy as fuck theme song and a computer in her locker like what she totally wins high school
  • her name is a play on the word impossible and her friend’s name is a play on the word unstoppable like whaaaat mind blown
  • she’s got mad skillz
  • she’s also a cheerleader and shows that cheerleaders can actually b pretty rad and not the bitchy stereotype they’re often conveyed as (except for bonnie but she’s whatevs)
  • she’s a female with a male sidekick which shows whooo women can be the main character 2 yay
  • her arch nemesis has a female sidekick who does all the fighting for him i mean how often do you c women being the brawn u don’t so shut ur mouth
  • but like the show is like actually really cool and they’re all like real ppl even stupid bonnie is a real character who has real problems or whatevr
  • whooo poc r in it 2 in fact one of kim’s best friends is black and the person they go to 4 help all the time is black and that’s like cool
  • even the villains are diverse like senor senior sr and junior r latino, and duff killigan is scottish, and drakken is blue
  • her dad is a rocket scientest and her mom is a neurosurgeon like the 2 stereotyped hardest jobs like that’s cool and they’re super chill so that’s cool 2
  • and like her parents both have phds and call each other dr and that is like rad as fuck ok bcause they totes have uber respect 4 each other
  • her best friend is a dude and even though they totes get 2gether in the end it shows that platonic friendships r real yo
  • her best friend wouldn’t b considered stereotypically “manly” and he gets scared easily and isn’t the best at fighting and that’s totally awesome bcuz it shows that there is a broad spectrum of what men are like and that it’s ok 2 not b “manly”
  • shego used to b a hero 2 and like drakken used 2 b a chill dude and like wow dimensions and character growth and they’re both pretty chill in the end
  • naked mole rat
  • so yeah
  • she wins u lose byebye
Ai no kusabi and drama CDs
For freelancerisemroleplayer and rikibisonleader because this is not a topic which is discussed a lot in the non-japanese fandom ;)
Ai no kusabi is a series which has been granted with several drama CDs over the years, be it with the seiyuus of the first ova or with the ones of the remake. Thanks to the novels and OVA, it is possible to divide the CDs in two categories: those done in the 90’s and those done after 2000. They are very interesting in both the acting choices they made and the period they chose to retell.

The original cast
The first drama CDs recorded for this series were Dark Erogenous and Tsumakurenai, featuring the seiyuus Seki Toshihiko as Riki and Shiozawa Kaneto as Iason. Dark Erogenous retells the three years Riki spent in Eos, this period only being glossed over in the first novel. Tsumakurenai is actually a memorial drama CD released in 2000, a few months after Shiozawa Kaneto died. This drama CD retells the whole story, from Riki and Iason’s meeting to their death, albeit focuses on some specific moments. Plus apart from Riki and Iason who were still voiced by Seki Toshihiko and Shiozawa Kaneto, it seems the other characters got differents seiyuus.
Some drama tracks can also be found in the several OST released in the 90’s: “Midnight Illusion” in Ai no kusabi OST, “Iason Mink”, “Riki”, “Friction” and “Tenacity” in Sense of Crisis, “Metamorphose” and “Eternal” (it’s actually a song) in Ambivalence and “Flash Back”, “Sympathy” and “Black Moon” in Sympathy.

The remake cast
After the author rewrote the series and expanded it to 6 novels, three drama CDs were recorded with the remake’s staff: Destiny, Nightmare and Resonance with Itô Kentarô as Riki and Ôgawa Tohru as Iason. Those three drama CDs actually retell the first half of the story, from Riki and Iason’s meeting to Riki’s return in the slums, though in a way more detailed way than the other drama CDs.

Differences and common points
As a whole, the drama CDs recorded in the 90’s focus on Riki and Iason’s relationship, nothing much being said on the political situation or on the feelings of the other characters (the most extreme example would be Guy, whose feelings are never really well explained). The emphasis is put on Iason’s point of view, which enables the audience to empathize with him easily as he is described as isolated among the other Blondies and ready to sacrifice everything to protect Riki whom he deeply loves. On the other hand, Riki appears as a wild youngster, always ready to yell and speak his mind, before becoming a quiet and disheartened young man. Katze appears as Riki’s mentor, showing him the way while giving away some wise words, and Guy is kind of the “normal” guy who ended up being caught in something too big for him which caused him to lose his mind.
However this is different in the drama CDs recorded after 2000: thanks to the new version written by the author, the political and social situations can both be explained clearly, briging some new aspects in the story. Now focused on Riki’s point of view, the story appears to be more about the social evolution Riki experiences, from being a slum mongrel to becoming a courier in the Black Market and finally a Pet. Riki is portrayed as a young, intelligent and fearless, even a bit brash at the beginning, teenager but also as someone hiding his scars and fears behind the appearance of a strong gang leader. On the other hand, Iason appears at the beginning as someone extremely cold and condescending, though he becomes gradually more cunning and wilful during the three years Riki spends in Eos. His feelings for Riki are not exposed as blatantly as they were in the previous drama CDs, for he is most of the time described defending his and Riki’s position against the other Blondies, however they are still here. Katze is pictured as a calm and quiet man who doesn’t like to waste his time and always gets straight to the point, but also as Riki’s alter ego, being a slum mongrel and having already received his punishment for stepping over the bounds. We also get to discover new characters, like Bison’s gang members, Daryl, Mimea, Steen and Alec who bring out different aspects of Riki and Iason as well as other social issues the previous version was lacking.
In short, the first version showed mainly the characters while alone and dealing with their own problems, everything being centered on the relationship between Iason and Riki with an emphasis on Iason’s point of view, whereas the second version introduced new issues in the stories while actually showing the characters interact on a daily basis and putting the emphasis on Riki’s point of view.
Some priest tricks

|| There is no way I consider myself a mlg priest but here are some friendly advise that i’ve learned over almost 1 year of playing priest ^^ 

  1. There are 3 cooldowns you always need to have in mind and use whenever out of cd and possible - Energy Stars, triple nemesis debuff and mana charge. Lots of priests I’ve been with these days almost never use mana charge and even tho I use mana potions, still, mana charge is a bless ^^ 
  2. Use backstep to iframe and firey scape to positionate yourself. Backstep is your only iframe and it is in a fairly high cd so the purpose of this tip is don’t waste it.
  3. Kaia is your “oh shit I messed up” skill or “We are bound to eat a lot of dmg >.< better try mitigating some of it” be careful with it’s cd. 
  4. Don’t depend on healing inmerse to heal your dps, it’s better use Restorative burst and Focus heal.
  5. 13/14 m is the perfect position for you, closer is situational, farther you are missplaced. 
  6. Your cleanse has 17 m range, positionate yourself to cleanse all the party at once. Save yourself trouble and save the panic moment to your dps
  7. Cleanse first - heal after, unless someone is instantly going to die for that debuff, then kaia him, cleanse, heal. 
  8. Your habilities have a certain casting time, it’s not much but it is something so, take that into account and always be safe while doing it. 
  9. Prioritice alive dps over dead ones, only ress when you know your party is fine and noone is gonna die. 
  10. Rebuff when you can and you are save , example, shield phases, stand by boss phases, etc … make sure you are not gonna die while rebuffing.
  11. Always keep an eye on your tank, he is face tanking a boss so be aware of his health and mana. 
  12. Be aware of the agro, a dps can steal it and then the boss would turn and fuk everyone up, in this cases, put yourself at a save spot with firey scape and then heal your dps. 
  13. Divine Respite is like the best thing ever, it’s on a long cd but it will save your ass so many times, so use it wisely.
  14. Gurdian sanctuary (even tho it’s mostly a pvp skill) will reduce range dmg and protect you from certain stuns. 
  15. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE AUTORES ON ! ! (Grace of ressurection)

I hope it helps people starting with priest feel free to add your own tips to the list :3

…oooh, so Save the Light IS going to be a branched-dialogue game…

Heh, I knew Here Comes a Thought had mindfulness meditation in it from the get-go.~ (It’s actually really cool that Rebecca was studying it, though…)

…OH, but the soundtrack is REMASTERING the songs? (I wonder if we’ll get to hear more of those “A&S Cuts”…) 

Okay, that’s exciting. o.o (I’m getting the digital version AND hard copy if possible, because legal cd-ripping programs rarely get the files above 128kbs quality… but the full qualities on these songs are so satisfying, especially with, like, the chiptunes and Peridot’s songs, chimes and echoes…)

Complicated Disasters Pt. 8

Word Count: 3007 (YEAH YOU READ THAT RIGHT)((kinda can be read alone, but reading the whole series helps! Thats a loooooose kinda))
Warnings: Smutty smut smut smut and more smut. annnnd cursing. cause smut.
Notes: Okay Y’all. I’ma break it to you the nicest way possible. CD will only have two more parts making it an even 10. SO with that said be prepared! muwahahaha
Also, I stayed up all night writing this, so IF there are mistakes, its because it’s currently 4am and I just HAVE to share this with y’all. HAVE TO. I feel so much better about all the fluffy stuff I’ve been writing now. YAY ME(( I edited it and I can’t believe you guys gave this 30+ notes with its terrible writing. WOW. 4 am writing is no my stong suit))

Part One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven

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ummmmmm ok i used to have a love song playlist but sadly i don’t have it anymore BUT i will look through my phone and list cutesy/lovey songs under the cut. i hope any of these might be useful. ALSO congrats on one year!! :D

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Mirror Song (Reimagined Preview)
The Caulden Road
Mirror Song (Reimagined Preview)

Here’s the second preview from my band The Caulden Road’s upcoming album Reimagined. Conveniently posted here for all of your listening, sharing, and reblogging needs. =) This is a preview and may change in mix or even additional instrumentation before the final album release.

Unlike the first preview “Just A Boy” (listen here), which more-or-less stayed true to the format of the original composition, “Mirror Song” features not only a new rap verse performed by Toronto hip-hop artist Gardener, but also a newly written chorus. All other Reimagined tracks will fall somewhere within these two extremes with regards to compositional changes.

Reimagined should be out later this year on iTunes, CD, and (possibly) double vinyl.