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End of the Part 5
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BROTHERS (Underfell comic)

The End

Wow. I can’t actually believe I did it. But yeah, here it is : the end of my first webcomic. 
That was a so good experience ! 52 pages, almost a year, and when I look at the first pages I’m like “wow, that was ugly”  That comic allowed me to improve my drawing skills a lot, and to discover fantastic people.
I don’t really know what to say now. Just, thanks a lot everyone. Thanks for reading that, thanks for supporting me, thanks for the likes and the reblogs, thanks for bringing so much happiness in my life.
At first, I wanted to redraw the first pages. But you know what ? I’ll let them just the way they are. So you can see it is possible to progress, and to remind me where I come from.
Now, I don’t really know. Next year I’ll be in a school where I won’t have a lot of free time. I’ll try to draw, and I want to keep drawing the new comic Mistake, even if it’s just a page every two monthes. Now that I did Brothers, I can’t imagine not drawing a comic. And after Mistake, maybe something else, who knows …
Drawing a new comic about BATIM doesn’t mean I leave the Undertale fandom ^^ I’ll keep drawing things about my lil sanses …
Well, I think that’s all. Thanks again for everything ^^


  • Someone: why is startrek pandering to sjws now!!
  • Me entering the room with a glass of fresh ice tea: every series in the star trek franchise has embraced radically progressive ideas. its simply that over time, mainstream ideals began to match theirs, until these radical ideas were nothing more than the standard. Every series from TOS to Enterprise has been met with conservative backlash and years from now, the new generation will look back at discovery and think how anyone could have possibly seen it as progressive, if not a little out-dated, the same way we look back at TOS.
  • Me, finishing my ice tea and leaving the room, but i look back and stare directly into the camera: this struggle between old vs. new transcends all barriers and is rooted in the very core of human nature. Shifting new to be our old is part of progress, it is a cycle non of us can escape.
Fighting Fake Anti-Trump News

In the interests of not spending the next four years fact-checking my own side, I would like very much if we could all exercise good judgment on what we reblog.

I’m pissed off about the trend of twitter screenshots posing as “news” with no source. I’m also pissed off about people posting their own unsourced, inaccurate summaries of something they heard somewhere. This makes us look no better than Trump supporters sharing lies on Facebook, and it often causes unnecessary fear. Here’s a guide on what I want people to do instead.

Easy Mode: If there’s no source, don’t reblog it. This requires no effort on your part, but it’s still helpful. Don’t disseminate information that could be inaccurate.

Regular Mode: Add a source. Google some key words. If it’s legitimate, you should find news stories about it. Reblog and add some source links. While I’m not a huge fan of how the mainstream media has been handling things lately, for this purpose I recommend sticking to established print media, because they have better fact-checking than Internet-only outlets and they’ve been firmer in their opposition than TV news.

If it’s not legitimate, reblog anyway and add sources refuting it. You don’t have to write up a whole explanation if you don’t want. Linking to a source with the note “This shit didn’t happen” will suffice.

Hard Mode: Question the source. If there is a source link, check it. If it’s from some outlet you never heard, of or one that you don’t feel is reputable (like, say, The Daily Mail), go see if they have sources to back themselves up. They may not. Google key words again. See if anyone else is reporting on their claims. If not, wait a bit. It’s possible they have an exclusive scoop. It’s also possible they’re fearmongering based on misunderstood or inadequate information, or they’re just flat making shit up. Don’t discount the possibility of fake “progressive” outlets run by the opposition to discredit us. And remember, The Onion is not the only parody news site out there – not by a long shot.

Again, though, if you do nothing else, stop reblogging unsourced stories. It’s already going to be a long, bad four years. We don’t need to make it worse.


So this might just happen…


For me to stand here as not the typical leading man, and to have come home with this. I think speaks a lot about where we’re headed and I think we can just keep going further in that direction. Obviously not just limited to entertainment, but socially and politically to continue and strive to be as progressive as possible. — Rami Malek

Here are the lines for a digital painting I’m planning to make of @official-andy-warhol and I’s characters, Doc Mortem (bottom left, Max’s character) and Obscurity(top left, she’s my character). They’re the “protagonists” of a comic we once were going to create called Hell School, where all the “bad”*** afterlives for different religions converges at one point. Here, different types of demons or deceased spirits go and train to ready themselves for what is to come in their respective realms. 

I’ll probably have to postpone this project because my wacom pen needs to be replaced. The nib (and, yes, it’s the actual nib provided by wacom) had pretty much gotten lodged inside of it while I was working on the lines. Fortunately, I was almost done when it decided to do that so I didn’t have much of a problem.


*** When I say “bad” afterlives I mean the ones typically reserved for damned souls. The only exceptions are the Duat (the Egyptian afterlife) and Tartarus (the Greek/Roman afterlife) because those are considered both Heaven and Hell as one. For instance, Obscurity is a demon from the Duat, but in that realm there is not much of a distinction between gods and demons because the gods are also technically demons because they, too, live in the afterlife. The only thing that really tells them apart are their social classes/ranks. 


While this is not at all fandom related, it is extremely important!

The en masse reblogs are from the National Shutdown/Stoppage that happened today May 1st 2017 on my island.

Puerto Rico is in the middle of a devastating economic crisis and our own government is trying to shut us down. The debt is immense and they want the people to pay for the missteps and bad administrative decisions of past governors and political individuals.

Our current governor doesn’t want the world to see what they’re doing to us and what they’re threatening to do to not only our possible future but the generations that come after.

The media silence is killing us, the indifference is killing us, this government had drafted and approved reforms that take us back to working conditions of slavery, that is trying to make us choose between health care or education, that is threatening to shut down programs and is trying to KILL the biggest university system of the island. They are draining us, they are pushing us away from our home because the only possibility progress is away from here. Please, please, please reblog and let the world know.

anonymous asked:

I understand that many Eremin fans are mad over the fact that anime changed some scenes but IF season 2 stays true to the manga, I think it’s possible to make Eremin’s progression feel natural. Now they also have much more source material to take into account while planning the future course of the anime. But yes, we have every right to be worried. Let’s just hope the new director won’t continue the pattern and listens Isayama’s wishes more closely.

I hope so too. A loyal adaptation is all I really ask for, not just plot-wise, but also regarding the character portrayal. I’m constantly on the fence about whether or not that will be the case. 

I don’t remember the name of the new director off the top of my head, but I wonder if this person was also on the production team for the first season? It’s a question of who else accepted Araki’s portrayal of Armin and his relationship with Eren. 

Well if all goes well, then seeing some chapters from the most recent arc animated will be a real treat. (A lot of that will be heart-wrenching but what else is new?)

Maybe there should be a list made for all the Eremin scenes to look forward to seeing animated :D


Step into the light: Part 3 Kaiser Aluminium Idea Cars, 1958/59, by Frank Hershey and Rhys Miller. Henry J. Kaiser was the founder of the Kaiser Shipyard which built ships for the U.S. Navy. After the war he founded Kaiser Steel, Kaiser Motors, and Kaiser Aluminum. In the late 1950s Kaiser Aluminum announced plans for a range of aluminium cars for possible production. They never progressed beyond this stage.

Don’t you ever tell me that Dylan and Tyler didn’t want/support the idea of Sterek happening. Don’t ever tell me that they didn’t want to see Stiles and Derek’s relationship possibly progress to something more than platonic. Don’t ever tell me that they didn’t. Dylan and Tyler love their characters and they loved working together; they’ve each said on multiple occasions that some of their favourite moments on Teen Wolf involved working together. They said time and time again that they loved Sterek. They were never against Sterek, even encouraged it. It was extremely unfortunate that it never happened, and I’ll always be bitter about it, but don’t ever use Dylan and Tyler being against the ship as a reason that it never became canon.

While I was originally (and still sort of am) rather irked, for lack of a better word, over Akira’s approach to Kaneki/Haise this chapter, being a complete turn-around on what her previous stance seemed to be, I honestly think that this hypocracy was intentional in the story.

Lately, we’ve been seeing a lot of stuff in the narration that shows us that maybe the characters really haven’t grown as much as we assumed, and they are still stuck in a lot of their old faulty ways. In my opinion, I believe this to be another instance of that.

While finding out that so many characters have yet to better themselves when it comes to certain things is beyond frustrating, I can’t help but also note how much on an impact this all will probably have on the plot. If many key characters still have their old mindsets about so many matters, having a human/ghoul alliance is going to be near possible.

Progression in societies require individuals to make their own progress. If this theme of hypocritical actions does keep up, :re following the path of being a tragicomedy, as opposed to straight-up tragedy like TG, seems more and more likely. If I had to put my money on the most likely result for the alliance between ghouls and humankind, and ultimately the ending of :re, I’d have to say it’d be failure due to the lack of progression in mindset. I think it’d be pure irony, along the lines of “Well, we tried and failed to unite, and in the end it was our own faults we didn’t succeed. We really never do change!”

The Orion Protocol

What is the Orion Protocol?

The Orion Protocol - Chapter 1 Preview

Previous Excerpts

May 5th, 3:09AM EDT

Words: 20,221!/ ??,???

Chapters: 7 / 20ish

The catch-22 of landing Thunderbird 3, freestanding, without guidance, on the uneven surface of a whole other planet is that Scott’s not actually allowed to brag about it. To brag about just how technically difficult a landing like that actually was would be to tip his brother off to the fact that it hadn’t been breezily, effortlessly easy.

He settles for taking his hands off the controls and holding them up, as though demonstrating that he’s got nothing up his sleeves, and that what was just done was tantamount to magic. “Gossamer,” he declares, because the quality of the landing is worth at least one word of commentary. “I bet you barely even felt that, even with your tender and delicate spacefaring backside.”


Apparently it was a good enough landing that John hasn’t actually paid it any attention.

May 8th, 1:29AM EDT

Words: 23,094/ ??,???

Chapters: 8 / 20ish

And by his expression, Scott might just be starting to understand just what the stakes are, and just how challenging this is going to be.

But it’s to Scott’s credit that he knows his strengths and the strengths of others. It’s part of the reason why this was inevitable—ending up here, rumbling along in a Martian rover at a generous thirty miles an hour, towards a colony that needs their help, even if they don’t know it. Because what Scott does know, at least as well as John does, is that this is exactly the sort of problem John’s good at.

There’s a double-edged sword here, and it carves John neatly in half; divides the part of him that wants more than anything to be here, and the part of him that wishes he could be anywhere else, considering the circumstances. By the same strengths that he recognizes a nearly impossible problem, equally he knows he’s among the best possible candidates to try and solve it.

God damn it.

May 10th, 2:33AM EDT

Words: 25,030/ ??,???

Chapters: 9 / 20ish

Idly, Scott tries to remember the last time he and his brother had to divide this much living space between them. They haven’t shared a room since they were children, and Scott’s position as the eldest meant he’d aged into the right to his own room sooner than John had, even if strictly speaking, John would’ve appreciated it more. It’s probably going to be fine, but he cracks a joke anyway, “Oh, we’ll be all right, ma'am. There might be a duct tape line straight down the middle of the place by tomorrow, but he’s been my brother for twenty-five years now, and we’ve both made it this far. We’ll cope.”

May 13th, 2:33AM EDT

Words: 28,165/ ??,???

Chapters: 10 / 20ish

Ridley has two children, a pair of boys whose names and ages John can’t ever manage to remember, if and when he remembers to ask after them. He’s reasonably certain that they’re both younger than ten. He’s never met them, though Ridley’s made the sarcastic comment that her boys are now more impressed that their mother knows Thunderbird Five than they are about the fact that their mother is the astronaut in command of the WWSA’s newest and most advanced space station. Given the tales that generally get told about Ridley’s children, John’s of the opinion that they’d probably be better served by introductions to Scott or Gordon, as far as meeting Thunderbirds is considered. And Gordon and Scott would probably be best served to keep their helmets on.


For me to stand here as not the typical leading man, and to have come home with this. I think speaks a lot about where we’re headed and I think we can just keep going further in that direction. Obviously not just limited to entertainment, but socially and politically to continue and strive to be as progressive as possible.

Happy Birthday Rami Saíd Malek (May 12, 1981)