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Things I’ll Never Get Over When It Comes to Percabeth:

When Percy meets Annabeth for the first time, he legit thought that she was a princess. 

They were both blushing up a storm when Percy realizes that she was watching him all morning. Which includes him getting dressed and looking at her picture in The Sea of Monsters

Percy was high key jealous of Luke every time Annabeth brought him up even though he didn’t realize at the time he liked her throughout Percy Jackson & The Olympians

Annabeth kissed him good luck in The Battle of the Labyrinth which left him wondering what the fuck his name was until he remembered he was being hunted down. 


Annabeth took a poisoned blade to save Percy from dying in The Last Olympian

Percy was scared of the possibility of Annabeth choosing to become a hunter of Artemis in The Titan’s Curse. He was scared she was going to leave him

He gave up being a GOD so he could have a relationship with her. 

To celebrate their canonization, Camp Half-Blood threw them in the fuckin lake. Which lead to “The Best Underwater Kiss of All Time” in The Last Olympian

The only name Percy remembered after getting his memory wiped in The Son of Neptune was Annabeth. He remembered he had a Girlfriend and he continued to shut down romantic advancements on him throughout the novel. Which shows how dedicated he is to her. 

When Percy and Annabeth were reunited in The Mark of Athena, They have a romantic kiss which ended in Annabeth judo throwing him out of anger. Which made him laugh. 

Honestly throughout The Mark of Athena all the way up till The Blood of Olympus they’re already married. They’re married and nobody can convince me otherwise of this. 

Percy’s hot as fuck kiss to Annabeth at the birthplace of Athena and Poseidon’s rivalry turned me the fuck on honestly in The Blood of Olympus

Percy thinks about having a future with Annabeth constantly to the point where he always includes CHILDREN. He wants Annabeth as his Wife and to be the mother of his children and that makes me tear up a bit. 

Also Annabeth is the only one who gets away with calling him “Seaweed brain” playfully while he got pissed the fuck off when Thalia called him that in The Titan’s Curse

There are too many Percabeth moments to list off in The Heroes of Olympus series honestly that it would take a while to list them all but as you can imagine they are the team’s already married couple that’s ready to have a steamy makeout in front of everybody without being the least bit embarrassed. 

  • *percy and annabeth get captured (again)*
  • Percy: excuse me scary orb thing! Where are you taking us?
  • Annabeth: isn't that the high school?
  • Captor: Prepare To Be Drained Of All Individuality And Spirit !
  • Percy: Yeah... High school

headcanon: the gods don’t ever back off because, honestly is it in their nature? they work the heroes tirelessly with quest after quest after quest, percy wonders why they can’t just get any other demigod but he doesn’t want anyone else being thrown into danger, one day he’s sent on a solo quest that’s relatively easy until he slips up and the empousa slashes her claws down the right side of his face–the ambrosia heals all but one line, when he gets home and stares at himself in the mirror, it hits him with vivid ferocity exactly who he reminds himself of; the god he was helping is irritated that he took so long

he understood a long time ago, but for the first time in years, he questions himself and it shocks him when the most prominent emotion he finds, is anger

when annabeth runs her hand down his scar, the look they share says the same, what will their breaking point be?

the pure quantity of fics where percy is the most popular kid in school and annabeth is a lowly nerd is … ridiculous tbh remember when annabeth actually visited percy’s school in sea of monsters and it went like this:

  • percy had apparently printed out a photo of annabeth she’d emailed him and kept it in his notebook to look at at school because it made him feel better about his life
  • the school bullies stole his photo and expressed derision at the thought that he might be date (or know) a girl as cool looking as annabeth
  • they rip up the photo and turn it into spitballs, because they’re bullies (and also possibly monsters)
  • later on annabeth appears from under her invisibility cap and decks percy’s bully, “[knocking] him flat” and telling him to “lay off my friend”
  • in conclusion, annabeth has canonically defended percy from bullies who thought she was out of his league
5 things Percy loves about Annabeth

Hey guys! So, a few weeks ago I did a “5 things Annabeth loves about Percy” and you seemed to like it, so here’s the sequel! 

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1-    He loves her when she’s sleepy. When the words tumble out of her mouth and her eyes are heavy. He loves when she says what she really thinks, laughs all she wants and curls around him like an old cat. Because Annabeth is all about control, but he loves her even more when she’s free of it. 

2-    The intensity. Annabeth is really an “all in or nothing” person. He’s always amazed by the number of hours she can spend reading on the Golden Gate or the quantity of neo-classical paintings she can analyse. It’s a little bit freaky, but incredibly endearing. 

3-She is always cold. Really, like, all the time. He just loves it when she buries her face in his shoulder because her nose is cold or when she slips her freezing fingers in the crook of his elbow. He loves it because, and that might be over-thinking or just being generally too in love, Percy thinks that it’s Annabeth’s way to show that she needs him just as much as he needs her. 

4- He loves that she always knows how to make him feel better. Either it’s a bad day at work or a mythological apocalypse, Annabeth is there to brighten things up a bit. And he knows he does the same to her. That’s gotta be love, huh?    

5- Percy loves her hands. They’re long and bony, rough and covered in little white scars. Holding her hand reminds him of all the times they have done so, either fleeing from blood thirsty monsters or watching a movie. It recalls precious memories, the memories that warm his heart and keep him going on. 

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Can you do a story where Percabeth are friends and they both are in love with each other and like sophomore year they get really drunk and hook up and then Percy admits that he's in love with her?

  • “Come on Annabeth, it’s just one party.” Percy smiled. He was dressed in nice jeans and a blue flannel shirt. “We are sophomore invited to a senior’s party.” 
  • “And how did we get invited to this party?” She asked, skeptically. “Are you going out with a senior girl?”
  • “What? No. Trust me, you would know if I was dating someone.” He blushed. “Thalia, Jason’s sister, is throwing the party. She told Jason that he could invite a few friends and he asked me and I’m asking you to come with.”
  • “Percy, I don’t think this is a good idea.” Annabeth said. She rather be spending time with him watching a movie. Those were her favorite weekends, where they just hung out and did nothing. 
  • Those were her favorite because she got to be close to Percy and breathe in his scent, not in a creepy way but she would be that close that she could smell the chlorine even though he already showered. 
  • “It’s going to be fine. You, me, Jason, Piper, Leo, Frank, and possibly Hazel. Come one Annabeth, live a little.” He gave her his famous grin that was lopsided. 
  • She took a deep breath and let it out. “Fine, lets go to the party.”


  • Three drinks later, Percy was feeling different. His head felt fuzzy, not bad but good fuzzy. He felt really good. 
  • Music was blasting and people were drinking beer or some alcohol that Thalia found. It was great, overall. He got to dance with Annabeth. This was a lot better than spending time at home and doing nothing. 
  • After a while, Percy noticed that his cup was empty and Annabeth was dancing up against him. 
  • “Need another drink?” He asked.
  • “Sure.” She grinned.
  • She walked with him to get another drink. Annabeth went to get another mixed drink while Percy got another beer. 
  • “Can we go outside?” Annabeth asked. “It’s kind of stuffy in here.”
  • Percy nodded and took her hand to lead her outside. They went to the back yard, where no one was around. They went to the pool and sat near the edge. 
  • “Told you this party was a good idea.” He grinned. His words were slurring a bit. 
  • “I know.” Annabeth giggled. “Thanks for bringing me. I’m really enjoying myself.” 
  • “Good. I knew you you would.” He hiccuped. 
  • She smiled and took a sip of her drink. She was drunk after four drinks and she was working on five. Right now she just wanted to kiss him. They were outside, alone, and what’s the chance that he would remember if she kissed him?
  • “Annabeth, I wanna kiss you.” Percy looked at her. “Can I kiss you?” 
  • She nodded enthusiastically, probably more dramatically than she needed to. But she desperately wanted to feel his lips on hers. 
  • He leaned in and kissed her. His lips were soft against her’s. They moved in sync with each other. Annabeth moved her drink so she could wrap her arms around his neck.
  • Percy laid down so she would be on top of him as they made out. Their bodies pressed together and hands roaming their clothed bodies. 


  • The next morning, Annabeth woke up with the sun beating down on her and the smell of morning dew. 
  • She slowly sat up and regretted it. Her head was pounding and the sunlight was too bright on her eyes. Looking around, she realized she was still outside and Percy was next to her. 
  • “Percy, Percy wake up.” She gently shook him. 
  • He groaned and slowly woke up. “Shit, it’s bright!”
  • “We got drunk and I think we slept outside.” She told him. “Do you remember what happened?”
  • Percy covered his eyes with his hands. “We came outside cause it was stuffy.”
  • “Right. Right.” She said, feeling a bit nauseous. “Then we…then we kissed…”
  • Percy lifted a few fingers so he could look at her. “Is that necessarily a bad thing?”
  • “W-What do you mean?” 
  • He sat up and looked at Annabeth. His head pounded and his stomach felt like it could turn inside out at any moment. That was going to be the last time he ever drank that much. 
  • “I mean, we kissed. And we’ve been friends for a long time. My feelings have changed for you for a while and my drunken self got to express that.” Percy started. “I love you Annabeth Chase. I have for over a year now. Every time we hang out, I wish you could stay for a little bit longer so I can be next to you. I could listen to you all day talk about the architecture of the buildings that you love. I always feel more confident when you come to my swim meets cause I know you’re cheering me on. I am in love with you.”
  • Annabeth stared at him. Her eyes brimmed with tears that she wouldn’t let fall. She felt exactly the same way. 
  • “Percy, I feel the same way about you too.” She told him. “I just never said anything because I didn’t want to ruin our friendship. I couldn’t lose you as a friend.” 
  • “I can’t either. But I think, since our drunken selves kissed and we both feel the same way…I really think if we started a relationship, it would work.” He told her. 
  • “Really?” 
  • “I really believe that.” He told her. His eyes drifted to her lips, wanting to feel them against his, sober. “So much, that I want to kiss you again to seal this promise.”
  • Annabeth took a deep breath, like she normally did before making a big decision. “Alright. You may kiss me Percy.”
  • He smiled and gently kissed her soft lips for the second time. 

headcanon that the wedding ring percy buys annabeth has an infinity symbol on it so everyday when she sees it on her hand she’ll remember that she finally has something permanent

mermaid!percabeth au where percy is a deep ocean mermaid and annabeth is an explorer with white scars running down her arms and eyes that reflect the storms


Okay guys so I know this will never happen but humor me….
I know. I know. Swimming is what Percy would do but bare with me.

  • Them being the cute sporty couple 
  • Dressing up for home games and matching and just slaying in general. 
  • Cheering for each other in the most in appropriate way. 
  • Like “that’s my sexy player” and the coaches looking at them with a disapproving look but they still do it anyways
  • But also cheering for each other in ways that they only understand 
  • Like “Come on you fought a god you can take him, Percy” or “you’ve held up the sky you can make that shot, Annabeth” 
  • Annabeth’s number would 6 and Percy’s would 3 for their cabins
  • But just imagine their demigod battle instincts taking over 
  • In The Lighting Thief when Percy was battling Ares he knew that Annabeth and Grover were 30 feet to his left 
  • And they can tell how their enemy is going to move just by looking at their muscles 
  •  Now imagine that with basketball 
  • They are always able to steal the ball or intercept a pass because they can tell how the other player is going to pass the ball by the way they are looking or moving and Percy and Annabeth can get into a position to steal it before they actually pass it
  • Annabeth being able to bring math into it and never missing a shot because she can calculate the path the ball needs to take to go in
  • Percy doesn’t really like the mathematics behind it but he can tell how far away the basket is and know how much strength he needs to get a basket 
  •  Both of them just never ever missing a shot 
  •  Percy being nicknamed the Destroyer because he destroys ankles with his crossovers and destroys the other teams in almost every way possible (not to mention his name is Perseus) 
  •  Annabeth and Percy being the Captains 
  •  Percy being the fun captain that doesn’t take anything too seriously and really helps out the Freshman 
  • He’s know for always having a smile on his face when he playing even if the team is losing by a long shot 
  • But the second the other team starts to play dirty he gets this look in his eyes like he’s ready to kill someone
  •  Annabeth is known for being great at practice and always making sure that the team has a fun practice but once she steps onto the court she gets serious. 
  •  She is so competitive on the court that she will knock people out to get points 
  •  She is also famous for changing the play half way through 
  • Everyone would be mad for a second until they all realize that if they went with the original play then it would have lost that point 
  • Percy is not as competitive as Annabeth but he does play to win 
  • He only really signed up because Annabeth wanted him too
  •  Then you have those days when the boys and the girls practice together 
  • Or when a couple team player get together to play
  • And it’s not a serious game at all
  • And Percy and Annabeth are practically playing one on one with each other  because of they are on the same team then there’s no competition 
  • Both of them trying to distract the other in any way possible 
  •  Annabeth pointing behind Percy with a scare look and Percy looking to see if it’s a monster then Annabeth stealing the ball 
  •  Or Percy taking his shirt off because it’s “getting hot” and Annabeth not being able to play right for the rest of the practice 

Oh my gosh this has taken over my life. I wrote so much and I’m still thinking of ways this can be amazing!!!!!

I actually started writing the pjo superhero au oops, let me know if you think I should continue it.

Annabeth knelt down in the dirt and laid the flowers over her grave. It had been three years since Thalia Grace had died and she still missed her everyday. She’d been like a big sister to her, showing her how to use her powers, telling her it would all be okay, and then suddenly she was gone, a mangled body buried in a plain wooden coffin - only a grainy headstone with her name on to mark the fact that she had even been on earth, that she had ever lived. She had done so many good things for the world and this was the thanks she got, being forgotten about the day after she passed. Annabeth hoped that wouldn’t be her fate.

She stood up and walked back to where Percy was waiting, slipping her hand into his. His presence was warm and comforting, knowing that he’d be by her side whatever they had to face in this world of heroes, villains and monsters.


Nico turned around and looked at his twin sister, Bianca, his eyes wide with excitement. He waved the piece of paper in front of her. “Have you seen this?” He yelled in her face.

She closed her eyes and nodded. “Yes.” She had always been the calmer of the two, where Nico was excitable and rash she was rational and sensible. She laughed as he paced around and around. His hands waved wildly while he talked.

“Can you believe it Bianca? A school for people like us, somewhere where no-one will judge us because everyone is the same - with powers!” Nico was optimistic, but Bianca wasn’t. She knew people would still judge them, their powers. She’d done a lot of research on superpowers since her and Nico had discovered theirs and well, none were quite like theirs, none as dark as theirs. She knew that human nature was to be distrustful of people who were different and her and Nico, they were different from even the different. They were telepathic, but only with each other, but that wasn’t the power that worried her since so many twins had their same gift. It was the shadow magic, the necromancy, that worried her. Their powers were reminiscent of black magic, and honest, good people didn’t like black magic, whether Nico and Bianca wanted these powers or not. Shadow magic was something villains had - not heroes. Yet their mother had always told them they could be heroes - they didn’t have to follow the fate that others would ordain for them.

Bianca just looked at her brother and sighed. I don’t think its going to be as great as you think she thought to herself. The smile fell from his face, sometimes there were downsides to telepathy. “Sometimes I hate the fact that you can read my mind.” She said out loud so that he knew she wanted him to hear it. It wasn’t voluntary either, like they could hide things from each other or decide not to look into each others minds out of respect for privacy, which Bianca wished they had - she saw too many secrets sometimes, things she knew Nico would rather not share until he was ready. Their thoughts were just background noise to each other, unable to be shut off, always there no matter how far apart they were.

Nico sighed. “I hate it too.” He looked down at the floor, suddenly becoming all melancholy. He looked up her after a while and smiled wistfully. “But I wouldn’t change it for the world.” Bianca smiled back.

No, she thought, neither would I.  Nico’s grin got even wider. They fist bumped, their little thing they did every time they agreed and Bianca took the letter from Nico and read it.

“Will you come with me? Please.” Nico pouted.

Bianca laughed. “Yes yes ok.”

A month later they were packing their bags to go to a new school, changing the course of their lives forever.

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I'm dying inside without your fics, i love you so much.

Well, just for that flattery, how about a lil’ snippet of an abandoned Percy/Annabeth angst fic for your Friday night?

I wrote this ficlet about Percy losing his memory some years Post-Tartarus. It was supposed to be longer, but I didn’t have the time to finish it and the main idea ended up being pretty similar to a Thalia/Luke fic I already wrote years ago. But I finished up a few scenes I quite liked, some of which got reused in the ficlet. 

“I won’t forget you. I can’t,” he says, desperation making his voice crack. His green eyes are wide and wild in a way they haven’t been since Tartarus, and his grip on her arms borders on painful. “Last time, you were the only thing I remembered. The only thing, Annabeth. I don’t think it’s possible to forget you.” 

Annabeth nods, her throat thick and eyes brimming with tears as despair sits heavy and unmoving on her chest. She doesn’t remind him that this isn’t like last time. 

That last time, the goddess who had stolen his memories had always intended to return them to him. That last time, his memories hadn’t leaked out of him one day at a time, until it was too late to put them back in; last time, they’d been gone in an instant and he’d been a clean slate of a boy, a soldier ready for Hera to mold.

Last time, she hadn’t been there to see his struggle and for that, she is selfishly grateful. She’d thought wondering and worrying from a distance had been heartbreaking, but helplessly watching the man she loves fade away is an exquisite torture worthy of the Fields of Punishment themselves.

“Of course you won’t forget me,” she says, leaning her head on his shoulder and closing her eyes as the tears drip down her cheeks. Percy hugs her close, absorbing her warmth. “I won’t let you.”

Days later, she wakes up to find him bent over her, studying her with a glazed, confused expression on his face, as if he’s never seen her before. It only last for a few moments, but she knows.

This isn’t like last time.

This is worse.


“I already told you, Annabelle. There’s nothing I can do for him.”

“There has to be. You fixed Chris when he went mad in the labyrinth! Your specialty is madness, you can — ”

Mr. D holds up a warning finger, cutting her off. “Exactly. If the boy was gibbering lunatic, all it would take is a snap of my fingers. Not that I would, but I could. But your precious boyfriend isn’t losing his mind, he’s losing his memories, due to a rather old and powerful arai curse. That is completely out of my domain.”

“But Hera — ”

“My glorious stepmother broke a lot of rules that year, least of all interfering with another goddess’s duties,” he continues, shuffling his deck of cards irritably. “You already know what you have to do to save him, girl. I told you as much the last time you were here, and did you listen? Of course not. Demigods.”

Annabeth closes her eyes, reigning in her frustration as her hands ball into fists under the table. Her fingernails dig deeply into skin of her palm.

“Percy’s in no shape to go on a quest, let alone to the Underworld,” she says sharply.

She glances behind her, where Percy and Grover are resting in porch chairs, just out of hearing distance. Grover’s wearing his fake tennis shoes and the old red rasta cap, even though it barely covers his horns now. Percy gets distressed when he sees things he doesn’t understand and, unfortunately, satyr best friends fall into that category.

Grover offers her a weak wave; Percy doesn’t notice at her at all, his listless, dull stare directed at the strawberry fields.

“He’s not just losing his memories,” she continues. “He’s… he’s dying, Mr. D. I can’t take him there.”

“How do you feel about one more quest?” Annabeth says, putting on a brave smile. Grover can see right through it. “For old time’s sake?”

Grover studies Percy and nods. “For old time’s sake.

Reynabeth volleyball!au

  • They’re both on the school team. They tried out as freshmen and basically live and breathe the sport.
  • Reyna has very good leadership. She’s the coach’s favorite, because she’s very reliable and very talented. This puts a lot of pressure on her, though.
  • Annabeth is a very good strategist. She always lets her opinion be heard (even when unwarranted). She can get astonishingly bossy and annoying, but she has good ideas.

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A Dream Come True

Percabeth AU where they meet at Walt Disney World

This is for the absolutely incredible @ishelmascarinas​, whose art constantly inspires me. I hope you enjoy it! Love you, Ishel!

update: graphic made by the beautiful @percyyoulittleshit!!

Percy sees her hair, first. The blonde ringlets fall to her waist and he is one hundred percent certain that she’s a princess: until he notices she’s wearing a bright orange t-shirt and denim shorts. Not the usual princess attire, but still stunning. She’s weaving through the crowds, dodging people and strollers with expert skill, like she’s on a mission.

Without even really thinking about it, he follows. 

She enters The Emporium and he almost loses her in the midst of the crowds inside, but he just manages to keep her in sight. He follows her through the store to the pin displays - spinning racks filled with hundreds of collectible Disney pins, and shelves bursting with related memorabilia, like lanyards and bags. Percy doesn’t really have the attention span to get into collecting anything, so he doesn’t really get all the hype about these pins, but the girl is browsing the shelves with her brows furrowed, obviously looking for something particular.

It’s while he’s hovering by the shelf with the bags on it that he comes to his senses. Now that he’s followed this stranger in here, what is he going to say to her? 

“I just wanted to let you know you have hair like a princess, sorry for stalking you”?

No. He looks down at his scuffed shoes, cheeks burning. This is very unlike him. He doesn’t normally follow pretty girls into crowded stores. Especially not when he has no idea what to say to them. Especially not when they’re so completely and utterly out of his league.

He turns to leave, and his shoulder bumps someone.

“Sorry!” he blurts out immediately, gaze flying up to meet a pair of cold grey eyes.

It’s the girl. She doesn’t say anything, just blinks at him. He opens his mouth and then closes it, because she’s left him kind of speechless.

“That’s okay,” she says eventually.

Percy is hit by the sudden realisation that she’s going to leave and he’s never going to see her again unless he says something, right now. His mouth moves before his brain has a chance to catch up. “I’m Percy.”

She quirks an eyebrow, but doesn’t look offended. “I’m Annabeth.”

Annabeth. That’s definitely a princess name.

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