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Happy 263rd, kiddo! Thank you for all your brilliance, dedication, hard work, and trouble instigating. It was nice to finally meet you in person.

[Col. Benjamin Tallmadge, born Feb 25, 1754; died March 7, 1835]

some more Rebel!Savage sketches! I actually remembered his robotic arm, its a miracle.

Essentially, thanks to some residual nightsister magic, Savage survives the fight with Sidious and goes on to join the rebellion after the clone wars. Eleven years after his revival, he meets Maul again.

Frank Sawyer Headcanons

Making a moodboard for Frank currently and bc I love him so much I’m coming up with some headcannons:
1. Frank’s favorite song is Blue Skies by Ella Fitzgerald
2. He loves Motown music and Aretha Franklin (his grandma always had it playing when he was a child)
3. Before joining the Marines he was a huge activist who went to rallies all the time but has toned it down since then because being around lots of people can be overwhelming and it makes him nervous
4. He reaaaalllllyy loves watercolor paintings but trying to get the hang of it is so frustrating so he’s never put enough time into practicing it but he would love to try to get better one day when his hands stop shaking enough for him to paint again
5. Sometimes he takes aesthetic photos of dirty paint brushes on his phone that he will never show anyone but the sight of them just makes him really happy
6. He has a really good fashion sense - like REALLY GOOD
7. He wears lots of COLORS
8. He loves flowers - sunflowers are his favorite
9. Chloe bought him a bouquet of sunflowers after his first job interview
10. He also loves picking wild flowers that grow in the summer
11. His favorite painting is Untitled (Rooftop View) by Hughie Lee Smith
12. He loved “Moonlight”
13. He gets very emotional when he watches movies (most recently he cried a lil bit when he watched “Hidden Figures”)
14. His smile is SO BEAUTIFUL
15. He wears makeup his favorite thing is colorful eyeliner
16. Gaaaah there are more but this is already soooo long

Every time I see a “support main” who thinks that “support role is less fun than others, they get no credit, get all the blame, all the suffering, and sincerely, they are just doing other playes a huge favour by playing support” on my dash, I want to hug them tightly, and as a fellow support player say…


Animorph Headcannon

Pretty sure there are a couple of human hosts out there that just PISS OFF their yeerk. Like, constant puns, bad jokes, and inappropriate questions about alien biology. Like, even through all of the yeerk torture they just keep singing “I know a song that gets on every Yeerky’s nerves” until it gets so frustrated they refuse to go back to the host so they constantly have to give these annoying humans new yeerks just to get them pissed off again.


Kards Against Mortality: Shaolin Expansion Pack

I actually made these before i left on holiday but had no time to upload. More can be on the way if I catch up!

The original deck


The show-runners can talk shit until they’re blue in the face, but there’s no way something like this happened accidentally. 

And if it did, all the people who looked at this shot and thought, “This seems completely normal, nothing weird about the subject or the composition here! The fandom will absolutely read nothing into this perfectly framed shot of one of our lead couples flanking a wedding dress while they talk about their love,” are A+ dunces.


aaaannnd Morty ends up getting a crit and knocking out the gaseous morty (happened to me twice already)

but anyway, here’s my final team of Mortys, i beat the game and now im just looking for all the Mortys to finish my MortyDex

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So your thinking I hallucinated it?

Nooooo, what I’m saying is that instincts are the first act of your subconscious, so its pretty interesting that when you spot something out of the ordinary, your subconscious screams that someone is after your glasses.

(This means u think about this so much to the point that ur head believe that its a true possibility + u should run)

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according to reddit spoiler guy. jaime and cersei don't talk about the sept burning at all. jaime mentions tommen but cersei just says tommen "betrayed" her and leaves it at that. if this is true, its possible that we'll get some non-verbal conflict on jaime's face. but it fits D&d's method of simply not mentioning important events (jon not telling sansa about his resurrection for example). the same reddit guy is also saying that there will be conflict between jaime/cersei when bronn tricks

jaime into meeting tyrion. cersei’s mad and threatens to kill bronn etc and obviously when cersei tells jaime she’s going to betray jon and dany. but then this same spoiler guy is also saying that cersei is going to suck jaime’s dick after killing tyene with the same poisoned lips. and how cersei won’t care after a maid walks in on them post coital. if all these spoilers are true, then jaime’s gonna be a spineless fool again this season. leaving cersei because she betrays jon and dany is understandable enough. but doing so after he was okay getting a BJ from her after she burned the sept?? not so much. especially because also apparently jaime doesn’t even notice that dany’s missing a dragon?? and cersei has to point it out to him?? and the fact that cersei is still pregnant with his child when he leaves her. will he even know that cersei has miscarried when he hooks up with brienne in season 8 jfc

are these spoilers reliable? is this the same guy who leaked the script (awayforthelads)? what are his credentials? 

the fact they don’t talk about the sept explosion seems reasonable enough to me. It’s not that d&d deliberately avoid mentioning important events because they like to sweep them under the rug and pretend they didn’t happen, it’s that they avoid to have long scenes with entirely expository dialogue about stuff WE (the audience) already know. Such a conversation would steal precious screentime when, as you said, they can convey much more through non-verbal clues, or imply Cersei gave him some sort of explanation offscreen. It also fits J&C’s overall lack of communication over the issues that really matter, imho.

re: the rest, it’s all very frustrating, I’m not saying the contrary, and some things sound outright pointless/circular writing (the pregnancy/miscarriage plot, unless it’s used for “symbolism”, the blowjob, unless there’s really some correlation with Cersei’s poisoned kiss, as a I jokingly speculated). THAT SAID, I think we should make peace with the fact that Jaime—at least how he’s portrayed in the show—is acting exactly like a person who is in a toxic relationship and can’t get out of it. I think NCW sort of stressed this angle in his recent interview. Jaime cannot simply see what Cersei’s doing, he cannot just accept that the person he loves and dedicated his whole life to no longer matches the reality of who Cersei is. People who are in unhealthy relationships often act in a frustrating way from the outside. They seem STUPID. They make you want to slap them in the face. Why DON’T you just LEAVE him/her already, you FOOL? Can’t you see what he/she did? 

Jaime’s behavior isn’t palatable, isn’t FUN to watch, but it’s realistic. It’s not just women who get stuck in toxic relationships, it happens to men too. Such characters tend to get a lot of hate, because the audience sees them as “weak” and “passive”, or even complicit. This is something we need to consider about show!Jaime, in addition to admitting that the way he’s written is far from spectacular (I’m not denying it). Waiting for the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back is probably not the best strategy, in this perspective, because a person’s capacity to avoid reality is limitless. The change needs to come from the inside. Maybe it will:

Jaime’s addicted to something—almost institutionalized by a situation to where there is no other way. For Jaime, there is no other way. He’s been groomed since he was 15 that, whatever his life is, it starts and ends with Cersei. He has to accommodate her. He’s done that his whole life, and he’s reached a moment now where he suddenly has to address it.   (x)

Nights of Ramen (and Other Little Things)

Right now it’s around 2am, and I am awake. My seven-year-old has a sore throat, and I just tucked her back into bed. And I find myself thinking about my friend @derdoktorsschnabel who is preparing to become a dad next Spring. 

I had already brought my daughter some cold water and a cough drop when she woke up coughing earlier tonight. This second time she was apologizing for waking me up again, but started crying and saying that her throat still hurt. I quietly lead her out of the room where her younger brother and sister were sleeping and took her into the kitchen. She said she was cold, so I got her one of my way-too-big sweatshirts and put it over her, with the hood up. Then I announced that I would be making her some of Dad’s Magical Healing Ramen. 

I put some water on the stove to boil, and chatted with her while I made the Top Ramen. I let her choose whether or not I would add an egg (she wisely chose “yes”) and also choose which flavor we’d have. When it was ready, I put an ice cube in her bowl, and told her to stir it around until the ice melted all the way. 

We sat at the table eating ramen together and talking while we ate. We talked about how ramen comes from Japan. She asked me if I knew where potato chips came from, and when I admitted I didn’t know, she said that she did and she’d show me the answer in a book tomorrow. I told her how ramen broth always makes my throat feel better when I’m sick. We kept chatting like this until my wife woke up and caught us in the kitchen with our Magical Healing Ramen. She gave our daughter a hug, and gave me a smirk. 

Finally, I gave my daughter an extra cough drop in case she woke up again, took her back to her room, and helped her straighten out her blankets and tucked her in again. 

OK, so here’s the point I want to get to. There’s a lot of pressure today when it comes to being a parent. Pressure to make every adorable crafty thing on Pinterest. Pressure to make every costume and lunch at home from scratch. Pressure to avoid any food remotely considered unhealthy. Pressure to follow the latest cognitive development routine to make sure your kid has learned calculus by the time they’re out of diapers. 

But the truth is, SO much of that is just chatter and noise. It’s easy to think that every kid wants a huge trip to Disneyland, or a massive tree house built in their backyard, but honestly what your kid really wants is just time with you. It’s the little stuff, accumulating over time, that will stick with them. It’s nights of ramen, and funny stories from your childhood, and letting them “help” with changing the lightbulb, and sitting on the swing next to them and talking about their day. 

I might be getting a bit overly sentimental and rambling right now, but I think that’s OK sometimes. That’s what kids do to you. They force you to get tired and dirty and frustrated and scared. And you learn to still be yourself anyway. 

Bottom Line: You’re gonna make a great parent. Don’t worry about it. Just do your best, relax, and just let the little things fall into place. 

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I saw a theory on reddit that suggest that inmates or guards did the 'damaged' tattoo on his forehead as revenge. I might cry if its true, because if thats possible, we don't what else they did to him. That might be the one who Joker says to 'i cant wait to show you my toys' who did bad things to him and Joker wants revenge. I love theories, especially the one that suggest that in suicide squad Harley actually jumped into the chemicals.

Fantastic theory! I’ve never seen that point taken as to why he has the tattoos. Perhaps, as you’ve stated, there were inmates who inked that word across his forehead as it has been shown in the newest trailer that Joker did not always have the tattoos. (It could be the lighting, but if you look closely in the shot of him lying in the circle of knives, it appears there is no “damaged” tattoo on his forehead, and his lips are quite different.) If such is true, I could definitely see Joker taking control of this attempt to deride him as an inmate, i.e: giving himself more tattoos as a last laugh in the faces of those who thought he couldn’t take control of the ‘joke.’ As audiences were shocked by the first image reveal of Jared in all his tattoo glory, could you imagine being the inmate/guard that ‘started the joke?’ After all: I started a joke, which started the whole world crying, but I didn’t see that the joke was on me. Now, a lot of people were upset with his tattooed image, but if the Joker continued with this look so as to turn the joke on someone who thought they could demean him, I absolutely love that theory.

However, although I can’t say it’s proven the man he says, “I can’t wait to show you my toys,” to is not behind the damaged tattoo, I can confirm the man’s identity. The man he is speaking to is Jonny Frost, a man Joker has worked alongside with in the comics. It’s speculated this relationship remains an asset to the Suicide Squad film, as Frost makes several cameos throughout the length of both trailers. Examples of such appearances include, but are not limited to, the following:

In these shots, viewers came to know him as “ALPHA01.” However, in paying close attention to his name tag (see below) as he assists a well-dressed Joker in a shoot-out in the back of a carrier(?), it can be assumed he will evidently be working alongside him. Frost can also be found leading the Joker to find Harleen Quinzel in the original trailer, ultimately throwing her onto a gurney, as well as standing behind Joker as he raises his armed hand at a man out of shot.

The fact of the matter is, this is a fantastic new theory you’ve shared with me, and I hope it grasps the attention of others as well. I could be mistaken in my designating the man being fondled by Joker to be Frost, but his side profile and facial hair are very similar to the shots we’ve already seen of Frost in the trailers.

One quote of particular interest that Joker shares with Frost in the comics is, “A bit of advice […] Don’t ever apologize to no one for the way you look.” Should these two remain partners in Suicide Squad, I feel a quote of similar standing could transpire between the two, given Joker’s newly designed appearance. Overall, my hype for Jared’s portrayal, and Joker’s new appearance, has not changed; with rumours of the comics involving Frost having major ground in the movie, my excitement for this portion of the film continues to increase.

Magi 284   uh...what?

                                                  ~ Our World ~


                                             ~ Magi World ~

                                             ~ 3 Years Later ~

Maybe he went a little overboard… lol

So, I don’t really know what time period they were in before, but with chapter 284, it seems that they at least have electricity and trains. It might all be run by magic, but for them to have come up with such futuristic designs in only three years is truly incredible, but a little hard to believe. I guess its true, all things are possible for Sinbad!~ ^^ But I’m scared to find out just what consequences came with building this “Utopia” of his… O_o;