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I like to think Jack as coach would be kind of like Gordon Ramsey with Master Chef and Master Chef junior. Like he gets annoyed at older people who make mistakes because he expects more from them, but with little kids he’s incredibly patient and makes sure he follows up all criticism with a compliment. He also makes a point never to compare siblings or kids of people he’s coached/played with because he gets how aggravating that can be. (Lowkey the first time Bitty sees Jack coach kids he comes home sits Jack down and is like “um. Let’s have a baby.” )

Making Out with Carl Grimes would Include...

request: could you possibly do a head canon, for like a long heated make out session with carl??

pairing: carl x reader

a/n: i know i have so many other requests to get to but i reeeeally didn’t feel like continuing any of the series i have going on rn. i’ll update them as soon as i find inspo :-)

word count: 296

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-  “(Y/N), my dad will be home soon.” 

- “Carl, shut up.”

- his hands sliding from your hips to your lower back, pulling you so close that you can feel his hips slightly grinding against yours

- letting out little whines when he starts to kiss down your neck

- him slowly trailing one of his hands from your back to your boobs

- laughing a little when he grabs your boobs just because he’s normally so reserved

- “Come on, (Y/N). Don’t laugh. You know I can’t resist.” 

- leaning your head against the wall when he starts leaving hickies on your neck and chest

- moving your hands from the back of his neck to his hair and tugging every now and then

- getting sick of him being in control and pushing him backwards onto his bed

- his jaw dropping in awe when you rest on his hips with one leg on each side

- “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” 

- Carl having to take slow, deep breaths when you start kissing his neck

- “(Y/N), I’m pitching a tent, here.” 

- him sitting up and wrapping his arms around your waist, pulling you in to him again

- him falling backwards on the bed, bringing you with him

- his hands dragging up the back of your shirt so slowly that it gives you goosebumps

- Rick or Michonne probably walking in on you two at least once a month

- sometimes just kissing, sometimes more

- lots of position changing, considering he sometimes likes to be on top and sometimes likes to be on bottom

- having to make yourself presentable quickly to do some kind of job

- every now and then getting to fall asleep with him

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I hope you're doing prompts because nothing screams angsty Fiddauthor like 106 (or 20 for something less dramatic)

106.  “How about we put the gun down and let’s talk about this?”


Stanford’s eyes were locked onto the gun that the hooded figure had pointed at him. His mouth had gone dry and mind blank when he saw that familiar machinery. He knew the creator well but had not seen him in weeks. 

His hands raised slowly, leaving the canister with his name on it on the table, and he stood straight to show he meant no harm to the person that held him at gun point. 

“How about we put the gun down,” Ford said slowly and gestured to the table with his head, “and let’s talk about this? I mean you no harm-.”

Ford’s calm tone was cut off with a harsh laugh from the hooded figure. The sound of it made his already dry mouth dryer. It sounded too familiar. 

“Mean ya no harm, huh?” the very familiar voice said. Stanford got the flash of glasses from under the dark hood. “That is one of the biggest lies you have eva told in yer life, Stanferd, and you know it.” 

“Fidd-Fiddleford?” Stanford said the name hesitantly. He did not want to think that this is where his partner had ended up. He did not want to think that he had reduced his friend and companion to this insane of a thing. 

The hooded figure tightened their grip on the gun; the finger over the trigger tightening.

“Don’t…don’t,” the figure’s hand shook and he seemed to look away. “How many times am I gonna have to make you forget this place?” 

Times? How many times had he been there? Stanford wondered. How many times had my memories been wiped? How many times have I had this conversation with him? 

“I don’t know what you mean but I am just here to figure out-.”

“What is the Society? Why there is a hidden room under the museum? Why your name is on that canister?” the hooded man spat and lowered the gun to his side. “I have heard that all before. I thought…I thought that after last time you would forget to even search here but…but I was mistaken.” 

The robed man turned his back to Stanford and stared down at the ground. 

“Why you gotta always make things to difficult?” Ford heard him whisper. “I wish it had not come to this but you are just gonna keep doing this because…yer you.”

With his back turned, Stanford took the advantage. Slowly, he started to creep up on the other man. Ex or no, he was not going to be subject to that memory gun again. His movements were silent as he snuck up on the man and his hand swift. 

In a fast movement he grabbed the arm that held the gun and tried to knock the weapon away. His hand wrapped tightly around the skinny wrist of the other and he held on tightly. The robed man turned around fast and tried to wrestle the arm free. 

It turned into a wrestle for the gun. Stanford made sure to point the weapon away from himself in case it was shot during the scuffle and to prevent the other from switching hands. The other free hand tried to go up to push him off but he caught it. In a quick motion, he turned the cult member around and pinned it behind his back

Their scuffle had knocked the hood from the man’s head and Ford’s suspicions were correct. The hair may be grayer and thinner, the glasses may have been cracked, and the face had more worry lines and hair than the last time Stanford had seen him but Ford knew who it was. It was more of a reason to get the weapon away. 

“Let go of me!” Fiddleford struggled in the grip and tried to kick Stanford off of him. 

“Not until you drop the gun.”

Fidds shook his head hard, like a child in a tantrum, and tried to pull free of the grip. His desperate struggle set the gun off. A bright flash of blue was shot up at the ceiling and hit something reflective. 

Stanford did not have time to move them out of the way of the wayward blast. He watched as it made its fast journey and hit Fiddleford square in the chest. As soon as the blast hit, the man dropped the gun and went limp in Ford’s arms. 

“Fiddleford!?!” Stanford scrambled to get the man sat down on the ground. He released his arms and cradled his face in his hands. Vacant eyes stared back up at him and made Ford heart pound in fear. He did not like seeing that look on his friend. “Fidds? Please, are you okay? Say something, please.”

The vacant expression just stayed on his face for a very long minute before it slowly switched to confusion.


Fiddleford moved away from Stanford and the confused expression stayed. When he moved, Ford got a glimpse at the memory gun and his heart froze. He looked back up at his friend with a mixture of horror and betrayal circling his heart. It only sunk in completely when Fiddleford asked the question:

“Who…who’s Fidds?”

On the gun were the words: Fiddleford McGucket. 



Whether by man-made gates, a remote inventionator, scissor portal through space atoms, jumping vertically into a deeper dimension, or just a bubble to wonder across the galaxy (technically not a dimensional transportation, only within the Wander universe), they seemed to be connected for possible exploration across different dimensions.

Just be cautious if used in the wrongs hands or tampered with these devices, or else all of the universes will cause paradoxes, zero-gravity, and unbalanced destruction the point of them becoming The Void (Wander’s favorite place).

Red Team Cooking Habits

For my Last Responders AU. So most stations do a cook out rotation for who’s in charge of cooking and also added some notes on who cooks/brings what for cookouts. So here’s Red Teams.

Sarge: Good ol’ Southern home cooking, smoked BBQ, and grilling. Lots of fried food, gravy, everything seasoned with only lots of salt, pepper, cinnamon, BBQ sauce, bacon fat, and/or Old Bay. Sarge makes the best traditional Southern breakfast with homemade buttermilk biscuits, sausage, bacon, sausage or sawmill gravy, and eggs. Simmons will usually just eat the biscuits with some kind of jam and eggs.

Donut: Donut primarily bakes. He makes good desserts, but can also make various types of breads for fancy sandwiches. For big meals and cookouts, he focuses more on lean meat protein that’s grilled, of course. On cookout days, Sarge and he fight a lot about grill duties. Eventually the department gets a smoker as well as the grill, and Sarge just hangs out at the smoker.

Grif: Mac and Cheese with Hotdogs or Hotdogs and chili is the standard (or some other tv box dinner type of thing), but will occasionally go all out and whip up something that reminds him of home when he was a kid. Poi is a favorite if he can get his hands on it (Simmons loves it and the rest of Red Team tolerates it; Freelancers are hit and miss; Blues won’t go near it). Beef Hekka is hit with everyone and Grif will make Simmons some Lomilomi Salmon on those nights.

Simmons: His cook nights are…difficult. He’s a Pescetarian (he was vegan for a looong time, but military kind of broke him from that). Most nights he just makes salad and buys a bag of rotisserie chicken and an appropriate dressing. Some nights he’ll make some fancy fish dishes or he’ll try a new vegetarian recipe. It’s…very mixed results. There’s a few preferred favorites from Simmons “experimental” nights, but most will just order take out.

Lopez: Yes he can make Texmex as well as some amazing Mexican dishes and usually does. Simmons loves his pico de gallo and will scarf a whole bowl by himself. There’s also this shredded pork red sauce thing he makes that just blows everyone’s minds. He won’t say what’s in it, but it’s best slow cooked in the smoker. The other big thing Lopez makes is burgers. He actually cooks with a bunch of different seasonings and will try different combinations. If Simmons hasn’t done anything to piss him off, he’ll make Simmons a veggie burger. Sarge back seat cooks and asks why he always adds all “dem fancy spices; salt and pepper is perfect for everything!”

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Long shot but what if Cas comes back darker, kind of shadowing when Sam came back from hell soulless or when Dean became a demon; he's brought back/comes back alive somehow, by an external force that becomes him in a way but he's not himself in the terms of how we've come to know him (free will, protecting people because they deserve to be saved rather than just bc it's his mission) maybe soulless, maybe with Jack's grace/influence, or even something darker than that

Then he has to break out of it himself? With maybe a romantic nudge? Crypt scene but stronger?

Yes, please.

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OK, season 13 wild speculation here, sorry if others don’t agree, this is literally just a wild headcanon and not proper meta as we have so little to go on timeline wise :D

It’s definitely one of my possible head canons for season 13, it just depends how long they are going to go on for overall as to whether it will be necessary to bring him back controlled / different / dark or not but I think it’s a definite possibility.

My personal headcanon is that the boys will think Cas is dead, unknowing that he has been resurrected ‘dark’ for a little while, then fighting to get him back and Cas fighting himself to get back to them (as a subversion of purgatory and season 11, this time he WILL fight and he WILL get back of his own free will). This will happen around midseason finale when we should get real Cas back, leading to TFW working together with Jack to take down Lucifer in the finale with canon Destiel around 13x23/14x01 and Sam’s arc tying up being the focus of season 14 but that’s just a headacnon and wild speculation rather than based on any meta as it’s difficult to know the timescales without knowing when endgame is really going to be, I’m working off a half or potentially whole season 14 focusing on tying up all their arcs and setting up for a positive endgame.

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Could you maybe possibly do some enorace head canons?


- These bOYS OKAY! They are the epitome of a slow burn relationship. THEY ARE INFURIATING TO WATCH BEFORE THEY GET TOGETHER. It takes forever to realize that like like one another and then SO LONG TO CONFESS. The other peculiars are suffering.

- Horace is shorter by like 3 inches, and it brings Enoch SO MUCH JOY. The amount of short jokes are insufferable but that being said…

- Horace uses his tininess to his advantage, Enoch probably gives Horace So Many piggyback rides

- Enoch is secretly a cuddler, like these boys solution to anything and everything is cuddling

- Whenever Enoch is upset or gets depressed/anxious because of his old loop Horace plays piano for him and sometimes talks through what notes to play and key signatures and everything like he is teaching Enoch how to play (he is not, Enoch is instrumentally hopeless) because he knows his voice calms Enoch down

- Horace 100% makes the outfits for Enoch’s homunculi

- Enoch makes it his Job to mess up Horace’s hair, because he thinks it’s adorable when Horace has his curly bed head hair

- Enoch usually goes to bed late anyway, so he’s a good fit for Horace’s insomnia, and is very good at waking up when Horace has nightmares and letting his bf cry into his shirt while they cuddle

- Horace makes a bunch of fancy clothes and makes Enoch wear them because Wowie his BF is so h a n d s o m e

- Horace has this clear pretty tenor voice, and Enoch (secretly) has this nice gravelly bass voice and both love to hear the other sing.
- Horace (surprisingly) doesn’t really advertise that he can sing (bottled up insecurities sure are fun, huh) but he does it to make Enoch smile or laugh
- Enoch doesn’t sing a lot (edgy cool emo boys don’t sing) but he’ll sing softly after Horace has nightmares to calm him down

- Enoch has the worst fashion sense and Horace is Horrified, like ‘no Enoch you cannot wear a blOODSTAINED JUMPER TO DINNER.
- Alternatively: ‘horace we are going to McDonald’s a three piece suit is not necessary.’

- Horace CANNOT draw but loves to draw, like he draws Enoch things all the time and Enoch is like ‘It’s great!!!! I love it!!!’ and Millard is like ‘Uhhhhhhhhhhh….’ and Enoch is like ‘Do Not Say Anything Or I Will Kill You’
- The first time Horace draws him something Enoch is like ‘lmao this sucks’ and Horace probably cries and Enoch feels v bad

- They probably have like date night weekends where like, one day Horace will plan a date, then the next day Enoch will plan one, and then they end it with a movie night or something

- Enoch is probably the big spoon sorry I don’t make the rules

- Both have like p bad habits, like when Horace is anxious he will like clench his fists really tight until his palms bleed or chew on his bottom lip really hard. And Enoch will things (like walls or clay) until his hands hurt or tug on his hair really hard when he’s stressed or upset. Both have pick up on these habits and softly tell the other to stop or just grab the other’s hands and just hold them for a while
- (Self projecting my problems on fictional characters? What nooooo)

- Always Touching, they constantly are touching legs, holding hands, or cuddling and it’s cute

- In conclusion Horace loves is Emo BF and Enoch loves his Tiny BF

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ah Thank You for responding !! Is it possible to ask for head canons for junkrat as a dad? :3 with a little girl like he adopted ? Probably back when he was in Australia? Thank you so much I always look forward to your imagines !!!^^

[Hope you don’t mind some added Roadhog cus I honest to God believe Junkrat alone would be a kinda unfit parent haha]

- He had no idea what to do when there was a young girl sitting there and crying in the sand,  he had looked around for the children’s parents but soon realized that the omnics he’d just blown sky high had already done away with her parents.

- He glanced at Roadhog who shrugged in reply, the crying girl just carried on, scared and confused looking at the two tall men. 

- “wot we gunna do?” Junkrat asked Roadhog who seemed to have already decided ‘this looks like a YOU problem’ to Junkrat.

- He set down his grenade launcher and knelt on his good knee looking at her. “Come on shut up already” he said with a frown, the kid just crying more.

- “Ya ‘ungry?” he asked and dug around in his pockets and pulled out some bread, not sure how long it had been there but he picked out the pocket lint and offered it to the child.

- The girl took it and stopped crying, Junkrat was confused but they couldn’t leave the kid here, she would die, there was no IF’s about that only WHENs and he did feel bad she had lost her folks due to those robot bastards…

- “Come on squirt” he hunched down as low as he could “’Op on an’ mind me hair” he warned as she got on his shoulders, Junkrat trying to mind the sharp points of his riptire as he adjusted her.

- Roadhog sighed.. looks like he had two children now,

- “Looks like we are parents now mate” He cackled and followed after Roadhog as they headed to his chopper.

- A grumble from Roadhog as they got into the bike and headed off to their hideout.

- Junkrat didn’t so much as child proof the place but the little girl was at least aware enough of things not to touch, she had grown up in the outback after all, she knew most things were dangerous. 

- He forgot to feed himself alot but with a gentle tug on his shorts pockets the girl would ask him for food and he would get something for her, despite Roadhog trying to stay out of this they ended up taking it in turns getting supplies for them and baby sitting.

- She didn’t sleep well and Junkrat would tell her all sorts of bullshit stories he had made up, mostly about things exploding or bad things he had done. But the girl seemed to hang on to his every word.

- Roadhog was shocked but amused that even though Jamison couldn’t look after himself he made sure her clothes were as clean as they could get them, she had to wash more then either of them.

- Junkrat found he could sleep abit better now the small girl was around to wear him out somewhat.


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possible head canon: Deidara is NOT a Yamanaka oops baby. His mom was caught by Iwa while pregnant and Iwa kept the kid.

…I think I’ll stick with my happy headcanon, sorry. Unless I can swing a fix-it from this one somehow. D:

I’ve been discussing with Delta lore points today and after looking over and revising her lore points, an interesting concept was brought up.

What if the Cathedral of the Deep originally worshipped Rosaria herself? Gwyn has statues of himself over so many places, and there are many points in the game we can see where the gods are being idolized/immortalized/worshipped. And it wouldn’t be too much of a stretch seeing as there are all those statues of a hooded woman all about the place. Rosaria herself who wears her hair like it’s a hood.

This would also explain not just her placement ( a room that sits almost overlooking the whole Cathedral ), but her determination to remain there. She would see abandoning what was once her place to Aldrich and the Abyss as some form of weakness. And well of course waiting for her kid to return. Just an entire church who worshipped a goddess of rebirth isn’t a stretch. Especially with how Gwyn gifted Filianore to the ringed city, he ( or gwynevere or oceiros ) might have also gifted Rosaria to the Deacons for protecting the world from the Abyss.

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Okay this isn't a whole which hero and reactions head canon thing, actually im here to say thank you because I have had extreme low points for a long period of time until I discovered you blog and just reading a total of 89 possibly 90+ head canons of hanzo, genji, and reaper have made me feel better and my low point isn't that bad, I absolutely love you, your work, and everything you do, seriously thank you, your the absolute best

I’m glad I could help you. This blog has helped me with some of the low points in my own life so I’m happy it helps others.

Confession:  So I just finished my first female Aeducan playthrough and I did the ritual so that neither myself or Loghain would die. At the coronation when I talked to Gorim he told me that Harrowmont had made me his heir and that my name and title had been returned to me; thus allowing myself and Gorim to return to Orzammar. Immediately Gorim offers to be my second again despite the fact that he claimed he would never fight again because his leg had healed crooked. My Aeducan was his lover in the backstory which meant that she’d rushed straight to Denerim after Ostagar only to have Gorim tell her that he’d married and had a child on the way. I’m a little concerned that Gorim would willingly leave his wife and child (assuming that they survived the attack on Denerim) just to return to Orzammar. It made me a little sad as well though because I imagined Gorim and Aeducan returning to Orzammar and having Gorim try to show his affections for her despite that she had moved on with Zevran. But then I panicked because I know that Zevran ends up disappearing into the Free Marches to hide from the Crows in the future and my head canon is that Gorim and Aeducan rekindle after there is no word from him. Female Aeducan is now my favourite backstory - there’s just so much to think about and so many possibilities for head canon

full name: Mihoshi Kuramitsu
other names: N/A
occupation: Detective First Class of the Galaxy Police. Currently on assignment in the “Solar System” Protected Zone. (Depending on the canon she is partners with Kiyone, Noike, Yukinojo, or no one.) She acts semi-unoffically as a body guard and ally to Juraian royal family and Washu & Ryoko Hakubi.
age: 23
gender: Female
sexuality: Bisexual (and possibly Polyamarous) per my head-canon. Offical canon can vary from heterosexual to implied bisexual.
origin: the planet Seniwa
current location: Japan, Earth (Can vary due to canon or ‘verse.)
nationality: Seniwan
ethnicity: Seniwan
spoken languages: Japanese. Galactic Standard… which also happens to be understandable by Japanese speakers. (I suspect this is not actually the case & she has some sort of universal translator.)
religion: She’s not really religious, but some of her friends are goddesses…
height: 5 feet 6 inches
body type: Tall and skinny but athletic
eyes: Blue
hair: Blonde
tattoos: None
piercings: None
social media: (None, really. She seems like she’d have an Instagram in a human AU)
smoking: No
drinking: Yes; she enjoys drinking alcohol with her friends.
drugs: No
athletics: Galaxy Police training and fitness regimen, and more recently she has taken a liking to Earth exercise VHS tapes.
hobbies: ready trashy romance novels, reading trashy romance manga, watching trashy romance soap operas…
virgin: Nope, but she’s probably not going to tell you the details.
favorite food: Snack foods! Crackers, cookies, crunchy stuff.
favorite music: Pop music, especially the upbeat and energetic stuff.
underwear type: sports bra and plain briefs when on duty. Fancy red lingere when she’s all dressed up. She is known to go braless when lounging and relaxing.

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tagging: @windridertenoh @hamontaught @galacticdemon @beyondarrest and anyone else who sees this and wants to do it!

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mei!!!!! i hope you're having a good day ++ could you possibly write pregnant touka head canons about what everyone else would do and all??

thank u !! les do this (probs won’t be very good)  ;

- kaneki would be so protective over touka about all the little things. he’d try to help her with everything, get worried over her getting the tiniest bit hurt like hitting her knee on the table etc

- tsukiyama probably already has three hundred fucking different outfits for their child

- the aogiri kids would keep wanting to touch the baby bump and all wide eyed and cuTE

- nishiki would tease her about it all the time, probably jokingly call her queen 

- hinami would be so cute, she’ll do anything to help, she’ll read for the child as well

- ayato would be so embarrassed over it, but get angry at anyone who teases or hurts touka in the slightest 

- arima kishou is fucking digging their child’s grave in a sandpit

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OMG! okay, possible head canons! Would Chiron be the PJO/HOO/HP dumbledore? And would certain gods be the founders of hogwarts?

mmMMM okay, headmaster chiron sounds perfect to me. lupa being the mcgonagal of the pjo!hp world, and an animagus (she turns into a wolf!). which hurts me but makes sense if you think of chiron as a ravenclaw during his student years, and lupa as a gryffindor so jason/reyna would be two of her favourite students, while chiron’s is annabeth.

& no, personally, i think the gods would be other important figures in the wizarding world–members of the ministry, experts in their indiividual fields and members of a secret defense organization against the “big bad guy” gaea. e.g. hephaestus is a famous broomstick maker, but a part of the defence league too–he’s the goblin liason…. zeus as the minster of magic, leader of the defence league. aphrodite as a world renown potions maker (love potions to be exact) but also a witch who revolutionized charms and invented a number of spells herself… hades being the main guy who runs/oversees azkaban, with charon and thanatos working for him. eTC. does that make sense…?

i don’t like to ENTIRELY replace casts when i do aus, i kind prefer to fit them into the universe and try to mirror events instead??? iF THAT MAKES ANY SENSE TOO

So the day that Manolo and Maria had their first child the midwife was no where to be found. Manolo being the typical first father was freaking out. But Maria was calm and simply asked “get Joaquin.”
Joaquin, having experience with pregnant women, snaps into action in assisting with the birth. Meanwhile Manolo ends up fainting, and does not wake up until the birth is over.
When Manolo wakes up Joaquin shows him the baby. Manolo ends up crying, and Joaquin is all “oh bro, please don’t cry. I’ll end up crying.” followed by Joaquin crying.
So these two dudes end up holding this tiny baby and crying their eyes out, and Maria is calm trying not to laugh.

Years later the kid goes around telling everyone that “Joaquin gave birth to me.” Much to everyone’s embarrassment.