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DAD I REWATCH EPISODE 11 AND I SAW SOMETHING. When Dina is going to appear and Mikasa wants to see were is Eren, she had a flashback when the titan broke her ribs, right? Maybe there is a possibility that WIT studios is not going to quit the scene when Mikasa ask about Levi's ankle, (and put an 30 second flashback or maybe more). I DON'T KNOW IF I AM EXAGERING OR IT'S TRUE

That’s a nice thought. I would actually like it if they’d do that. Are you excited to? Like to see the new season? It’s my favourite arc 💕


Super Junior D&E- Strength Of Love

Dunno if any of you remember me or my art (on @inuyasha-ruined-mylife) but I’M BACK FINALLY. Jeez, it’s been forever since I drew these two; I’ve had no time to enjoy my OTP what with work, apprenticeships, and college. But now it’s summer and I had had yet to do something InuKag related with my tablet yet soooo this happened. 

This might be weird for some

Ok so here’s the thing: I’m swedish, and in Sweden most “kids” shows and movies have the same voice actors when they’re dubbed. And those who play the main characters in TMNT 2007 (swedish version) have played A LOT of roles of characters you might recognize. Thought I would show them to you one post at a time. Next one is

Gabriel Odenhammar:



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Dudley (Order of The Phoenix only)

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Seiji Amasawa

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Cody and D.J.



Brandon (Winx Club)

Bakura (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

Ron Stoppable

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guys. I have deleted all the studio Mir tour pics, if anyone reblogged them I STRONGLY suggest you delete them off your blog and warn others not to reblog and do the same if you have them on your blog.

the op is in trouble and i would like to hope us removing things quickly will lessen the damage 

Hey, TSENT, i wanted to tell you that now we need a studio version of ‘SHADOW’ thank you.


vegan food i got today from universal orlando. nondairy ice cream (ben and jerry’s oh my god it was so good) and margherita pizza w/ no cheese. i def cheated on my diet today but i’m trying to not have anxiety about it lol

but the food was delish and i tried some new things and new places and i was still able to eat vegan which is bomb :)

Big Hero 6 TV Show Wishes

What I personally want from the Big Hero 6 TV Series…

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1) For Tadashi not to be alive. As harsh as it sounds, I honestly believe that keeping him dead really drive’s the movie’s moral of loss. It’d be such a shoot on the foot if he was to return. However, just because he’s dead doesn’t mean to say that he couldn’t be present through holograms, flashbacks, footage from Baymax etc. Here’s plenty of ways in which Tadashi can be in the series without having him “be alive this entire time”. I’d love to see more Tadashi.

2) Character development for the rest of the team. Disney Animation have really nailed it for their voice cast, however, as much as I love the unique attributes of the rest of the team, they are severely underdeveloped. It’s not entire the fault of the team though. Disney Revival movies are always about the duo, Tiana/Naveen, Rapunzel/Flynn, Ralph/Vanellopee, Anna/Elsa, Judy/Nick, Moana/Maui, Jack/Imna, so for Big Hero 6, it was Hiro/Baymax. But because this is the TV series, have backstories for Fred, Wasabi, GoGo and Honey Lemon!

3) Make the side characters relevant. Mr. Yama, Allister Krei, Abigail Callaghan. Make these characters important to the series of Big Hero 6. They are all important figures, Mr. Yama runs the underground botfight industry (robotic bloodsport), Allister Krei is your Mark Zuckerberg of the Big Hero 6 world: an entrepreneur in the world of technology, Abigail Callaghan is the daughter of Yokai. Her development can lead to understanding Yokai better.

4) Anime influence. This is something that I stress. I know this TV series isn’t going to be an “anime” inspired series like The Boondocks or The Legend of Aang/Koora, however, I stress that the team learns from Teen Titans. NOT TEEN TITANS GO, the OG Teen Titans. Anime is popular because it’s a beautiful art form to look at. Integrate that into the series: I plead!

5) Introduce more obscure Marvel characters. Big Hero 6 was such a success for two reasons. Firstly, it was “inspired” (not adapted, inspired: Disney’s Big Hero 6 is not Marvel). Because it was based in the Marvel canon, rather, it was based in the Disney Animation Canon (in order for the Disney Animation to retain 100% rights to characters, merchandise, consumer products), it didn’t have to be negatively stigmatised and compared to Marvel’s mainstream catalogue of cinematic adapted heroes once it was released henceforth its warm reception. Get more obscure characters into the fray. The Runaways for instance would fit in perfectly as they’re a bunch of teens living in an urban city too. That goes for obscure Marvel villains too. Get the worst of the worst Marvel characters and make them lovable WDAS characters.

6) Diverse the cultural diversity. One of the biggest praises for Big Hero 6 was its multicultural cast. It was so reminiscent of Atlantis. And to make things even better: they were not limited to their stereotypes. Wasabi was not the big tough guy, GoGo Tomago was not weaboo like, they had distinct character traits (despite them being limited for the sake of plot convenience). But the notable thing I found about the movie is that there’s no Desi’s. Have the Southern Asian/Indian representation in the world of San Fransokyo. It doesn’t hurt to further the colour pallet that much more broadly so that variety of cultures are present.

7) Retain the original voice cast. This is practically a guarantee as the voice actors for the movie are not AAA Hollywood voice actors, thus, they have the availability to contribute to the TV series. These characters wouldn’t be who they are without their original voice actors!

Asthma Attack

Not requested, but this idea has been on my mind for a while because I think we all need worried, concerned boyfriend Shawn. Also who had asthma when they were younger or still have it?? 🙋🏻 I never had bad asthma attacks so sorry if this is inaccurate. Just focus on how adorable worried/protective Shawn is. 

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Shawn is spending the week in LA to do some writing so he asked you to come along so that you two could spend some time together and explore the city whenever he had time off. You agreed, but you didn’t realize until you were already in LA that it wasn’t a great idea because it made your asthma act up. When you were younger, you used to have really bad asthma. As you grew older, you grew out of it a bit, but you still have to deal with it and worry about it once in a while, but for the most part it doesn’t affect your everyday life.

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