possible iron man 3 spoilers

How I want Civil War to end (Bucky version)...

Steve’s funeral, beautiful and grand and for the whole world to see. Tony giving his well-thought-over speech, but fucking it up in the last second and ending it in his own, spontaneous words. Bucky watching as an outsider, in the shadows, holding in his hand Steve’s shield. Tony coming to find him afterwards and it looks like Bucky is about to fight him, but Tony just puts up his hands.

Tony: If you wanna beat me, fine. Just try not to mess up the face…

Bucky: *speaking simultaneously* There are a lot of things I’d like to mess up in your face.

Tony: … and don’t do it here. Not here.

Bucky backs off a little, glances sideways toward the church. Tony sits down in front of him, eying the shield resting against the wall behind Bucky.

Bucky: You’re not getting it.

Tony: No, keep it. He’d want you to have it.

Bucky: Don’t you dare–

Tony: For real, though, I was going to give it to you. Thunderbolt wants it in safe storage, but I figured — and please, don’t hit me, my suit’s too far away — I figured the world still needs a Captain America.

Bucky starts to say something, but the words fall away. He’s stunned silent. Tony won’t look away, confirming how serious an offer it is.

Bucky: You want me to be the new Captain America…

Tony: No, I mean that this country needs someone to hold their banner…

Bucky: … you want me to take Steve’s place.

Tony: I didn’t mean that!

They stare at each other, each thinking that this is going to end in another battle. Tony’s still got his black eye and busted lip — Bucky’s bionic arm won’t work properly. The tension is palpable when Tony finally stands up with a sigh and walks away.

Tony: Think about it, Barnes. For them. *looks at the church* For Steve.

Tony walks away, leaving Bucky alone. Bucky looks down at the shield, still dented and scratched, as he fights the emotions.

Cut to Bucky coming back to his safe house, the apartment. The door hangs by one of its hinges, police tape crossing it over. He pushes it open, steps over the tape. The shield is on his back. He walks into the kitchen and stops dead in his tracks. Steve is sitting on one of the chairs, looking out over the city through the window.

Steve: How was it?

Bucky: I guess you’d know. You saw mine.

Steve chuckles a little, the pain from his healing wounds making him cringe and frown. Bucky goes over to stand by the window in front of him.

Bucky: Stark came to see me, after. Said the shield was mine.

Steve: He’s right, you know.

Bucky: After all we’ve been through and now Stark’s right.

Steve: You could do it. Carry on, get a new life. Captain America’s image may be a little busted now, but many still believe in him. You always wanted the spotlight when we were little.

Bucky: Who says I want it now?

Steve: Come on, Buck. I can’t think of anyone who should carry that shield if not you. You’ve earned it.

Bucky looks out the window silently for a while. Then back at Steve.

Bucky: And what about you?

Steve: England, I think. I’m gonna lay low for a while and then… I don’t know. I guess I’ll find something. Maybe try to get an art career, if anyone’ll have me.

Steve stand up, walks to the door. He puts on the same blue cap that Bucky wore while in hiding. He looks back over his shoulder, smiling a little at the shield and then at Bucky.

Steve: Don’t do anything stupid until I get back.

Steve walks away. Bucky smiles a little for the first time in a very long time. The camera follows Steve out. He gets on a motorcycle, and drives off through a darkening city.

Cut to black, credits, mid-credits scene for Thor: Ragnarok, credits, end-credits scene is the new new Avengers, with Iron Man, Black Widow, Scarlet Witch, War Machine, Falcon and everyone else gearing up.

And also, of course, the new Captain America.

So basically
  • Iron Man 1: Pepper blows up Iron Monger, outruns explosions in five inch heels.
  • Iron Man 2: Pepper evacuates the expo, throws Justin Hammer in jail and in the deleted scene she’s instrumental on defeating Vanko.
  • Iron Man 3: Fucking dons the suit, possibly saving Tony and Maya’s lives.