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  • Someone: why is startrek pandering to sjws now!!
  • Me entering the room with a glass of fresh ice tea: every series in the star trek franchise has embraced radically progressive ideas. its simply that over time, mainstream ideals began to match theirs, until these radical ideas were nothing more than the standard. Every series from TOS to Enterprise has been met with conservative backlash and years from now, the new generation will look back at discovery and think how anyone could have possibly seen it as progressive, if not a little out-dated, the same way we look back at TOS.
  • Me, finishing my ice tea and leaving the room, but i look back and stare directly into the camera: this struggle between old vs. new transcends all barriers and is rooted in the very core of human nature. Shifting new to be our old is part of progress, it is a cycle non of us can escape.
Fighting Fake Anti-Trump News

In the interests of not spending the next four years fact-checking my own side, I would like very much if we could all exercise good judgment on what we reblog.

I’m pissed off about the trend of twitter screenshots posing as “news” with no source. I’m also pissed off about people posting their own unsourced, inaccurate summaries of something they heard somewhere. This makes us look no better than Trump supporters sharing lies on Facebook, and it often causes unnecessary fear. Here’s a guide on what I want people to do instead.

Easy Mode: If there’s no source, don’t reblog it. This requires no effort on your part, but it’s still helpful. Don’t disseminate information that could be inaccurate.

Regular Mode: Add a source. Google some key words. If it’s legitimate, you should find news stories about it. Reblog and add some source links. While I’m not a huge fan of how the mainstream media has been handling things lately, for this purpose I recommend sticking to established print media, because they have better fact-checking than Internet-only outlets and they’ve been firmer in their opposition than TV news.

If it’s not legitimate, reblog anyway and add sources refuting it. You don’t have to write up a whole explanation if you don’t want. Linking to a source with the note “This shit didn’t happen” will suffice.

Hard Mode: Question the source. If there is a source link, check it. If it’s from some outlet you never heard, of or one that you don’t feel is reputable (like, say, The Daily Mail), go see if they have sources to back themselves up. They may not. Google key words again. See if anyone else is reporting on their claims. If not, wait a bit. It’s possible they have an exclusive scoop. It’s also possible they’re fearmongering based on misunderstood or inadequate information, or they’re just flat making shit up. Don’t discount the possibility of fake “progressive” outlets run by the opposition to discredit us. And remember, The Onion is not the only parody news site out there – not by a long shot.

Again, though, if you do nothing else, stop reblogging unsourced stories. It’s already going to be a long, bad four years. We don’t need to make it worse.

Smooth Criminal

Officer!Bucky Barnes x Drunk!Reader

Summary: Bucky’s a cop and got called to a crime scene to arrest a criminal but he realizes the criminal is the person he’s dating

Word Count:1,892

Warnings: Police!Au, Language, Drunk Shenanigans, Major Floof

A/N: Written for Manu’s writing challenge, couldn’t help but write cop!Bucky again. @jurassicbarnes thank you for the fun opportunity.

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It had been a quiet night for Officer James Buchanan Barnes and his partner. So far, they had to deal with a fight between two drunk men, an exhibitionist and a few reckless drivers.

Bucky had started his shift at 10 p.m. the previous night and it was now just after 4 a.m. He kept repeating ‘only two more hours’ like a mantra and tried to imagine you all wrapped up and sound asleep in your bed. He really wanted to be with you.

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okAY BUT when the villains see the Siberia footage, they get mad (and it's definitely not because they actually CARE about tony, pshhhh noooooo), and intersect Team Freeloader™ on their trip back to America. No one quite knows what happened, but if the villains' smug smiles and Team Cap's haunted expressions are anything to go by, it wasn't good.

It’s a good thing that Thanos comes around to destroy Earth and eradicate the entire human race tbh. Because if the renewed Avengers were still supposed to fight their everyday villains, well. That would’ve been awkward.

With Thanos being a worldwide threat they have to work with the villains together of course. Tony is responsible for the recruiting. He’s definitely suspicious when nobody protests and neither Clint nor Wanda comment on it. Still, Tony takes what he can get.

Except then a surprising amount of villains prove to be interested in keeping the world standing, and suddenly they are forced to work together with the heroes. It doesn’t go well.

And Tony. Tony doesn’t get what the problem is?

But Steve is apparently physically unable to turn his back on any of them. Clint’s arrows lose accuracy and speed whenever he catches sight of Magneto. And he could’ve sworn he saw Wanda flinch and pale when she passed Cross Bones in the hall once? 

It’s weird. They might not be good people but they are good fighter and it’s not like the villains aren’t being courteous. Alright maybe not courteous. Although Doom’s robots do enjoy playing hide and seek. And just the other day Rumlock gave Tony a sunflower? Also Loki enjoys screwing with Tony’s equipment–but then Tony has noticed that the suit’s interface seems less susceptible to magic these days. So, you know, they’re trying.

At least that’s what Tony assumes.

But yeah. It’s a good thing they have Thanos to focus on. Tony doesn’t know how Steve would’ve handled a combat situation with Magneto when he keeps dropping his plates whenever the guy shows up, but it probably would have ended with embarrassment for everyone.

And been an instant Youtube hit.


The group was formed on July 27th 2012. This was posted on August 8th 2012. The only way the girls could possibly progress within the ‘groups’ category of the competition, was if they signed a contractual obligation. It’s obvious from day one Simon Cowell had every intention of signing the girls as a 5 piece to his record label because each girl showed potential from day one. And 5 girls with potential in one group equals 5x the money right? So, not only does this correlate to the controlling narrative management have over the girls from 2012 to now, it also coincides with C and L. Replying to fans personally on their own social media accounts became physically prohibited when in the group. All but their Tumblr accounts. Now from what we know, only Lauren and Camila (possibly Dinah) openly used Tumblr. Both girls have said before Tumblr is a form of “escapism” and a safe space for anyone regardless of who they are. Generally the girls posts remained out of the mainstream social media, their reblogs/likes were drastically lower on here than on their Twitter/Instagram accounts.  Posts only became apparent when shared onto other social media platforms or else they would have remained fairly unnoticed amongst the fandom.

I couldn’t possibly begin to create a post on every single indirect/correlation between Camila and Lauren on Tumblr because theres simply too many. There’s one post that confirms everything we ever need to know, planet green eyes:

For me, this can never be denied and the only place we will ever find/get this is on Tumblr. Over the past few years, the girls have indirectly let us in on the secrecy and intimacy between the two, making their ‘relationship’ visible however remaining untold. The very second you click onto Camila’s blog, we are first let into the “secret”

The sun and moon. “Our little secret”. Camila’s icon with her hand covering her mouth, as though she is being silenced.

There was a period when the girls indirects completely halted on all social media, including Tumblr. For around a year, anything in relation to the other was removed and any previous leading posts from early X- Factor days, were deleted and untraceable. Did it become apparent to management that the girls were communicating though hidden social media and restricted communication? Was it only then their PR teams chose to look into why the rumours of a romantic involvement between the two never subsided and were always there? Was it then they found the romantic minefield between the that two that exists on Tumblr?

We’ve been so blinded by the covering and retracing of anything and everything related to ‘camren’ when all we’ve ever needed to know was right here all along.


Some steps need to be taken alone. It’s the only way to figure out where you need to go and who you need to be.

Puppets of Illusive Ghosts

Also known as: live while losing, or the thing almost every character seems currently unable to do.

In this dark moon (eclipse really) arc, everyone seems to be incapable of making a good choice because they’re too preoccupied with obsessive clinging to an illusion of someone or something they’ve lost, rather than forging their own paths ahead–which they need to do if this story isn’t to end in tragedy. It’s quite reminiscent of Hamlet (sorry I have to bring Shakespeare into anything I possibly can), wherein Hamlet clings to something that claims to be the ghost of his father told him (even though he’s not really sure whether it’s actually his father’s ghost or a demon) and his inability to decide what to do then drives him (plus you know everyone around him) into madness and tragedy. Since this is TG and everyone and everything parallels each other, we see numerous characters focusing on illusions rather than on the logical steps they could take to improve themselves–and as a result of their inability to figure out how to live, the narrator (Furuta) cheerfully takes their strings and makes them do what he wants.

Urie made some progress (possibly the most of anyone this arc), but still seems to be under the delusion that if Shirazu just hadn’t died, everything would be fine.

Were it not for the sudden appearance of Mr. Sunshine Hide, he would have been killed as fodder, because Furuta (our narrator) doesn’t see any use for him.

Ui thinks that if he hadn’t lost Hairu, everything would be okay, and allows himself to become Furuta’s puppet as a result.

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For me to stand here as not the typical leading man, and to have come home with this. I think speaks a lot about where we’re headed and I think we can just keep going further in that direction. Obviously not just limited to entertainment, but socially and politically to continue and strive to be as progressive as possible. — Rami Malek

Here are the lines for a digital painting I’m planning to make of @official-andy-warhol and I’s characters, Doc Mortem (bottom left, Max’s character) and Obscurity(top left, she’s my character). They’re the “protagonists” of a comic we once were going to create called Hell School, where all the “bad”*** afterlives for different religions converges at one point. Here, different types of demons or deceased spirits go and train to ready themselves for what is to come in their respective realms. 

I’ll probably have to postpone this project because my wacom pen needs to be replaced. The nib (and, yes, it’s the actual nib provided by wacom) had pretty much gotten lodged inside of it while I was working on the lines. Fortunately, I was almost done when it decided to do that so I didn’t have much of a problem.


*** When I say “bad” afterlives I mean the ones typically reserved for damned souls. The only exceptions are the Duat (the Egyptian afterlife) and Tartarus (the Greek/Roman afterlife) because those are considered both Heaven and Hell as one. For instance, Obscurity is a demon from the Duat, but in that realm there is not much of a distinction between gods and demons because the gods are also technically demons because they, too, live in the afterlife. The only thing that really tells them apart are their social classes/ranks. 


So this might just happen…

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I understand that many Eremin fans are mad over the fact that anime changed some scenes but IF season 2 stays true to the manga, I think it’s possible to make Eremin’s progression feel natural. Now they also have much more source material to take into account while planning the future course of the anime. But yes, we have every right to be worried. Let’s just hope the new director won’t continue the pattern and listens Isayama’s wishes more closely.

I hope so too. A loyal adaptation is all I really ask for, not just plot-wise, but also regarding the character portrayal. I’m constantly on the fence about whether or not that will be the case. 

I don’t remember the name of the new director off the top of my head, but I wonder if this person was also on the production team for the first season? It’s a question of who else accepted Araki’s portrayal of Armin and his relationship with Eren. 

Well if all goes well, then seeing some chapters from the most recent arc animated will be a real treat. (A lot of that will be heart-wrenching but what else is new?)

Maybe there should be a list made for all the Eremin scenes to look forward to seeing animated :D