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What do you recommend putting in a portfolio when applying for a art college and planning on majoring in animation? I've still got 2 years of high school left to learn how to improve basic drawings but I know I want to major in animation. What do you recommended improving in as well for overall art?

Anatomy is important, and art colleges look for that kind of thing in portfolios. If possible I’d recommend joining a life drawing class (I’m pretty sure there are places that don’t just do nude models if you’re uncomfortable with that, but I did it at 16 once a week so I don’t think age is that much of an issue.) If you can’t join a class, try using http://www.posemaniacs.com/ and other similar sites. Also learning gesture drawing (really helpful with animation and movement study) Lots of practice with expressions.

Remember you don’t have to stress about having a perfect portfolio, just do your best. You’re there to learn and get better after all, so as long as they can see your potential and passion you’ll be fine!
I wish I had been told that by someone myself haha


The thing about taking a break from crimefighting is that you’re no longer on the same sleep schedule as your two vigilante girlfriends. But it’s pretty nice waking up to find them in bed next to you.

Part one of my comics for art trade with @feministbatman.

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So general advice haha

“I saw your recent post! Do you have any advice for those wanting to submit a portfolio themselves?”

I’m going to start out and say that I’m not an expert and a lot of this stuff I’m spouting is advice I’ve gotten from other sheridan/calarts students, my mentors, and personal experience. (THIS IS GONNA BE ONE HELL OF A DOOZY POST I APOLOGIZE FOR THIS HEAVY READING AND TYPOS) 

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What do you suggest to someone who wants to get into UX research? Do you suggest they have a portfolio as well?

UX Designers apply with portfolios, but they have a different skew than say a Visual Designer. While having beautiful mockups and artefacts certainly won’t hurt your opportunities what they will actually be looking for is everything that comes before that.

UXers are advocates of the user and their main responsibility is to understand them as much as possible. Therefore a UX portfolio mostly centres around research and testing. You’ll want to lead on clear research, competitor analysis, understanding of your different user groups etc. You’ll want to demonstrate different methods like card sorting, diary studies, interviews, surveys, tree jacks and other forms of interacting with the user. You will also want to show that you know how to do a number of different prototypes from paper to digital, whatever suits the project and how you tested them.

Interviewing is a big part of being a UXer since nothing replaces talking to real people and observing them in person. You have to learn how to facilitate and how to not ask leading questions, how to dig deeper when need be, how to understand what they are doing and cultivating empathy.

The final outcome can be many things from actual product designs to things like user journey maps to show how you pulled all the research and testing together. You’ll want to have a range of different projects to show you can use multiple skills and techniques as well.

As for how you get into it, you can do courses, there are ones available online as well as in universities and other institutes. I kind of fell into it via design so there are many paths to get there! The main thing is that you have a great deal of passion and empathy for other people and their needs. It’s what drives UXers in general hahaha

Hopefully that was useful for you :)

Second Star to the Right…

Charcoal on Toned Paper, 9x12

I’ve been wanting to draw Hook’s ship for a while, and I need as many different mediums in my portfolio as possible, so the Jolly Roger in Neverland it is! I used the Lady Washington as the model. (This turned out too dark for me, so I might redo it at some point, but for now I’m posting this). 

My name is signed, please don’t crop it off :)

My Summer Plans - Pt 1

((My college has asked me to fill up my portfolio this summer for future internships and such.
Good news and bad news. The bad news is I have art block now, but the good news is that it’s not for Tumblr, it’s for the portfolio! Yes, the minute they told me to work on the portfolio, I got so excited I made too many ideas to process. It left room for me to think about the blog, strangely enough.

I’m not making any promises of when things will come out. Im taking a summer class, working on the portfolio, and possibly working a summer job. In my spare time, I want to start drawing Kirby again. I’ll go into more details after I get home later this week.))

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Do you think I could get a job at cn or some place similar without a degree and just come in with a portfolio?

It’s possible to get a job without a degree of your work is good enough, but never just walk into a studio with your portfolio! I’m sure you’ve heard of older artists doing that a long time ago but it’s not generally accepted anymore. I know for a fact if you do that at CN you will be escorted out. Post your work/ apply online

I asked my dad what i should draw him for his birthday, and he replied with “something World of Warcraft themed” - as he really likes that game. So i drew a moonkin using ‘Starfall’. Took about 2 hours to finish ~

Would anyone out there watch a TV show set in the late 50s/early 60s about a bunch of scientists working to build a nuclear missle?

Sort of had an idea for developing a TV pilot that could possibly be my professional portfolio THING.  It’s called Detonation.  It’s sort of like Mad Men but with nerds and blowing shit up.  I have some characters in mind, but I have a lot of research and cobbling things together to do, just wondering what a bunch of strangers would think of the idea.